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Regionals Placements 2018

Placements for regionals and individual regional qualifiers were announced Monday afternoon. Regionals will commence Saturday, April 7th, and they are being held at 4 or 6 p.m. local time of the regional. A full schedule and preview will be posted next week. The placements are listed below the cut.

Conference Championships Live Blog

It's conference championships day! Which means a full day of live gymnastics. It's like your birthday, but with gymnastics. Follow along and refresh the page for updates. First, I'm doing the SEC Championships, first session. Arkansas starts on vault, Missouri starts on floor, Georgia on beam and Auburn on bars. Jessica Yamzon VT Arkansas - Big FTY, stuck the landing. Pretty goo din the air. 9.775 Sydney Snead BB UGA - hit series nicely, hitch kick + sw leap, round off + dbl full dismount.  Maybe a small slide. 9.875 Hailey Garner ARK VT - FTY, bit piked in air and landed slightly short. 9.7 HAHA! Bart Conner calls out bragging rights.  LOLZ Kendal MOSS  AUB UB -  nice gienger, maybe, bit short on hS positions, DLO, knees buckled 9.05 Amanda Wellick ARK VT - nice FTy, Rachel DIckson  BB UGA, sw + split good, BHS + 1 1/2 dismount, hop on landing. 9.8 Sarah Shaffer VT ARk - y 1/2, nice position in air, but steps on landing. Taylor Krippner UB Aub -

Conference Championships Schedule & Preview

Schedule & Links for Week 12 of the 2018 NCAA Gymnastics season Week 12 Friday, March 23 rd 7 ET/6 CT/5 MT/4 PT MIC Championships (Centenary, Illinois State, Lindenwood, SE Missouri, TWU, UIC) @ St. Charles, MO Video / Live Scores 5 ET/4 CT/ 3 MT/2 PT NCGA National Championships: Team & AA Finals FloGym / Live Scores Saturday, March 24 th 12 ET/11 CT/10 MT/9 PT ECAC DI CHAMPIONSHIP (Brown, Cornell, Temple, William & Mary, Yale @ Penn) Live Scores 1 ET/12 CT/11 MT/10 PT ECAC DII CHAMPIONSHIP (Bridgeport, S. Connecticut, West Chester) 2 ET/1 CT/12 MT/11 PT EAGL Championships (George Washington, New Hampshire, NC State, Pittsburgh @ Towson) Live Video / Live Scores 2 ET/1 CT/12 MT/11 PT MAC Championship (Ball State, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Kent State, Northern Illinois and Western Michigan) Live Scores / ESPN3 2 ET/1 CT/12 MT/11 PT Big 10 Championship – Session 1 (Nebraska, Penn State, Michigan State, Rutgers) BTN / Liv

Oklahoma @ Texas Woman's Live Blog

It's the last week of the regular season and we're concluding the official regular season with Oklahoma @ Texas Woman's University. Follow along as I give you all the updates. Refresh the page every five minutes or so, most recent updates at the bottom of the page. Introductions underway now. Gymnastics to commence shortly. First rotation - Texas Woman's will start on vault, Oklahoma starts on bars. Oklahoma's bars line-up - just incase you were curious. Here we go! We'll start on bars today! 📈: 📺: 1️⃣ @AWebb_ 2️⃣ @Bre_Showers 3️⃣ @stefanicatour 4️⃣ @brennadowell 5️⃣ @nico_613 6️⃣ @MagsGotSwag12 — Oklahoma Women's Gym (@OU_WGymnastics) March 18, 2018 Hunter Vincent VT TWU -  Y layout, big hop on the landing, good distance. 9.425 Anastasia Webb OU UB -  pak + shap 1/2, nice, toe 1/2 + dbl front, stuck, solid.  9,8 Erin Aldeman TWU VT  -  FTY, bit off t

Arizona @ LSU Live Blog

Yesterday we had an SEC team in PAC 12 country, today, we have the PAC 12 in SEC country with Arizona at LSU. I've said it before and I'll say it again, make sure that waterproof mascara and tissues are handy, because there will be lots of big sloppy tears. Refresh the page to follow along and refresh the page every five minutes or so. Most recent updates at the bottom of the page Rotation 1 LSU starts on vault and Arizona starts on bars Sarah Finnegan VT LSU - beautiful FTY, just a small hop, but beautiful form and just perfect as always. 9.825 Victoria Ortiz UB AZ -  big tkatchev,  bail, solid HS,  good last HS, blind full + double tuck, small step back. 9.75 Julianna Cannamela VT LSU - y 1 1/2, really short, falls sideways 9.3 Haylie Hendrickson UB AZ -  overarches 1st hS, blind change + jaeger, bail,  good last HS, DLO, stuck it. 9.775 Lexie Priessman VT LSU - y 1 1/2, small hop,  really nice tight form in air, just the hop 9.875 Maddie Leydin UB AZ -

