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5 Non-American Athletes Who Won the American Cup

The American Cup has long been regarded as a breeding ground for America's next Olympic darling. Mary Lou, Nastia, Shawn, Jordyn, Gabby, do I need to continue? This is among the many reasons that the American Cup is called the "Scam" Cup on the gymternet. Remember the year that what, five or six American girls were among the 8 or 9 girl field? Occasionally, a non-American athlete will triumph and earn the top sport on that  podium. Here are 5 athletes who did just that.

Ebee Price: American Cup Podium Training

More podium training goodness from the American Cup, this time from the delightful Ebee Price.

Help Save the Air Force Academy Women's Gymnastics Team

More sad news. The Women's Gymnastics team at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is on the verge of being cut.

Breaking American Cup News: Simone Biles Out; Brenna Dowell In

Simone Biles has withdrawn from the American Cup field, according to USA Gymnastics. Per USAG, Simone had been nursing a shoulder injury had aggravated it at the National Team camp this week.

Poll: Who Will Win the American Cup?

Updated: Simone Biles has withdrawn and Brenna Dowell is her replacement. I'll consider the responses that have already included Simone in the final results. It's survey time again! With the American Cup only a week and a half away, it's time to pick the next set of winners.

Ebee Price Training Bars and Beam for The American Cup

2014 will be the year of Ebee.

Favorite Routines: OU's Chayse Capps on Beam

Over the weekend, the University of Oklahoma won the Metroplex and took the top ranking in Women's NCAA gymnastics with a score of 198.175 just beating out the Lousiana State University Tigers with 197.875.

Video Clips of Viktoria Komova Training

There is now video evidence of Russia's Viktoria Komova back in training. Viktoria, who did not compete last year due to injuries and an unfortunate bout of viral meningitis, is looking much taller, obviously having grown in her time off.

Nastia Liukin Doing Vodka Shots on the Today Show

Nastia Liukin has been playing around Sochi while doing features for NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics.

Marian Dragulescu To Make A Comeback

At 33-years-old, Romanian gymnast Marian Dragulescu is making a go for Rio.

Reason # 5,181,346 The Two Per Country Rule Sucks

Dear Bruno Grandi, Nellie Kim, FIG, et all, Yesterday, the USA took all of the podium spots in the men's slope style skiing competition. What does this have to do with gymnastics you say?

Baby Jordyn Wieber on the Beam

Jordyn Wieber is an incredible athlete. The girl is so tough, Superman is jealous of her. (She doesn't need to be from the planet Krypton to have the ability to fly!)

Peyton Ernst To Represent Team USA at the Tokyo Cup

For the second year in a row, Peyton Ernst has been selected to represent Team USA at the Tokyo Cup this April.

Gymnastics Valentines

Valentines Day is this Friday. If you haven't already gotten your loved ones gifts, or your just running out of ideas, here are some fantastic (and hilarious) gymnastics valentines featuring all of your favorite gymnasts, courtesy of Tumblr.

Madison Kocian's New Bar Routine

After missing out on last year's worlds due to injuries, Madison Kocian is showing everyone she is a contender.

Maggie Nichols Training A New Bars Combo

Maggie Nichols has been upgrading her skills on the bars.

Announcing The Latest Beyond the Routine Series

Gymnastike's popular web series, Beyond the Routine  is debuting the latest series this month. The subject of the newest subject is a former world all-around champion, a member of the 2003 World Championship team that brought home the first ever world team gold. She's also an Olympian, and has recently reinvented her gymnastics life. Have you figured out who it is yet? She was a member of the 2008 Olympic Team in Beijing... She was a world champion on the uneven bars.... If you haven't figured it out yet, you never will.

Aliya Mustafina Will Miss Russian Championships

Aliya Mustafina said today in a live VK chat with her fans that she will miss the Russian Championships this year.

A Little Bit of Sandra Izbasa on The Floor

I've been a complete slacker this week on the blogging. But, when you come down with a cold, your priority is getting better. Anyways, I am doing my usual Tumblr trolling for things to blog about. I found this GIF of the glorious Sandra Izbasa on the floor exercise during the world championships in Antwerp, working it in her floor routine.

Mary Lou Retton Appears in A Super Bowl Commercial

Gymnastics has found a way to infiltrate the Super Bowl. 1984 Olympic All-Around Champion, Mary Lou Retton was featured in a commercial for Radio Shack and their rebranding effort.

MCSMaria's Gymnastics Presents: A Review of the Gabby Douglas Story

The long awaited Gabby Douglas has aired. There was laughter, there was tears and most importantly, triumph! Knowing this is a made for TV movie, I have to admit, my expectations were very low. Did this meet or exceed my expectations?

Kennedy Baker Does An Absolutely INSANE Quintuple Spin on The Beam

Kennedy Baker may have recently retired from elite gymnastics, but that doesn't stop her from playing around with elite skills.