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Metroplex Live Blog

Now it's time for that five-ring circus in Fort Worth known as the Metroplex Challenge. In one ring, there is Oklahoma, in the other rings, there is Washington, LSU, Stanford and Missouri. Can I keep up with this crazy circus of an event? Refresh the page to find out.

Denver @ Bowling Green Live Blog

I'm going to be live blogging Denver at Bowling Green. This should be a good match up, so refresh the page every 5-10 minutes or so for updates!

Auburn @ Arkansas Live Blog

Second live blog of the night, Auburn at Alabama. As always, refresh every 5-10 minutes or so to follow along.

Alabama @ Florida Live Blog

Here we go, I'm live blogging Alabama at Florida meet. How will the Crimson Tide fair against the Gators? Refresh the page every 5 - 10 minutes to find out!

Utah's Kari Lee Is Out For the Season With Achillies Tear

Sad news from Salt Lake City today. News has come that University of Utah sophomore Kari Lee tore her Achilles tendon earlier today in practice.

Nia Dennis & Danell Leyva to Represent Team USA at the Stuttgart World Cup

Today, the FIG announced the list of competitors who will be competing at the Stuttgart World Cup in March. Among the list of competitors, the US is sending , Nia Dennis, making her international debut as a senior.

Anastasia Grishina Officially Retires

Last week, in an article from, Russian head coach Valentina Rodionenko had announced the retirement of 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist, Anastasia Grishina. Yesterday, in an interview with Ginnastica Artistica Italiana, Grishina confirmed her retirement. As for her reason, Grishina cited her knee injury, which she sustained at the Russian Championships in 2014.

Oregon State @ Utah Live Blog

More live blogging coming to you for the Oregon State at Utah meet. Refresh the page every 10 - 15 minutes for more gymnastics than you ever dreamed of. Hugs all around!

UCLA @ Arizona Live Blog

UCLA is away at Arizona and I'm live blogging. Refresh the page every so often for updates. High fives for everyone!

Kentucky @ LSU Live Blog

Here we go - we're off to the races as I'm going to be live blogging Kentucky @ LSU, and I promise, that will be the last of the Kentucky Derby puns. Maybe. Refresh the page every 5 -10 minutes for the latest!

Washington @ Arizona State Live Blog

Happy Martin Luther King Day! Honor Dr. King's memory by following along with me while I live blog Arizona State versus Washington. Refresh the page to follow along.

Oklahoma @ Arkansas Live Blog

Happy Sunday! Today, I am live blogging Oklahoma at Arkansas. Refresh the page every so often for the latest action.

Ohio State @ Michigan Live Blog

Doing a little Michigan vs. Ohio State Live Blog. Refresh the page every 15 minutes or so to follow in all the action!

Highlights: Utah @ Southern Utah

Surprise surprise. Utah took their first road title of the season, beating Southern Utah University by a whopping 1.125 points.

Alabama v. UCLA Recap

NCAA season - so much gymnastics so little time, that's going to be my NCAA motto for the rest of the season, because this is LITERALLY the case. Not figuratively, literally. Meets all being held pretty much at the same time makes it hard to catch everything, especially when fighting against my television provider, but that's another story.  I wrote a full week one  recap for the Couch Gymnast, so today, I'm recapping the Alabama at UCLA meet, which thanks to the wonder of YouTube, I was able to catch up on.

Anastasia Grishina Got Married - Photos

Let's file this under the category "Things That Make You Feel Old." The baby of the 2012 Russian Olympic team, Anastasia Grishina, is all grown up and getting married and such.  Papa Liukin on Tumblr shared some wedding photos of Grishy and her groom.

UCLA Goes Hollywood with Season Opener Intro

UCLA is stepping up the NCAA gymnastics advertising game. The UCLA sports marketing department is clearly using Hollywood connections and has produced a promo that is practically an Oscar worthy short film. It features some of the athletes out training in various Los Angeles shots, running on the beach near the Santa Monica Pier, handstands outside Pauley Pavilion. It's beautifully shot. Season opener Sunday! You're going to want to arrive before 2 to catch our new intro video! Here's a sneak peek. — UCLA Gymnastics (@uclagymnastics) January 7, 2016

Florida at Texas Women's Recap

Florida has their first meet and their first win of the season under their proverbial championship belt, beating Texas Women's University by a huge 5.375 points. Coincidentally, I believe that's how much the US team won by at the World Championships in Glasgow. It was the first meet of the season and both teams had mistakes, but Florida was at least able to absorb their mistakes and pretend they never happened.

Info on the New NCAA Rules

Over the summer, there were some changes to the NCAA rules. Since I had other things going on during the summer, I didn't have time to post on them at that time. Now that NCAA season is upon us, I thought this would be a good time to share the info I have gathered. Let's break down the changes by event under the jump cut.

Things to Look Forward to in 2016: NCAA Season

The most timely of things you can look forward to this year is the wonderful, gymnastics filled four months of the year we call NCAA season. The best part is, it starts tomorrow! So why do we love NCAA Gymnastics? Here are three of many many reasons:

Things to Look Forward to in 2016: The American Cup

It's a new year and that means lots of gymnastics to look forward to. I've decided to do a small series on things to look forward to in the coming year of gymnastics. First up, the American Cup. USA Gymnastics is on the ball and has already announced the athletes competing at the meet in March.