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European Championships 2018: Senior Event Finals Live Blog

More live blogging coming your way! This morning, it's the senior event finals.

To see what surprises are in store for today's finals, refresh the page every five minutes for updates!

First up will be the vault final.

Here is the start list:
760 DEVAI Boglarka HUN
814 BELAK Teja SLO
805 GOLGOTA Denisa ROU
753 VOSS Sarah GER
811 MELNIKOVA Angelina RUS

Boglarka Devai Hungary: VT 1 - Cheng, some piking in the air, chest down, left foot OOB.14.633 (6.0 SV) VT 2: DTY, lots of height and distance, but lands off to the side and OOB again with both feet.  Slightly piked on landing. 14.066 (5.4, 8.966) AVG 14.359

Coline Devillard, France: VT 1 - HS rudi, good height and distance, some piking on landing, step back, chest down on landing, 14.766 (5.8 SV). VT2 - DTY, under-rotated - lands it on her knees. 13.1 (5.4, 7.7) 13.933 AVG

Tisha Volleman, Netherlands: VT 1 DTY, chest a bit down on landing, step forward, good height, 13.933, VT 2 - Round off 1/2 on 1/2 off, slightly piked on landing, but solid landing. 13.66 - 13.766 AVG

Teja Belak, Slovenia: VT 1 - handspring front full, sits it down, under-rotated, didn't quite get enough push off the vault (5.4) 13.066 VT2 - Y 1 1/2, solid landing (small step to the side), good height and good form in the air. 14.00 (5.0) 13.533 AVG

Lilia Akhaimova, Russia: VT 1 - Rudi, good distance and height, chest down on landing, some piking in the air. 14.366 (5.8SV) VT 2 - Tsuk  1/1, solid landing, good height and distance, small step back. 13.766 (5.8)AVG 14.066

Denisa Golgota, Romania: VT 1 DTY, lots of height and power, good form in the air, some crossed feet and slight piking, but very solid, small hop on landing. 14.5 (5.4, 9.1) VT 2 Tsuk full, slightly off to the side on landing, but solid form, piked on landing, hop back. 13.833(4.8 SV) 14.166 AVG

Sarah Voss, Germany: VT 1 - beautiful DTY, lots of height and power, great form in the air, slight step back on landing. 14. 433 5.4, 9.033, VT 2  round off 1/2 on 1/2 off, piked in air, but solid landing, not as high or far as her DTY. 13/733 4.8 13.833 AVG

Angelina Melnikova, Russia: VT 1 - big DTY, chest up on landing, some leg seps in air. 14.566 (5.4, 9.166) VT 2 -  ro 1/2 on 1/2 off, not as clean as the DTY, piked on landing, 13.9 14.233

1. Devai 14.349
2. Melnikova 14.233
3. Golgota 14.166

Devai is crying she's so happy! Akhaimova is congratulating her. Love it!

Bars final is next.

Start list:

  1. 738 BOSSU Juliette FRA
  2. 709 DERWAEL Nina BEL
  3. 828 ADLERTEG Jonna SWE
  4. 740 CHARPY Lorette FRA
  5. 812 PEREBINOSOVA Uliana RUS
  6. 746 SIMM Kelly GBR
  7. 749 BUI Kim GER
  8. 811 MELNIKOVA Angelina RUS
NINA!!! So excited for Nina Derwael, her bars are just fucking amazing!

Juliette Bossu, France:  in bar 1/1, stalder (went over on HS, but saves it) + chow 1/2, in bar + in bar 1/2 + pike jaeger + pak, shap 1/2, giant 1/2, dbl front, stuck! Bam! 14.1 (8.2 E)

Nina Derwael, Belgium: nabieva, ricna 1/2 + yzehova + chow 1/2 + pak + shap 1/2, giant 1/1  + full in dismount,  huge, just small hop on landing. 14.733 (6.3, 8.433)

Jonna Adlerteg, Sweden: jump KCHS,  pike hindorff + pak + old school shap + pak + maloney,  tkatchev, DLO, small hop. 14.533 (6.2, 8.333).