BIG 5 Session 1 Live Blog

First live blog of Saturday afternoon featuring the first BIG 5 qualifying meet featuring Nebraska, Maryland, Illinois, Ohio State and Michigan State at Michigan State. So the first three finishers from this meet will qualify for the evening session of the BIG 10 Champs next week and the first three from the second meet tonight will qualify there as well. So follow along and refresh the page every five minutes or so to follow along. Updates at the bottom. First rotation  - Nebraska is on vault, Illinois is on floor Kynsee  Robee VT Nebraska - FTY, pretty clean, small hop on landing. Kylie Noonan Illinois FX - front full + front lay,  tour jete full, sw ring + sw 1/2,  1 1/2 + front lay Grace Williams VT Nebraska - FTY, stuck the landing, good height, legs a bit separated on landing. Shynelle Aragan MD UB  - pak, leg seps, DLO stuck 9.825 Nicole Biondi Illinois FX - double pike, solid,  clean double back, good control,  tour jete 1/1 + wolf 1/2, maybe a bit under 180, 

Georgia @ Utah Live Blog

Now we head to Utah where they host Georgia. They're two former rivals with both teams having 10 national titles under their belts, although 1 title of Utah's was before the NCAA was the official body over collegiate gymnastics. Greg Marsden has retired and Suzanne Yoculan has retired and come back as a volunteer assistant coach to Courtney Kupets Carter. And even though it's senior night, there's going to be drama around the gymternet about something. Because Utah. But, keep your tissues and waterproof mascara handy, because I'm sure you'll cry at Maddy Stover's last beam routine in the Hunstman Center. Follow along with all the drama and the tears and whatnot, refresh the page every 3-5 minutes or so. First rotation - Utah is on vault, Georgia is on bars Missy Reinstadtler VT Utah -  beautiful FTY, looked like a stick... beautiful form, chest a tiny bit low. 9.875 Jordyn Pedersen UB UGA -  hecht mt,  blind change + pike jaeger, dbl front dism

Oklahoma @ Alabama Live Blog

Tonight, Oklahoma is venturing into SEC country to take on Alabama at home, or if you're Oklahoma, post season practice. It's also senior night, so make sure to have tons of tissues and waterproof mascara, because there WILL be tears. Come follow along with me in all the shenanigans. Maybe Carol will make an appearance! Keep an eye out for some errant tens. Refresh the page to follow along, updates are at the bottom of the page. Meet's beginning now with a montage of seniors being introduced with their parents. Lauren Beers (Stanton) is commentating. First rotation - Alabama is starting on vault, Oklahoma is starting on bars.  Mac Brannan is hanging out with her scooter, foot in a cast. Abby Armbrecht VT Alabama - FTY, good form in the air, slight hop on the landing. Overall solid. 9.8 Anastasia Webb UB Oklahoma -  good first hs, pak, beautiful,  shap 1/2, beautiful,  toe 1/2 + dbl front, stuck the landing. Really clean all the way around. 9.9 Shea Mahon

San Jose State @ UCLA Live Blog

Some Tuesday night live-blogging coming your way with UCLA's last home meet of the year versus San Jose State. On Sunday, tens were given out like candy when UCLA was at Stanford. Will tens be given out so easily tonight? Follow along and refresh the page every five minutes or so for updates. Most recent will be at the bottom. Well, Jim Watson said Amanda Borden will be in tears tonight. She's in good company, I'm crying too ... not just for senior night though... Rotation 1 UCLA Vault SJSU on bars Nia Dennis VT UCLA - FTY, stuck. 9.875 Taylor Chan UB SJSU - bail, toe shoot to hB,  blind change to khorkina,  late on her giant full, big bounding step on ht edbl back 9.525 Anna Glenn UCLA VT -  beautiful FTY, nice and flared off and stuck. 9.9 Kaprece Nandoza UB SJSU UB -  shap to hB,  good HS on bail, beautiful DLO and stuck.9.75 Pauline Tratz VT UCLA -  Nice FTY, lots of amplitude, stuck the landing, Good distance. 9.925 Stephanie Relova UB SJSU -  goo

