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Chalk It Up Movie Is A Go

In a stroke of good fortune, Maddy Curley and Brooke Buffington have received the financial backing they need to create the "next great gymnastics movie" Chalk It Up.

Brazilian Gymnast Lais Souza Severly Injured In a Skiing Accident

After a skiing accident in Utah, two-time Brazilian Olympic gymnast, Lais Souza is in critical condition.

USAG Training Camp: Upgrades from Polina Shchennikova

First year senior, Polina Shchennikova is showing off some beautiful upgrades on the beam.

USAG Training Camp: Brenna Dowell Channels Her Inner Sasha Fierce

Brenna Dowell is looking fierce.

USAG Training Camp: Emily Gaskins

More training video goodness from last week's USA Gymnastics training camp.

Favorite Routines: Katherine Grable, Floor Exericse

For this edition of Favorite Routines, I'm featuring Katherine Grable of the University of Arkansas on Floor Exercise.

A New Floor Routine From Polina Shchennikova

First year senior and Mile High City girl, Polina Shchennikova is showing off a beautiful new floor routine.

Ana Porgras' Coach (Almost) Takes One For The Team

Ana Porgras goes from beauty and grace to nearly taking out her coach in one fell swoop. The poor Romanians can't seem to catch a break when it comes to the bars.

Keeping Up With The Round Lake Gymnasts

It's time for the latest installment of my favorite reality show, Keeping Up with the Round Lake Gymnasts. You can't help but love those kids.

Anastasia Grishina's Beautiful Connections

It's time for me to show some love to Anastasia Grishina.

Favorite Routines: Ana Porgras Balance Beam 2010 World Championships

It's easy to see why Ana Porgras was awarded the Longines Prize for Elegance in 2011. The retired Romanian gymnast became a balance beam world champion in 2010.

Preview of the Gabby Douglas Story

A preview of the upcoming made for TV movie The Gabby Douglas Story,  has been released by Lifetime.

American Cup Update: Kyla Out, Ebee In

There has been a shake-up in the line up for the upcoming American Cup.

Viktoria Komova On Her Illness, Injuries and Growth Spurts and Her comeback

Recently, Viktoria Komova sat down with VTB Russia and talked about her injuries that kept her out of competition and her potential return this year.

Viktoria Komova Carrying The Olympic Torch

More gymnasts are getting into the Olympic spirit.

A 1989 Balance Beam Routine With a 16.1 Start Value

This video, from Sport Everywhere on YouTube, shows Ukrainian gymnast, Olessia Dudnik's 1989 world championship balance beam routine in today's code of points. This routine has a difficulty score of 6.1 under the current FIG code of points

Favorite Routines: Sarah Finnegan, Floor Exercise

In honor of Sarah Finnegan's return to competition after sitting out all of 2013 due to injury, I'm featuring Sarah's floor routine from the 2012 Visa Championships. Sarah displays the beautiful artistry that seems to be a staple of GAGE, the gym she trains at.

Gymnast Doing A Weiler Kip to Comaneci Salto Combination

This is an interesting bar combination I found while perusing Tumblr, looking for things to blog about.

FIG Floor Rules Video Guides

The FIG has posted video guides of their floor rules. The videos show the visual representation of the rules and shows the deductions associated with the new rules.

Sarah Finnegan Strikes Back

Sarah Finnegan is back!

John Orozco On the Balance Beam

Boys playing on the girls events, always entertaining. It's always entertaining especially when they think they can do it better.  Case in point, John Orozco trying to mimic Sarah Finnegan on the beam.

Sarah Finnegan Training a Zuchold On Bars

Exciting things are happening. Ruby Harrold, eat your heart out, you're not the only adorable gymnast to do the coolest vintage Zuchold Schleudern transition on the uneven bars.

Aliya Mustafina to Take A Break?

Aliya Mustafina and gymnastics are taking a break. Not a Ross and Rachel break, but possibly, overdue and well deserved extended vacation. Maybe...

Larisa Iordache, Roxana Popa and Fabian Hambuchen Announced for American Cup

The rest of the American Cup field has been announced.

The Gabby Douglas Story: Coming Soon to TV Audiences

Lifetime has announced the official air date of the made for TV movie, "The Gabby Douglas Story."

Favorite Routines: Yvonne Tousek; Floor Exercise.

For this edition of Favorite Routines, I am featuring Canadian gymnast, Yvonne Tousek's floor exercise. There has been quite a discussion of artistry lately all over the gymternet. Artistry in gymnastics is as subjective as one's taste in music, visual art, television shows and movies. Everyone has a different definition of "artistry" and what it means to them. For myself, I define artistry as a routine that is graceful, engaging and interesting.

NCAA Preview: Danusia Francis on Beam

The arrival of the new year means the arrival of NCAA season. NCAA season, that glorious time of year before the world cup events, Euros and Worlds. It's seriously better than Christmas time.

Elena Zamolodchikova Says McKayla's Vault Silver in London Was Deserved

After the 2012 Olympic Games in London where McKayla Maroney famously won the silver medal after falling on her Mustafina vault in the vault final, her competitor, Maria Paseka, had said she didn't think McKayla's silver was deserved.

Anna Rodionova Training New Skills and Bar Combos

Some training videos of Russian gymnast, Anna Rodionova have surfaced.

The Return of Grishina?

Russian gymnast, Anastasia Grishina had been notably absent from international competition the last part of 2013, mostly due to injury.

Favorite Routines: Courtney McCool, Balance Beam

For this installment of Favorite Routines, I am featuring Courtney McCool on the balance beam. I wanted to feature this routine for several reasons: obviously it's beautiful. Next, Courtney's execution is superb.

New Year's Resolutions

Welcome to 2014. It's the New Year, which means it's time to start making New Year's Resolutions and then forget about them by Valentine's Day. I thought I would take it upon myself to suggest some New Year's resolutions for the gymnastics community.

Kohei Uchimura and Kenzo Shirai Reacting to McKayla Maroney on Vault

A couple of stills have surfaced of four time all-around world champion Kohei Uchimura and his young teammate, floor world champion, Kenzo Shirai.