Lorette Charpy, France: toe 1/1 + in bar shap 1/2 toe 1/2 + pike jaeger,  ricna + pak,  shap 1/2,  DLO, stuck landing. She pinged off the bar, but still good. 14.133 (5.8, 8.333)

Uliana Perebinosova Russia -  derwael + yezhova, tkatchev, + pak,  toe shap 1/2,  full in, stuck, or maybe moved her foot slightly, some leg separations in air,14.166 (6.1, 8.066)

Kelly Simm, Great Britain -  giant 1/1 + ray, + ricna + pak, some foot flexing,  chow + Bhardwaj,  slightly short on last HS, pings off bar for DLO, stuck landing. (14.066, 6.0, 8.066)

Kim Bui, Germany -  jump KCHS + pike jaeger, nice , pak, maloney + hbardwaj, short on KCHS out of it, bit wonky,  under rotates giant full slightly, full in dismount, small hop 14.2 (6.0, 8.2)

Melnikova, Russia -  in bar 1/1 + shap + Pak + toe shap 1/2  in bar 1/1 + pike jaeger, bit shot on last hs, giant 1/2, short again on his, full in, small hop. 14.366 (6.1, 8.266)


1. Nina Derwael 14.733
2. Jonna Adlerteg, 14.533
3. Angelina Melnikova 14.366

There is a 0.667 point difference between 1st (Derwael) and 8th (Simm). The difference between bronze and gold is 0.367, and it's a 0.2 difference between gold and silver

Medal ceremonies for vault and bars has finished, it's time for the beam final.

Here is the start list:

  1. 739 BOYER Marine FRA
  2. 708 BRASSART Maellyse BEL
  3. 741 DE JESUS Melanie FRA
  4. 789 WEVERS Sanne NED
  5. 755 MILLOUSI Vasiliki GRE
  6. 819 KAESLIN Ilaria SUI
  7. 709 DERWAEL Nina BEL
  8. 751 SCHAEFER Pauline GER
The bars final was good in the fact that nobody had a fall. The beam final always seems to have a fall or two, maybe. But we've got the Olympic Champ and the current world champ in the final. HAHAHA! The commentator made a funny, he said after "the drama of the vault and bars, we need something calm, like a beam final" HAHAHAHA!

Marine Boyer, France:  fro aerial + spl + wolf 1/2,  round off + bhs + 2 ft layout, sw leap + sw 1/2, splits under 180 a bit, L turn full,  side aerial + spl + side somi, wobble on a spl 3/4,  round off + dbl pike, step back on landing. She was definitely nervous and it showed, some little wobbles here and there. 13.166 (5.8, 7.366)

Maellsye Brassart, Belgium: front walkover mount,  fro aerial, small wobble, spl, broke a connection i think, BHS + LOSO,  sw, another wobble between that and her sw 1/2, full turn, side aerial, solid there,  sw ring,  wolf jump,  spl leap + sw,  good there, split positions nice,  round off + dbl pike, chest a bit down on landing, maybe a slight step, but not bad.  The broken connections are going to kill her D score. 12.266

Commentator man "Having some technical issues, someone forgot to pay the phone bill." OMG, that is hilarious!

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France - front pike mount, nailed it,  front pike, solid,  BHS + 2ft lay, solid,  sw + sissone,  lovely,  sw 1/2, very confident,  front aerial + spl + bhs, small wobble, but is ok,  spl 3/4, big balance check, almost off, 1/1 turn,  round off + dbl back, small hop. Overall, really solid, only had 2 real errors and that was a slight wobble on a mixed connection and a big wobble on her spl 3/4 jump, on the replay, it looks like she landed with her shoulder slightly dipped, which caused the error. 13.066 (5.4, 7.666)

Sanne Wevers, Netherlands -  round off + BHS mount,  L turn 2/1, didn't complete the 2nd turn with the leg up, side aerial + BHS, beautiful, nice extension,  front aerial + spl + bhs 1/1,  L turn 1/1 + 2/1 turn + spl jump, beautiful,  pike gainer full dismount, stuck cold. BAM! Sanne is calculating her D score in her notebook, I love it. 13.9 (5.6, 8.3)

(I just realized there is not a single Russian gymnast in this beam final. Huh. I missed qualifications because I was at work, so I don't know all that happened there)

Vasiliki Millousi, Greece -  off on her LOSO mount, sigh,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  spl + front aerial + spl ring jump,  side aerial + spl + dbl stag ring, sw + spl ring leap,  full turn, nice extension,  sw ring, slight bobble, lovely low beam work,  round off + 2/1 twist dismount. small hop.  She's a year younger than I am and she's still amazing. I love it. YAY! 12.133

Ilaria Kaeslin, Switzerland - sw leap, great split position,  BHS + BHS + LOSO, wobbles, but saves it,  beautiful onodi + sheep jump, small wobble,  BHS 1/1, spl ring, small wobble, Y turn 1/1,  fro aerial + spl + wolf jump,  side aerial,  round off + 2/1 twist low landing, just missed going overtime. She landed right as that bell went off. 12.466, she got a 0.1 penalty for going OT.

