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A Critique of Star Wars Gymnastics

The first Star Wars movie in ten years came out almost two weeks ago. The Force was Awakened! Loved the movie, definitely on par with the original series for me. I recently forced my husband to watch the original trilogy and upon re-watching it, I discovered some gymnastics treasures. Gymnastics in Jedi training in Jedi battles. Lots of gymnastics. I was bored, so decided to take a moment to analyze some gymnastics scenes in the Star Wars franchise.

Sarah Finnegan's Triple Wolf Turn on Beam

Olympic alternate Sarah Finnegan has made her official debut at LSU.

Simone Biles: Golden Girl - The Trailer (Recap)

It's the most anticipated event of the year. Flo Gymnastics (formerly, Gymnastike) released the trailer for their newest documentary aptly titled "Simone Biles: Golden Girl," which will premiere Wednesday, December 16th.  I'm not sure whether or not I'm more excited about this or the new Star Wars movie ( Star Wars: The Force Awakens ), that opens on Friday, December 18th. Seriously, my Star Wars loving self is in a battle of wills with my Gymnerd side. Let's look at the trailer. The trailer is so well done and is practically a standalone installment. Sure beats the hell out of the fluff pieces NBC used to do. Like the newest Star Wars, I might throw a fit if this series isn't as amazing as the trailer makes it out to be.

Japan's Koko Tsurumi Retires

Japanese World Medalist, Koko Tsurumi has announced her retirement.