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A Look Back at 2013 - Just a Few Highlights

2013 is almost over, as of 11:59 p.m. tonight, it will mark the close of another post Olympic year. There were new faces to cheer for, triumphs and tragedies and more. Here are some of the highlights of the past year:

Roxana Popa Plays a Gymternet Prank

Spanish Gymnast Roxana Popa took the time to unwind after the Christmas holiday by playing a prank on her fans.

Goodwill Towards Gymnasts: Aly and Vika

For the first time in a few weeks, I had sometime to peruse Tumblr.  I came across this GIF of Aly Raisman and Viktoria Komova that filled my heart with glee and if the Grinch saw this , it would make his heart grow three times it's size. Aly is seen tapping Vika on the arm and Vika looks up and she is engulfed in a congratulatory embrace.

Juniors To Watch: Emily Gaskins

For my first post Christmas blog,  I'm featuring another outstanding young junior named Emily Gaskins. Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida Club: Cincinnatti Gymnastics Academy Coach: Mary Lee Tracy Date of Birth: May 23, 2000 Current Age: 13 Emily is a junior who is one of several Mary Lee disciples on the USA Gymnastics scene.

European Geography According to Americans

Gymcastic posted this hilarious map filled in by an American of the countries in Europe. What does this have to do with gymnastics you ask? Well, look at the image and look what the map-maker put in for Belarus.

MyKayla Skinner Moves the Triple Double to the Regular Floor

As they say in baseball, MyKayla Skinner is ready for the major leagues with her triple double.

Tatiana Nabieva is Retiring

Sad news this holiday season, Russian gymnast Tatiana Nabieva has decided to call it quits on the sport of gymnastics. According to Russian Gymnastics Facebook, Tatiana announced her impending retirement via her Instagram account. This is what she had to say:

Vintage Catalina Ponor on The Beam in 2002

Who doesn't love vintage footage of their favorite athletes?

Victoria Moors' New Floor Routine at the Toyota International

Victoria Moors debuted a new floor routine over the weekend at the Toyota International.

Gymternet Story Time: USA Gymnastics

Here's a gymternet story book about the little gymnastics federation that could, aka USA Gymnastics. Featuring Mary Lou Retton, Shannon Miller, Dominique Dawes, Carly Patterson, Chellsie Memmel and more. Lots of funny, ad lib commentary, guaranteed to give you a good laugh bright and early this Monday morning. All the credit is to Jordynslefteyebrow on Tumblr.

A Gymternet Guide To: Aliya Mustafina

Here is a wonderfully hilarious gymternet guide to Aliya Mustafina that I discovered on Tumblr. Complete with illustrations and ad lib commentary. The language isn't appropriate for young kids, so don't read it to them, or read it to them and clean up the language.

Christmas Shopping With The Russian Gymnastics Team

Aliya Mustafina, Tatiana Nabieva and their of merry gymnasts are invading a shopping mall near you this holiday season.

Simone, Kyla and Sam to Compete At the American Cup

After a successful  World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium, USA's Sam Mikulak, Kyla Ross and Simone Biles have both accepted invites to compete at the American Cup in March.

Happy Belated Birthday MyKayla Skinner

A happy belated birthday to, MyKayla Skinner the woman who nearly got the double double layout named for her. MyKayla turned 17. Not yet 18. Maybe it's time to breakout into "16 going on 17," we'll just say 17 going on 18. Here's to MyKayla, who is determined to have a skill named after her yet.

Help Save Temple University's Men's Gymnastics Team

In hard economic times, there are bound to be casualties.

Happy Birthday McKayla Maroney

Happy 18th Birthday to the one and only McKayla Maroney. In honor of her birthday. I've scoured the Gymternet (Okay, Tumblr) to find a gif of the vault McKayla is known for. The Amanar seen round the world, the one that's better than a boy's Shewfelt.

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen - A Recap McKayla Maroney Bones Episode

The long awaited McKayla Maroney episode of Bones has aired. We learned the answer to so many questions. Was McKayla the murderer? Who was the murderer? What about the gymnastics?  Is that Zam on the beam? All these questions will be answered in this recap!

Bridget Sloan Training A New Floor Routine

NCAA season is almost here. For me, it's a glorious time. American Football season is over (or almost over) by then and every week, I get my fix of gymnastics instead of having to wait for sporadic world cup events, worlds and national championships.

MyKayla Skinner -Triple Twisting Double Back

MyKayla Skinner keeps pulling new tricks out of her bag.

Mai Murakami: Super Tumbler

Little Mai Murakami of Japan is a fantastic floor worker and bad ass tumbler.

A Clip of McKayla Maroney on Bones

A clip of the Bones episode featuring McKayla Maroney has been released! Thank you to the Tumblr gods for bringing this to me.

Promotional Photos of the Bones McKayla Maroney Episode "A Spark in the Park"

McKayla Maroney is going to sparking up primetime television this weekend.

China's Tan Sixin on the Beam in Stuttgart

Tan Sixin is probably best known as a member of the 2011 Bronze medal winning team at the World Championships in Tokyo.

Mexican Open: Roxana Popa Steals the Show and Bailie Key Wins Everything Again

Roxana Popa of Spain stole the show and the gold medal this weekend at the Mexican Open in Acapulco, Mexico.

More Aliya Mustafina on Beam in Stuttgart

More beam work from the glorious Aliya Mustafina in Stuttgart this weekend. This is her during the team final at the DTB Cup where team Russia took second place. She's added a back-handspring to the end of her forward aerial walk over series giving her a .1 boost on the end of that connection. She does connect her Sissone to a side somi for another .1. Aliya does loose some connection bonus for her switch half - Onodi series, but she connects it to a double turn for .2. The routine is still a little rough around the edges, but there is still time to improve the consistency. Just for fun, this is what I've determined to be her potential start value. Wolf Jump (A) + Sissone (A) + Side Somi (D) CV = .1 Switch 1/2 (D) + Onodi (D) + Double Turn (D) CV  = .4 * Forward Aerial Walkover (D) + Forward Aerial Walkover (D) + Back Handspring (B) CV = .2 Aerial Cartwheel (D) Switch Ring (E) Round off (B) + Double Back (D) *Proposed CV, not actually credited. Top 8 Skills:

She's BACK! Elizabeth Price Repeats her Win in Stuttgart

She's back!