Nina Derwael -  round off + loso mount, solid,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  fro aerial,  side somi, crisp, sw + spl, nice extension and fluidity, wolf turn 3/1, solid,  gainer pike full, small hop. That was awesome. That's going to challenge Sanne for the beam title. 13.6 (5.0, 8.6)

Pauline Schaefer (the current world beam champ), Germany -  sw leap mt, spl + y turn 1/1,  BHS + LOSO, small wobble, sw ring, beautiful, solid,  full turn, falls off on her eponymous skill(side somi 1/2) she just slid off (in the replays, looks like one foot was almost off the beam), I'm done. I'm crying, Spl 3/4,  side somi,  side aerial + spl + dbl stag ring,  laid out gainer, stuck. 12.4

The final result is:
1. Sanne Wevers 13.9
2. Nina Derwael 13.5
3. Marine Boyer 13.166

Last final of today and the final competition of the whole event is the floor final.

Here is the start list:

  1. 744 FENTON Georgia-Mae GBR
  2. 711 KLINCKAERT Axelle BEL
  3. 829 CASTLES Jessica SWE
  4. 786 VAN GERNER Celine NED
  5. 774 BASILE Martina ITA
  6. 811 MELNIKOVA Angelina RUS
  7. 805 GOLGOTA Denisa ROU
  8. 741 DE JESUS Melanie FRA
Georgia Mae Fenton, Great Britain -  3/1 twist to open chest a bit down on landing,  2 1/2 + front tuck, bit short, hops back,  memmel turn + full turn,+ y turn 1/1 sw, L jump 1/1,  clean dbl tuck,  tour jete 1/2. 12.633 (4.5, 8.133)

Axelle Kinckaert, Belgium -  memmel turn,  sw 1/1,  front 1/1 + dbl back, , DLO, low landing on ht knees, sw ring + sw 1/2, GIRL WORK IT! YOU WORK THAT HARRY POTTER MAGIC! DBL back,  dbl pike, clean. 13.4 (5.3, 8.1)

OMG, this commentator has me laughing "has she cast a spell on the judges?"

Jessica Castles, Sweden - memmel turn, falls out a bit,  clean dbl tuck, but big bounce out,   1 1/2 step out to 2 1/2, sw ring nice,  tour jete 1/2, double wolf turn,  fhs + front full. She get's a point for not just squatting down awkwardly in the middle of her routine to do her wolf turn. 12.8 (4.7, 8.1)

Klinckaert has an inquiry open. Inquiry rejected. Judges say, NOPE, BYE

Celine Van Gerner in her Cats make-up is coming up for the Netherlands. She's auditioning for Broadway, specifically, Andrew Lloyd Weber's Cats (I just decided that) -  2/1 turn, perfect, tour jete 1/2, clean dbl back,  1 1/2  to front full,  spl + tour jete 1/1, sw 1/2, now that's getting into. Damn those leaps are PERFECTION! 13.3 (4.6, 8.7)

Martina Basile, Italy - BIG DLO to open,  big, dbl Arabian, nice position in her leap series, good extension and toes,  2 1/2 + front tuck,  tour jete 1/2,  sw 1/2,  deep knee bend in her landing on her dbl pike. 13.166 (5.2, 7.966)

Melnikova, Russia -  dbl L turn,  DLO 1/1 -slight leg seps in air, clean, spl, + sw ring,  Huge DLO, knees a bit soft in the air, but stepped OOB,  wolf turn 2/1,  front tuck + dbl back, solid,  memmel turn, may have fallen out, low landing on the DBL pike 13.166, (5.4,7.766)

"The only survivor from Russia's Rio 2016 team." Ok, interesting choice of words. I didn't think that it was some kind of disaster

Golgota, Romania -  beautiful stuck DLO,  dbl arabian, huge cowboyed, sw side, solid leap positions, DBL L turn + 1/1 turn,  full in, bit messy but get's it round,  2/1 wolf turn, super fast, sw ring + tour jete 1/2,  clean dbl tuck to finish. She maybe tiny, but she is very powerful. 13.6 (5.5, 8.1)

MDJDS, France - the closer of the competition -  DLO 1/1, chest down on landing, bit piked on landing,  big full in, bounce out,  tour jete 1/2,  wolf turn 3/1, may have fallen out of last turn,  front lay + dbl tuck,  clean dbl pike, bounce, out, sw, sw 1/2. 13.766 (5.5, 8.266) She's the winner!

Final results:
1. MDJDS, 13.766
2. Golgota 13.6
3. Klinckaert 13.4

Van Gerner was only 0.1 from the podium!


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