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Aly's Dancing Debut- Week One The Cha-Cha

Aly Raisman officially went from the balance beam to the dance floor this week on Dancing With The Stars. On the season premiere, fierce five team captain, Aly and her partner Mark Ballas danced the cha-cha for their first dance. Mark and Aly hit the floor wearing that ubiquitous hot pink that the USA gymnasts seem to love.

Gymnast Profiles Victoria Moors

 This week, I'm getting my Canadian on with this gymnast profile is featuring Canadian gymnast Victoria Moors. Eh Hosers? Victoria Moors Vital Statistics Date of Birth: November 5, 1996  Age: 16 Height: 5'0" (153 cm) Place of Birth: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada Current Residence: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada Gym: Dynamo Gymnastics Coach: Elvira Saadi Eponymous Skills: On the uneven bars, dismount, under-swing to laid out forward salto with a half turn.  Victoria Moors is the epitome of adorable with her tiny gymnast stature, long dark hair and dark eyes and a pixie-ish upturned nose. The small stature contains a little fireball of a girl who prances around the floor like a beauty queen in a swimsuit competition. Over the summer, Victoria, then fifteen competed with the Canadian Olympic team in London. The young upstart placed second in the Final Selection meet in June. She helped the team qualify for the team finals with her floor and bar

Aly Raisman's Cast Photo For DWTS

Earlier this week, ABC released cast photos for the latest cast of Dancing With The Stars. Aly Raisman's photo was released with the bunch. Check out Aly's transformation from a gymnastics darling into a ballroom diva. Aly trades in her American flag leo for a daring short sequined aqua mini with a plunging neckline. How's that for a transformation? Aly's gone from little girl to sex pot. Check the photos out for yourself:

A Hot Pink Intervention

Dear USA Gymnasts, Please, for the love of all that is good and right with the world, please STOP wearing the ugliest hot pink leos in the history of ugly. Seriously, neon went out with the '80's, which was long before most of you were ever born or were even a twinkle in your parent's eyes. Please stop, if not in the name of saving my eyes from being blinded by that horrid concoction, stop in the name of FASHION!

Favorite Routines: Victoria Moors Floor Exercise

Victoria Moors is dynamic. Over the weekend, Victoria scored a third place finish at the American Cup in Dorcester, Massachusetts  She's turning heads in the international arena, making her a very likely contender the Olympic Games in Rio. Victoria grabs most of the attention for her floor exercise. NBC's Tim Daggett wouldn't stop blathering about how dynamic she is on the floor. After watching this routine, you will see why.

Katelyn Ohashi Wins the American Cup, but Victoria Moors is the Queen

Katelyn Ohashi may have won the American Cup title, but Victoria Moors has overthrown Aliya Mustafina as the queen. The American Cup pretty much went as predicted. Katelyn Ohashi scored the top spot and Simone Biles came in second. Victoria came in third, but she certainly got the world's attention.