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Amelia Hundley To Compete at Stuttgart

In the wake of Nia Dennis's injury,  her teammate, Amelia Hundley has been nominated to take her place at the Stuttgart World Cup after the conclusion of this month's training camp.

Stanford @ Oregon State Live Blog

It's February 29, 2016, Leap Day. Today, Stanford is leaping at Oregon State for a dual meet.  Hopefully, everyone will get credit for all their leaps on floor an beam tonight. To keep up with these leaping ladies and their gymnastics, refresh the page to follow along every few minutes or so.

Utah @ Cal Live Blog

Yesterday, it was the SEC, today, we're following the PAC12 with gymnastics powerhouse Utah going to up and coming powerhouse, Cal (Berkley). Utah has been steadily improving and they're making that push toward the post season in this second of three straight away meets. Cal is looking to break into the elite club of NCAA gymnastics powerhouses. Follow along and refresh every few minutes for all the gymnastics.

Georgia @ Alabama Live Blog

It's the penultimate SEC gymnastics rivalry, Georgia vs Alabama. Two legendary programs = legendary gymnastics. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the gymnastics.

LSU @ Florida Live Blog

It's Friday and that means it's time for gymnastics. Tonight, I'm live blogging LSU at Florida. LSU and Florida are two highly ranked SEC gymnastics powerhouses, LSU is currently ranked # 7 and Florida is sitting tight at # 2. This is a home meet for Florida and they are often best at home, much like LSU. But will the Tigers devour the Gators, or will the Tigers get trapped by the strong Gator jaws. Gator Chomp Away! Refresh the page every 5-10 minutes or so for more animal kingdom metaphors, puns, Gator chomping and all the gymnastics.

NCAA Power Rankings Week 7

Last week's power rankings was a hit, so I'm doing them again this week.  Again, these aren't the official rankings from Road to Nationals. I am basing my "rankings"  on news events, stories, people that are gaining attention and other random things that I find interesting or worth mentioning. Last week, the power rankings were: #1 Sophina DeJesus #2 Judges tightening their scoring practices #3 Boise State #4 Line-Up Changes #5 Everybody's favorite ginger, Sidney Dukes, proving that yes, gingers do have souls. #6 Ebee Price #7 Allison Northey and the entire Washington team. Who or what made the cut this week? Click "read more" to find out.

Kyla Ross Retires from Elite Gymnastics

Today is a sad day. It's sad because 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, world champion and multiple time world medalist Kyla Ross announced via her Twitter account that she has decided to hang up the grips on her elite career.

UCLA @ Washington Live Blog

From West Virginia, we go to Washington, where Washington is hosting UCLA. Last weekend, UCLA won their home meet against Oregon State, debuting some fabulous new athletes and putting Danusia Francis in the all-around for the first time in her collegiate career. At Utah, Washington came back from a disastrous home meet against Oregon State as well, scoring a season high of 196.250.  UCLA's last away meet against Cal was a bit of a disaster on beam as they adjusted to life sans Katelyn Ohashi for the moment.  So will Washington triumph on their home turf or will UCLA outshine them tonight. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the action from Seattle.

Kentucky @ West Virginia Live Blog

Sunday NCAA Gymnastics action coming your way today. This afternoon, it's #22 Kentucky at #27, West Virginia. Last weekend at Alabama,  West Virginia had a beam disaster which cost them the meet.  Will they be triumphant at home? Of course Kentucky has a very eager and willing freshman heavy team that is capable of staying cool under pressure. Refresh the page every few minutes to get all the latest action in Morgantown!

Utah @ Stanford Live Blog

Tonight, Utah goes Ivy League tonight to compete against Stanford at home. Utah has apparently never won at Stanford. Will they break that streak tonight? Follow along and refresh the page every few minutes or so for all the action!

Michigan, UC Davis @ Southern Utah Live Blog

Tonight I'm live blogging Michigan and UC Davis at Southern Utah. Since it's being broadcast on Flo Gymnastics and not all of you want to fork over the money for it, you can follow along in all the action here. Just refresh the page every few minutes for the latest happenings

NCAA Week 6 Power Rankings

We've all been closely following those official rankings for the NCAA. So today, I thought I'd do something a little different. I'm going to be doing power rankings. This isn't rankings based off of RQS or other fun data, but these rankings are based on news events, people that are gaining attention and other random things that I find interesting or worth mentioning.

Beth Tweddle Released from the Hospital

Good news from Beth Tweddle regarding her injury. Beth, world champion, Olympic Medalist and European Champion has been discharged from the hospital following her scary accident while filming the latest sports reality celebrity competition show "The Jump" in Austria.

West Virginia at Alabama Live Blog

Final live blog of the day, covering West Virginia at Alabama.  It's been a busy weekend for Alabama. They were at Auburn Friday night and now they're back home again to host West Virginia. To follow along, refresh the page every few minutes or so for up to date routines and scores!

Michigan State @ Michigan Live Blog

I'm back for more NCAA Gymnastics. Today, it's Michigan State at Michigan. Refresh the page for all the action every few minutes or so.

