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Event Finals Day One: Four Way Bars Tie - Wait, What Was That Again?

The first day of event finals in Glasgow have concluded.  History was made yet again with a four person uneven bar tie for gold. Wait, wait, wait, what the fuck was that?  Yes, a FOUR way tie for uneven bars gold. Viktoria Komova, Daria Spiridonova, Fan Yilin and Madison Kocian, all with the exact same score, 15.366. Go home Glasgow judges,  you're officially DRUNK.

Longines Prize for Elegace Awarded to Giulia and Max

This year, the Longines Prize for Elegance was awarded to Switzerland's Giulia Steingruber and Great Britain's Max Whitlock. Picture from the Longines Website They were awarded the prize after the conclusion of the men's all-around final, Friday evening, selected by a jury (in bold  below).

MAG All-Around Final: Kohei Wins 6th all-around title & Cuba's Manrique Wins the Gymternet

Yesterday it was the women, today, the men crowned their all-around champion, or really, it was Kohei showed up and took his gold medal, thank-you-very-much. That's one, two, three, four, five and six, bitches! (Note, I'm not as fluent in men's gymanstics as I am with women's so please, bear with me)

Another Apology from Viktoria Komova

After her bout with foot in mouth disorder, Viktoria Komova has issued another apology after some derogatory remarks she made about the US gymnasts. This one appears to be from her Instagram account. She doesn't speak or write English, so she used Google translate to issue this apology in English, and she directly names the US girls. She said "I'm ashamed of you" but I believe she means, "I'm ashamed of myself." Damn Google Translate. Well, next time Vika is tempted to have a Carlotta Ferlito moment, let's hope she takes a moment to think about what she says a little more. 

WAG All-Around Final - Simone Three-peats as World Champ; Larisa Earns Redemption with a Bronze

History was made again during last night's women's all-around final in Glasgow, Scotland during the world championships. Simone Biles became the first woman to win three consecutive all-around titles. Gabby Douglas became the first returning Olympic Champion to medal in a worlds final in... forever. Larisa Iordache came back to win a bronze medal in the all-around after a disappointing qualification.

WAG All-Around Final Preview

It is the day of the Women's All-Around final. Today, Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles, the reigning Olympic and world champions will go head to head for their shot of glory, with the current European Champion and the current Pan Ams Champion.

MAG Team Final- Japan Takes Title & Another Historic GB Moment

Another day of gymnastics history was made at the men's team final in Glasgow. The Japan men's team took the title for the first time since 1978, effectively ending the Chinese Men's team reign. The home team, Great Britain, took home another historic silver medal in this competition.

Team GB Receives Praise from British Prime Minister

On the heels of their historic team bronze medal at the world championships in Glasgow, Team Great Britain got an official congratulations from the Bristish Prime Minister, David Cameron. The girls pulled off their medal with a 172.380, 0.716 over Russia who came in fourth place. The Prime Minster also congratulated the GB Men after they won the silver medal in today's team final. Yeah, by the way, President Obama, the US women are still waiting for their congrats. Totally dropping the ball here. Get on it! 

Foot In Mouth Disorder Claims Viktoria Komova After WAG Team Finals

The Russians were certainly disappointed after their fall from grace during yesterday's team finals. Afterwards, the ugly head of snide comments and bad sportsman ship rose up once again. This time, the perpetrator of this foot-in-mouth syndrome was none other than Viktoria Komova.  below is the original post.

WAG Team Finals- USA Gold & Historic GB Team Medal

Women's team finals at the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland have officially concluded. It was a huge day for Team USA, who successfully defended their team title and for Great Britain, who had a historic finish in the team finals, taking home the bronze medal after some uncharacteristic falls and mistakes from Russia landed them just off the medal podium for the first time since 2007.