NCAA Gymnastics 2018 Week 11 Schedule & Preview

Schedule and preview for week 11 of the 2018 NCAA Gymnastics Season Week 11 Tuesday, March 13 th 10 ET/9 CT/8 MT/7 PT San Jose State @ UCLA Pac12 Wednesday, March 14 th 7 ET/6 CT/5 MT/4 PT Kentucky @ Illinois State Thursday, March 15 th 7 ET/6 CT/5 MT/4 PT Ball State @ Central Michigan 9 ET/8 CT/7 MT/6 PT BYU & Boise State @ Washington Live Stream / Live Scores Friday, March 16 th 6 ET/5 CT/4 MT/ 3 PT Western Michigan @ Eastern Michigan All-Access / Live Scores 7 ET/6 CT/5 MT/4 PT George Washington, Temple @ Kent State Live Video / Live Scores / Listen 7 ET/6 CT/5 MT/4 PT Penn @ William & Mary Video / Live Scores 8 ET/7 CT/6 MT/5 PT Iowa State, Denver, @ Arkansas Live Scores 8 ET/7 CT/6 MT/5 PT Lindenwood, Southeast Missouri @ Missouri SECN+ / Live Scores 8:30 ET/7:30 CT/6:30 MT/5:30 PT Oklahoma @ Alabama SECN + 9 ET/8 CT/7 MT/6 PT Southern Utah @ Utah State Mountain West 9:30 ET/8:30 CT/7:30 MT/6:30 PT Georgia @ Utah ESPNU /

UCLA @ Stanford Live Blog

Another day another tearful senior night. This one is at Stanford and the lone senior is Elizabeth Price. This is the last meet at home for Ebee, so expect lots of tears and emotions. Most of which will be coming from you. Follow along with the action, and refresh the page for updates. Most recent updates at the bottom. First rotation - Stanford is on vault, UCLA is on bars. Kaylee Cole VT Stanford -  FTY, good height, small hop on the landing, maybe a bit piked on landing. 9.75 Nia Dennis UCLA UB -  clean 1st hs, shap, missed her connection out of the shap to her bail and came off, repeats,  good final HS, stuck the DLO. 9.3 Lauren Navarro VT Stanford -  good FTY, nice amplitude,  small hop on the landing. Solid overall. 9.825 Katelyn Ohashi UB UCLA  -  good on her 1st hs, toe on to bail, good there,  bit short on the hs there, tkatchev, hop forward on her DLO. 9.875 Rachael Flam  VT Stanford - Omelianchik, good amplitude, step on the landing, also slightly off c

Boise State @ Georgia Live Blog

From the Big 10, we go to the SEC where Georgia takes on Boise State. Refresh the page to follow along, updates at the bottom of the page. Rotation 1 - Georgia opens on vault, Boise State on bars Marissa Oakley VT UGA - FTY, beautiful form in the air, chest a bit down on landing, small hop on the landing. 9.825  Sarah Means Boise State UB - toe on, falls, bail, good hs position,  giant full, to double back, solid landing. 9.225 Sabrina Vega VT UGA -  Y full, hop on the landing, elbows bent on entry. 9.775 Sandra Collantes UB BSU - giant 1/2 + straddle jaeger, bail,  solid on last HS, DLO, step back. 9.75 Jasmine Arnold VT UGA - FTY, lots of height, small hop in place, but great vault. 9.85 Emily Mulenhaupt UB BSU -  solid opening HS, blind change to straddle jaeger, bail, great final hs, bit late on the giant full, double back, step back. 9.75 Rachel Dickson VT UGA - FTY, hop on landing, good amplitude 9.85 Ann Stockwell UB BSU -  beautiful gienger,  pak, some l

Utah @ Michigan Live Blog

Today, it's a Big10 versus PAC 12 match up with Utah visiting Michigan. Utah is back after a bye last weekend and Michigan is coming off a loss to Oklahoma. Oh and it's senior day so be prepared with tissues. Refresh the page to follow along. Updates are at the bottom of the page. Seriously, Big Ten network, I don't want to see lacrosse. I tuned in for gymnastics, dammit. Missed part of the first rotation GRR. Makenna Merrill Giles UB UTAH -  deltchev,  bail, nice, clean giant full to dbl back. 9.85 Sydney Townsend VT Mich - yurchenko 1 1/2, small hop. 9.825 Missy Reinstadtler UB Utah - toe on + pike jaeger, beautiful,  bit shy on the HS, slight messy leg on her full in, small hop. 9.875 Paige Zaziski VT Mich -  y full, lots of amplitude, but hop on the landing. 9.8 Kari Lee UB Utah -nice pike jaeger,  blind change twice to double back dismount, small hop. 9.825 Emma McLean VT MICH -  y full, really nice in the air, small shuffle on her landing. 9.9

