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Aliya Mustafina Keeps the German Doctors In Business

The gymternet nearly fainted this week when Aliya Mustafina posted a picture of her ankle in a boot on her Instagram account.

Bailie Key Training The Amanar

Young Bailie Key is joining the ubiquitous Amanar club.

Viktoria Komova's Doppelgänger

Viktoria Komova has been moonlighting.

Lexie's New Gym

Last week, news broke that Lexie Priessman had left Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy via Mary Lee's Facebook page.

Favorite Routines: Claudia Fragapane; Floor Exercise 2014 Euros

It's official. I'm hooked on this routine. Claudia Fragapane's floor routine is definitely a huge favorite of this year so far. Claudia goes just as hard on her dance as she does her tumbling. This is the type of routine the new floor rules were made for.

Favorite Routines At the Movies

Summertime, that time of year to sit by the pool or the beach sip margaritas (if you're old enough to drink) and go see the latest summer blockbuster. Feeling inspired by the slew of summer movies I'm dying to see, for this edition of Favorite Routines, I'm rounding up some past floor routines featuring movie themes for their floor music. The young lady in the below screen shot performed to a very familiar movie theme very recently.

Mary Lee the Sequel - Emily: Mary Lee's Piece de Resistance

To recap the last episodes of the Mary Lee sequel series, we learned about Lexie's gross toe injury and Amelia's bionic foot. We also learned that Mary Lee wants to make Amelia world class and Lexie has a crush on a Pete Wentz wannabe in way-to-tight-skinny-jeans. This week, it was Emily Gaskins' story.  It's very obvious that Emily is Mary Lee's favorite, because from the very start, she can't stop talking about how she has the "world class look." Mary Lee also likes her the best because she hasn't grown old enough to roll her eyes and whine and talk back. Emily's gymnastics is absolutely beautiful and she has lines to die for.  Plus, she's as perky as a cheerleader and as cute as a button.

Russian Gymnasts Caught on Their Phones at Euros

Well isn't this a picture of a modern world. This photo shows Aliya Mustafina, Daria Spiridonova and Maria Kharenkova at the European Championships. They're all on their phones. It's just a perfect snapshot to picture this modern world, where technology pretty much runs our lives. Before you rush to scoff, just think of how many hours a day your cell phone is glued to your hand. I will admit since I can't have my cell phone on at work, the minute I get on my lunch break, that cell phone comes out of the desk drawer. via n134

Nia Dennis Doing A Switch Full on Beam

Nia Dennis is the owner of the most amazing standing arabian on beam.  She's also the owner of a glorious leap. What is it?