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Mean Girls: Starring the 2008 & 2012 Olympic Teams

It's the 10th anniversary of the cult classic Mean Girls.  Since GIFS and stills from the movie have been going viral on Tumblr, I thought it was time to share this hilarious gem. This video from Huangquishangfan on YouTube is a trailer of the movie featuring the athletes of USA Gymnastics.

Fun With Photoshop: NCAA School Colors Edition

I got bored and I have a free trial of Photoshop on my computer so I thought I'd play around with it a bit. Since NCAA season is over, I decided to make some edits of school leotards. Mostly, I took pictures and I manipulated the colors to be the school colors of some top gymnastics schools.

NCAA Athletes Who Went Elite

Lots of former elite gymnasts move on to the world of NCAA gymnastics, but very few go from the college world to the elite scene. Here are four athletes who embarked on the elite path after their NCAA careers.

Samantha Peszek's Standing Full to Back Pike on Beam

Here's an oldie but a goodie from Samantha Pezsek's days as an elite.

Noemi Makra's Uneven Bar Routine at the Osijek Grand Prix

Noemi Makra of Hungary is a gymnast I could never get tired of watching. One of the reasons why she is so lovely to watch is she has such beautiful lines. It's very easy to see in this routine of hers from this week's Osijek Grand Prix in Osijek, Croatia.

Florida Football Players and Swimmers Attempting Gymnastics

The Tumblr gods have brought this glorious montage to my attention. This is a video showing Florida football players and swimmers attempting to do gymnastics with hilarious results. Because nothing makes me happier than seeing football players attempt to do gymnastics and realize it's harder than it looks.

Ebee Price Retires from the National Team

The year of Ebee is no more.

Emily Wong's Perfect Triple Twist

University of Nebraska Senior, Emily Wong is one of the most dynamic NCAA gymnasts and has form to die for.

Potential D Score for Norah Flately's Beam Routine

Young Norah Flately is the beam prodigy for 2016. The little beam phenom is already one of the best beam workers in the US, even if she's only a junior.

NCAA Event Finals: A Small Army Take Home Titles; Katherine Grable Takes Two Event Titles

It was the weekend of the tie. Two teams tied for the NCAA national title, and as a result of ties, a small army took home titles during the event finals.

Anna Pavlova on the Uneven Bars at the Ljubljana Cup

Anna Pavlova has made her 2014 international debut representing Azerbaijan at the Ljubljana World Cup in Slovenia. She won the gold medal on the uneven bars with a 12.825.

Anna Rodionova's Flip Flip to Arabian Beam Connection

Even though Anna Rodionova was not named to the European Championships team for Russia, but that's not going to stop me from enjoying her gymnastics.

Haley Scaman's Vault During Super Six Final

During last night's Super Six Finals, the University of Oklahoma was this-close to taking the title.

Sanne Weavers' Beam Routine Told in GIFS

Dutch gymnast, Sanne Weavers' beam routine is one of the most artistic beam routines in the world.

Why The Florida -Oklahoma Tie May Not Be Such a Bad thing

Today, at the NCAA National Championships two teams, Oklahoma and Florida came out triumphant. One team won for the first time and broke through the door of an exclusive club where many dreamed to go, but only few ventured.

NCAA Super Six Finals: Florida and Oklahoma Are Co-Champions While Alabama Lands in Fourth

The NCAA National Gymnastics Championships have been full of surprises. It started last night. It was the second session of the semi-finals. In a twist of fate, Nebraska edged out UCLA and Utah for the Super Six finals.

Euros Teams - Anna Pavolva Returns, Viktoria Komova Out From Injuries

The nominative European Championship rosters have been released.  There are some surprises and shake-ups and a favorite makes her return to the stage.

Roxana Popa Training the Amanar

Spain's Roxana Popa is the latest gymnast to join the Amanar club.

Snoop Dogg Sends off the Illini to NCAA National Championships

Who knew Snoop Dogg was a gym fan?

Bailie Key's Stuck Vault at the Pac Rims

Last week, at the Pacific Rim Championships, the story was yet again, "Bailie Key Rules the World" literally.

Betty Okino's Eponymous Triple Turn on Beam

American gymnast, Elizabeth "Betty" Okino was a force on the USA Gymnastics scene in the early '90's.

Aliya Mustafina's Dizzying Dance Combo

Aliya Mustafina, like many other athletes, has re-arranged her floor routine to fit with the new floor rules.

The Year of Ebee Continues at the Pac Rims

Elizabeth "Ebee" Price is continuing her awesome year with another win at the Pacific Rim Championships. Make that two wins. In addition to taking home the all-around title, she and Team USA took the team gold medal

Russian Euros Team Announced

After a week of triumphs comebacks and disappointments at the Russian Championships, the Russian Federation has announced their team headed to the European Championships this May. via the Magnificent USA, Russia and Romania

5 NCAA Athletes to Watch At Nationals

The NCAA has so much depth and amazing athletes from many different schools. Here are 5 fantastic athletes to keep an eye on. These girls are fantastic athletes with different strengths and each athlete brings a little something special to her team.

NCAA Regionals: LSU qualifies to NCAA's in First Position

As the NCAA regionals concluded, the top two ranked teams out of each regional qualified to the NCAA National Championships in Birmingham. Coming out on top was Lousiana State University Tigers, with a 198.325, 1.275 above last year's NCAA champions, the University of Florida Gators who qualified in sixth place with a 197.050.

Anastasia Grishina Injured at Russian Nationals

Bad news for Anastasia Grishina. The 2012 team silver medalist and the 2013 European bronze medalist injured her knee on the floor exercise.

Ksenia Afanaseyva on Floor At Russian Championships

After much speculation and back and forth and back and forth, Ksenia Afanaseyva made her 2014 debut at the Russian Championships.

Viktoria Komova's Return to the Uneven Bars at Russian Nationals

A new Viktoria Komova graced the gymternet with her presence at the Russian National Championships.

Russian News Piece on the National Championships Featuring Viktoria Komova

The Russian Championships are happening this week in Penza, Russia. It has been confirmed that all of the major players (excluding Ksenia Afasaneyva) are there.