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Favorite Routines: Ksenia Afanaseyva

Okay, a giant grievance of die-hard gymnastics fans is lack of creativity, originality and artistry. Here is a gymnast who has all three. Ksenia Afanaseyva is the current reigning world champion on the floor exercise. It's easy to see why. Ksenia can do the super power tumbling of Jordyn Wieber and company. But her choreography is so unique and creative. These days, a lot of gymnasts' version of the dance part of their floor routines mostly consists of waving their arms around in between a leap series and a tumbling pass. Ksenia is a fantastic dancer and she moves and dances so naturally it's hard to tear your eyes away. This is Ksenia's routine from the team final at the London Olympics: If you would like to see Ksenia's World Championships routine, just visit the Gymnast Profiles section of my site and check out Ksenia's profile. Again, if there is a routine or gymnast you want featured, just send me a line and I'll post it for you. Favo

Elections Gymnastics Style

2012 is an Election year. Not just for the United States, but for the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique or FIG. The FIG is the governing board for international gymnastics. They determine the code of points and they run the show at international gymnastics competitions. 2012 is the year that USA won the gold medal in Women's Gymnastics for the second time and it's the year Bruno Grandi, the FIG president extraordinaire was elected to his fifth term as FIG pres. I am the most powerful

Danell Leyva & Ebee Price to Compete in World Cup

After the whirlwind Olympics and after the Kelloggs Tour of Champions, Elizabeth "Ebee" Price and Danell Leyva will compete for the US in the World Cup Competition in Stuttgart, Germany and Glasgow, Scotland this upcoming December. Ebee is certainly having a great year,

Gymnast Profiles: Anna Pavolva

Welcome! This week's Gymnast Profile is former Olympian, Russian gymnast, Anna Pavlova. Anna Pavlova Vital Statistics Date of Birth: September 6, 1987 Current Age: 25 Hometown: Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Russia Height: 5' (152 cm) Coaches: Leonid Arkaev and Nataliya Pavlova Club: Dynamo Known For: Balletic Style and Clean Technique Current Occupation: Student at the State University of Physical Culture in St. Petersburg Two-time Olympian, Anna Pavlova is definitely a recognizable name in gymnastics. She's often synonymous with unique and difficult skills and combinations. In the grand tradition of Russian gymnastics, Anna is known for her classic balletic style and clean technique.

Don't Call it A Comeback

Since the London Olympics have come and gone, many of our favorite champions are making plans to score a coveted spot on the team in Rio.  there will be new age eligible juniors popping up over the next four years and veteran seniors hoping for their shot at Olympic Glory. Here, I'm looking at few noteworthy gymnasts  who just missed their chance at London this year.  I'm looking at the veteran seniors and the newly age eligible newbies who made an impression on gymnastics fans. Veteran Seniors:  Rebecca Bross Rebecca, a teammate of Nastia Liukin's and a protege of Nastia's dad Valeri

Favorite Routines: Beth Tweddle

Alright kids, I'm back after a slight break. I took a break from my gymnastics obsession to focus on my Motion City Soundtrack obsession due to an up coming concert. For this installment of favorite routines, I'm featuring Great Britain's Beth Tweddle on the uneven bars. Beth is a rarity among female gymnasts. She's a three time Olympian, and at the age of

Gymnast Profiles: Sarah Finnegan

This week's gymnast profile is Sarah Finnegan. Vital Statistics: Birthday: November 14, 1996 Age:15 Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri, USA Current Residence: Kansas City, Missouri, USA Club: Great American Gymnastics Express (GAGE) Coach: Al and Armine Fong Known For: Floor Exercise, Artistry In her first year as a senior elite, Sarah has been making quite the show for herself.

Favorite Routines: Shawn Johnson; Balance Beam

This week's favorite routine is Shawn Johnson's gold medal winning balance beam routine from the 2008 Olympics. After being bested by Nastia Liukin in the all-round final (perhaps she was blinded by that hot pink leo), Shawn's next chance to win a gold was the balance beam

Fun With Photo Capitioning

In light of all the seriousness that is going on today with the presidential debates (here in the states). I thought I would lighten the day up a bit with some hilarious gymnastics photos complete with fun captions! Aliya Mustafina, Rebecca Bross and Jiang Yuyuan Rebecca: Ewwww, girl, did you remember to put deodorant on today? Musty: Don't even go there bronze medalist, I know where you sleep! Danell Leyva This is what I'm going to do to the judges if they give me a lousy score! Ksenia Afanseyeva Today, gymnastics, tomorrow, the WORLD! Anastasia Grishina OMG! This couldn't be a worse time to need to pee! Aliya Mustafina Back off or I will cut you! What did I just tell you about cutting you? You think I'm joking? Try me! Alicia Sacramone channels Mean Girls I'm sorry people are so jealous of me, but I can't help it that I'm so popular Stephen Colbert  How he see's gy

A New Contender for 2016 - Chicago Bears' Spice Adams

Gymnastics is gaining in popularity. The 2016 Rio Olympics seem so far away, and I'm sitting in the middle of football season biding my time until gymnastics returns. Former Chicago Bears Lineman, Spice Adams is getting in the spirit for Rio already. In fact, he is so excited for Rio that he is going to train for the Gymnastics team. Shawn Johnson, Gabby Douglas and Nastia Liukin aught to watch their backs! (Haha!)  He posted the following video on YouTube of him trying out the events. It's very funny.