ICYMI - Gymnastics Babies Edition

Recently, the gymnastics world was saturated with the topic of babies, with the birth of another gymnastics royal baby, while a former Olympian announced her pregnancy. Jonathan Horton and his wife, Haley welcomed another future gymnast to their family, this time, it was a little girl, named Addie Lee, born February 9. Addie joins her big brother, David. Jonathan posted this picture of the happy family:

Oregon State at UCLA Live Blog

Okay, last installment of this live blogging marathon for this evening.  The final meet is more PAC-12 fun with Oregon State at UCLA. Last weekend, Sophina DeJesus had her floor routine go viral.  Will Sophina's spunk go viral two weeks in a row? Refresh the page every few minutes to find out!

Washington @ Utah Live Blog

We go from the SEC to the PAC -12 tonight. I'm going 8 hours west to Utah where the Utes will host Washington. Washington had a season high of 196.175 at Metroplex followed by a splat fest last weekend at home against Oregon State. Will they put the past behind them tonight at Utah? Refresh the page every few minutes for all the action!

LSU @ Georgia Live Blog

As promised, I am back for more NCAA Gymnastics live blogging. This afternoon is all about # 5 LSU visiting # 11 Georgia. Last weekend, Georgia narrowly defeated Florida by only.050. Can Georgia pull off another win or will the LSU Tigers devour the Gym-Dogs. Refresh the page every few minutes or so to find out!

Alabama @ Auburn Live Blog

It's more SEC gymnastics with Alabama at Auburn. Alabama is doing what they do, keep on keepin' on and their scores rise slightly everytime. Auburn is trying to get back to the Super Six. Refresh the page every 10 minutes or so for all the action!

Missouri @ Kentucky Live Blog

Tonight, I'm live blogging Missouri at Kentucky, supporting my new favorite, fellow red-head and Kentucky freshman phenom, Sidney Dukes. Refresh the page  every so often to follow along in all the action!

Casey Jo Magee (MacPherson) Showing off Her Beam Skills

Casey Jo has still got it. Casey Jo MacPherson, nee Magee is a former Arkansas gymnast and US national team member and since finishing her education, she has taken to coaching at Missouri.  Recently, after the team finished their beam workout, MacPherson showed her team in a special exhibition that she's still got it and "It" being gymnastics skills. MacPherson still has an impressive repertoire of skills.

MyKayla Skinner Training a Full In on Beam

With the Rio Olympics just around the corner, gymnasts are adding new skills to their repertoire that they may possibly add to their routines when the time comes. US gymnast, MyKayla Skinner is one such person. Skinner has been busy at work.

Oregon State @ Washington Live Blog

Tonight, it's #16 ranked Oregon State at #32 Washington. Last week at Metroplex, Washington killed it, scoring a season high of 196.175, how will the Huskies fare against the Beavers tonight? Refresh the page every so often to find out!

Maryland & Eastern Michigan @ Michigan Live Blog

Last night, it was all about the Broncos when they won Super Bowl 50. Tonight, it's all about gymnastics, starting with the Wolverines. Join me as I live blog this tri-meet against Maryland and Eastern Michigan. Refresh the page every so often to keep up with all the action from Ann Arbor.

The Super Bowl Sunday When Sophina Went Viral

On this Super Bowl Sunday, while many US is preparing for a football face-off in the Super Bowl, gymnastics became a trending topic all because of an NCAA gymnast. Sophina DeJesus killed it for her team, the UCLA Bruins in their home meet against the Utah Utes. The senior who is known for her spunky blue hair, competed bars, beam and floor, and her floor routine that earned her a 9.925 has gone viral.

Beth Tweddle Injured in Skiing Accident - UPDATE

British Olympic Bronze and World Champion, Beth Tweddle has injured her back while skiing for the British skiing reality competition.

Utah State @ Denver Live Blog

While the rest of Denver is gearing up for the Broncos' Super Bowl match up against the North Carolina Panthers.It's the true pride of Colorado, the University of Denver Gymnastics team will be facing off against the Utah State Aggies. Last week, the Pioneers got a season high of 196.125 against Bowling Green and jumped in the rankings to 13th. Can they do it again? Refresh the page every 5-10 minutes or so for updates!

Utah @ UCLA Live Blog

While everyone and their dog is getting geared up for the Super Bowl, I'm watching lots of gymnastics! This afternoon, I'm live blogging Utah at UCLA. Will UCLA rebound from their disappointment last week at Cal? Will Utah dominate the Bruins at home? Refresh the page every 10-15 minutes or so for all the juicy gymnastics goodness with this Pac-12 match-up.

Arkansas @ LSU Live Blog

I'm live blogging Arkansas at LSU. Refresh the page every so often for all the SEC scoring fun!

MCSMaria's Guide to Balance Beam: DON'T PANIC

The beam has been a source of contention for many teams in the NCAA.  Over the past few weeks, I have seen many beam meltdowns.  Most recently, UCLA melted down on beam at their meet at Cal. In response I have decided that  th ere should be a cardinal rule for balance beam every NCAA team (every gymnast ever really) must follow: “DON’T PANIC.” If you're familiar with Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , then you'll know the book in the title has the words "DON'T PANIC" on it's cover.

UCLA @ Cal Live Blog

More Pac-12 fun right here with UCLA facing off at California. Last year, Cal beat UCLA at their home turf. How will the Bruins fare in Berkley? Refresh the page every 5-10 minutes for updates!

Arizona @ Utah Live Blog

Tonight I'm live blogging Arizona at Utah. Last week, Utah lost a key player in Kari Lee due to an achillies tear and will be out to the whole season. How will the Utes fare without a a key player? Refresh the page every 5-10 minutes or so to find out!