WAG Team Final Team USA Lineups and Rotation Order

Today is the day of team finals! Team USA has had some changes to their roster. After the qualification round, Brenna Dowell off the team start list and team USA will on have 5 athletes out on the floor: Gabby Douglas, Maggie Nichols, Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and Madison Kocian. Interestingly enough, Maggie is in the all around, which was thought to be the original plan for qualifications. Here is the line up for each event in order of rotation (USA will start in Olympic order along with Russia): Vault: Gabby, Maggie, Simone Bars: Maggie, Gabby, Madison Beam: Maggie, Aly, Simone Floor: Maggie, Aly, Simone Here is the team rotation order. I've listed the countries together based on their rotation orders and bye schedules. USA/Russia: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor Great Britain/China: Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault Italy/Japan: Beam, Floor, Vault, Bars Canada/Netherlands: Floor, Vault, Bars, Beam USA, Great Britain, Italy and Canada will lead off the first rotatio

WAG Team Final Preview

Tomorrow is the women's team final. Team GB is hella excited for team finals tomorrow. This is perhaps the Superbowl of gymnastics (since this event more or less happens every year). 8 teams have moved on to the team finals and will compete for a shot at glory. This team final is a little bittersweet since this will be the first worlds final without Romania in 45 years. However, there is a bright spot. The Netherlands, who have been slowly staking out a claim in the gymnastics world, with gymnasts like Lieke and Sanne Wevers and Eythora Thorsdottier qualified to the team final for the first time in... I'm not sure. Not only that, they get the relief of knowing they qualified a full team to the Rio Olympics. Just a refresher - the teams that are competing are: USA Russia Great Britain China Italy Japan Canada Netherlands Here are some standouts to look for: As the current reigning team World champion, the US is favored to win. They have Simone Biles,

Ksenia Afanasyeva Onion Style Infographic

Earlier this year, I posted a couple of infographics about our favorite gymnasts, created by tsarinamustafina on Tumblr. She is at it again, keeping the Gymternet, Gymternet curious and non-gymternet informed about everyone's favorite athletes. The athlete being featured now is Russia's Ksenia Afanasyeva, who recently went from sporting blond locks in favor of luscious Aurburn locks (Perhaps to blend in in Scotland, which has the highest percentage of redheads in the world). With that, let's see all the different sides of Afan, after the cut.

Road to Rio: WAG Team Test Event and Automatic Qualifiers

This world championships is the last world championships before the Rio Olympic Games in Summer of 2016. These world championships are a big deal because this event is acting as a qualifier to not only the Olympics themselves, but the Olympic Test event, the final qualifying event for the Olympics. The qualifications from the past two days in Glasgow have been a mad scramble to get that ticket to Rio. The list of automatic qualifiers and those who must qualify through the test event.

WAG Qualifications - Team Qualification Results

As promised, here are the team final results from the qualifications: Top Qualifying Score: 236.611 Cut Off Qualifying Score: 222.354 Difference: 14.057

WAG Qualifications Results - Individual Finals (Adjusted for 2 per Country rule)

Qualifications for the World Championships have concluded. Here are the final standings for the individual all-around and the event finals adjusted for the two per country rule. All-Around Results: Top qualifying score: 61.598 Cut off qualifying score: 55.216 Difference: 6.782

Qualifications Day 2 - China and the USA

Another day another meltdown - I think that should be the theme of this Worlds qualifications. At the moment, Team USA and Team China have completed their qualifications. There is still another subdivision to complete and subdivision as of this writing. Right now, USA is leading qualification with a 236.611, leading Russia by just over 5 points. Things didn't go as smooth as predicted however.

Qualifications Day 1 - Romania Melts Down while Russia Thrives

The first day of qualifications has concluded in Glasgow, Scotland. There were heart breaks and triumphs and surprises. Romania had about the worst day in qualifications they've ever had, while Russia had an awesome day. How did it all go wrong for Romania, but so right for Russia?

The Latest from Team USA in Glasgow

The latest gossip from the Gymternet is that Team USA is possibly only having three all-arounders compete in qualifications. This news comes from Maggie Nichols, who confirmed via her account that she will not be competing bars in qualifications and will also NOT be doing all-around.

