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Favorite Routines

This is a space where we can discuss our favorite routines from years past, or years present.  If you want me to post a video, please submit the gymnast, the event and the competition and the year. My first selection is Jordyn Wieber's floor routine from the team final.

After a disappointing qualification round where because of the B.S. two-per-country rule, she was disqualified from the all-around after qualifying in fourth behind Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas. To make things even more awkward, Aly and Jordyn were roommates at the Olympic Village as well as close friends. Instead of glaring daggers at Aly, Jordyn, the professional,pulled herself up after her disappointment and gave it 125% and helped her team cinch the gold medal for the first time since the Atlanta  '96 Olympics. She helped her team win the gold and she rooted for her teammates as they competed in the all-around and watched Gabby Douglas win the gold and stood by her friend Aly when she lost the bronze medal to Aliya Mustafina in a tie-breaker.

Her routine was bouncy and fierce and she nailed every tumbling pass and leap. At the end, the crowd roared in excitement and Jordyn grinned as if to give the judges a giant middle finger after the disaster of the qualifying round. The look in her eye said "Look at me now, judges!"

Watch and find out how Jordyn got her groove back.

Until next time kids!

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