NCAA Gymnastics 2018 Week 10 Schedule & Preview

Schedule and preview for week 10 of the 2018 NCAA Gymnastics season. Week 10 Monday, March 5 th 9 ET/8 CT/7 MT/6 PT Southern Utah @ Denver Results 10 ET/9 CT/8 MT/7 PT BYU@ Oregon State Results Thursday, March 8 th 7 ET/6 CT/5 MT/4 PT New Hampshire @ Bridgeport Friday, March 9 th 7 ET/6 CT/5 MT/4 PT Nebraska @ Florida Live Scores / SECN+ 7 ET/6 CT/5 MT/4 PT LSU @ NC State ACCN Extra 7 ET/6 CT/5 MT/4 PT Bowling Green @ Kent State Live Video / Live Scores 7:30 ET/6:30 CT/5:30 MT/4:30 PT Missouri, Iowa @ Iowa State Cyclones TV / Live  / Live Scores   8 ET/7 CT/6 MT/5 PT Denver, Arizona State & Arkansas @ Oklahoma FSOK / Live Scores 8 ET/7 CT/6 MT/5 PT Auburn, Alabama @ Elevate FloGym 8:30 ET/7:30 CT/6:30 MT/5:30 PT UNC, Air Force, San Jose State @ Arizona 9 ET/8 CT/7 MT/6 PT UC Davis, Seattle Pacific @ Washington Washington Live Stream / Live Scores 9 ET/8 CT/7 MT/6 PT Penn State, Utah State, TWU @ BYU BYUTv / Live Scores 10 ET/9 CT/8

Auburn @ LSU Live Blog

It's a Tiger-rific match-up today between Auburn and LSU. Expect tons of tiger puns today. And it's the meet that will determine the regular season SEC championship. Or its been determined already or something. I can't keep up. Refresh the page to follow along! Updates will be at the bottom of the page. Rotation 1 Sarah Finnegan vault LSU - FTY, big height, hop on the landing but her form is perfect as always. 9.825 Drew Watson UB Auburn -  good 1st hs, nice ray,  good handstand on bail,  bit short on the last HS, full in, step back. 9.775 Julianna Cannamela VT LSU -  y 1 1/2, bit short and takes a big step back. 9.825 Kendal Moss Auburn UB - nice clear hip to gienger,  good on final hs position,  DLO, step forward. 9.8 Ruby Harold VT LSU -  Y 1 1/2, good height and distance, landed bit lock - kneed, step forward. 9875 Taylor Krippner Aub UB - good handstands, overarches one handstand, really high in the tkatchev, 9.65 Sarah Edwards VT LSU - sits down

Arizona State @ Minnesota Live Blog

I'm back after my break last weekend for a Big 10 - Pac 12 match-up with Minnesota and Arizona State. We're in a period of which I am going to call the "ASU Renaissance" since they're on track to make the national championships after years of struggling to qualify to regionals. Minnesota has a bevy of talented athletes, including Ivy Lu and freshwoman phenom, Lexy Ramler. I haven't been able to watch Minnesota this season, so I'm excited to see this meet. Refresh the page to follow along! Rotation 1 - The feed started in the middle of the 1st rotation, ugh Lexi Montgomery MINN VT 9.75 Morgan Wilson UB ASU -9.825 Ciara Garner Minn VT - Y full, maybe a bit piked in the air 9.75 Justine Callis UB ASU - tkatchev, flexed feet in air, leg seps on bail, DLO, leg seps in air, hop forward on landing. 9.6 Kristen Quaglia VT MINN - beautiful Y full, nice height, bit off to the side 9.8 Kaitlyn Szafranski UB great 1st HS, beautiful ray, good

NCAA Gymnastics 2018 - Week 9 Schedule and Preview

Schedule and preview for the 9th week of competition for the 2018 season of NCAA Gymnastics. Week 9 Friday, March 2 nd 7 ET/6 CT/5 MT/4 PT Ohio State @ Kentucky ESPN 7 ET/6 CT/5 MT/4 PT George Washington, Rutgers @ Towson 7:30 ET/6:30 CT/5:30 MT/4:30 PT Georgia, Illinois, Stanford, Nebraska @ Elevate the Stage Flo 8 ET/7 CT/6 MT/5 PT Florida @ Missouri SECN + / Live Scores 8 ET/7 CT/6 MT/5 PT Southeast Missouri @ Iowa Flo 8 ET/7 CT/6 MT/5 PT Arizona @ Arkansas 8 ET/7 CT/6 MT/5 PT UNC @ Alabama SECN + 9 ET/8 CT/7 MT/ 6 PT Sacramento State @ Boise State Live Stream / Live Scores 10 ET/9 CT/8 MT/7 PT Central Michigan @ Cal Live Scores 10 ET/9 CT/8 MT/7 PT Air Force @ UC Davis Live Video / Live Scores Saturday, March 3 rd 12 ET/11 CT/10 MT/9 PT Springfield @ Cornell Ivy League Network 1 ET/12 CT/11 MT/10 PT Ithaca @ Cortland Video 1 ET/12 CT/11 MT/10 PT Rhode Island @ Ursinus 3 ET/2 CT/1 MT/12 PT Washington @ Southern Utah Pluto TV / Live Scores