More Worlds Goodness - NCAA Style with Danusia and Toni Ann

From Oklahoma to UCLA to Cal - the NCAA could practically have an entire team represented at the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. From one Ms. Brenna Dowell to the fabulous Danusia Francis.  Oh she is glorious, and her gloriousness is representing Jamaica at these worlds, along with Cal's, Toni-Ann Williams, who is just as fabulous and awesome.

Team USA Podium Training

Today was podium training. For Team USA, this is the ultimate dress rehearsal, complete with Starburst colored leos. After watching Team USA during today's podium training for worlds, here are some initial thoughts.

Aurelia Dobre Steals Focus from her Sons

Marcus and Lucas are twins who have a mother who is stealing focus from their Vine creations. But their mom is 1987 all-around world champion, Aurelia Dobre.

Keeping Up With the Round Lake Gymnasts- Knee Surgeries and Kidney Infections

The Russian team can't seem to catch a break. According to Rewriting Russian Gymnastics , just a couple of weeks after she withdrew from the world's team, Aliya Mustafina is going to need surgery on her knee.

Catalina Ponor Withdraws From Worlds

The latest world's casualty comes from Romania. The FIG announced today that Romania's Catalina Ponor has withdrawn from the world championships team. Catalina has been dealing with a knee injury since Romanian Nationals a couple of weeks ago. According to a post on her Facebook page, she suffered a relapse in her treatment.

Sneak Preview of Team USA's Worlds Leos

The ladies of the US Worlds team have leaked some sneak peaks at the leotards they've gotten for the World Championships in Glasgow, Great Britain. There are two leos that have made their way around the gymternet.

2017-2020 Proposed Code of Points Part 2

This is part two of my analysis of the proposed changes to the code of points for the 2017-2020 quad. This part is going to deal with the changes to the connection bonuses, which are added to the difficulty value. I made a table to illustrate the changes on each event if there are any. The biggest changes on any event come on the balance beam. Floor exercise stays the same as far as connection bonuses go. The tables below show the new proposed changes versus the old or current code. Any changes are highlighted in red:

USA World Championship Team Announced

The wait is finally over for the ladies of team USA. After two selection camps and nearly two months of waiting, USA Gymnastics has announced their World Championship team competing in Glasgow, Great Britain in a couple of weeks. The seven woman team is comprised of nearly all veterans. The seven include two returning Olympians, a world champion and an NCAA standout. Without further adieu, they are: Brenna Dowell Simone Biles Aly Raisman Gabby Douglas Madison Kocian Maggie Nichols MyKayla Skinner The non-traveling alternates are Bailie Key and Alyssa Baumann.  The World Championships will be held in Glasgow, Great Britain, Oct. 23- Nov. 1. Full schedule and details will follow at a later date. Congratulations to the girls who made the team and to all the talented athletes even in contention for a spot on the team.

Aliya Mustafina Out of Worlds Replaced by Anastasia Dmitrieva

It was the biggest will she or won't she question this year. Will Aliya Mustafina compete for the Russian team at the upcoming world championships.... or will she not? The latest news coming from the Russian Federation is that Aliya is out of worlds...again.

Sabrina Vega Retires from Elite; Commits to Georgia

US gymnast, Sabrina Vega has Georgia on her mind.

Two US Gymnasts to Represent Belarus at Worlds

In a surprising move, two US gymnasts, Alaina Kwan and Kylie Dickson are now representing the Belarus at the world championships in Glasgow, Great Britain later this month. Photo via International Gymnast

Kyla Ross Out of Worlds Selection

Kyla Ross has ended her bid for a  spot on a third world championship team and withdrawn from worlds selection camp for the world championships in Glasgow, Great Britain. USA Gymnastics released a statement earlier today confirming Kyla's withdrawal from the selection camp, which starts Oct. 6th.