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US Championships - Junior Women Day 1 Live Blog

It's championships time!

I start the festivities with a live blog of the juniors session. It's day 1 of a two day competition. Some faces to watch include McKayla Maroney clone Jordan Bowers, Sunisa Lee, Kayla DiCello. Also, Sarah Finnegan's baby sister Aleah who shows her Finnegan genes with beautiful form and her GAGE teammates, including Classic Champ Leanne Wong and JaFree Scott.

Follow along, refresh the page every so often for updates.

Author's note - I'm at work, so I will be live blogging on my lunch break since I'm working from home today, but updates may not be all encompassing. Apologies in advance.

Start list is below

Leanne Wong VT - nice DTY, hop on the landing but good form and height and distance.

Aleah Finnegan is a dream on vault.

Sunisa Lee had a DTY and an interesting leotard that looks like a shirt that I might have had.

Selena Harris FX -  memmel to illusion, falls out of it, full in, chest a bit down, back 1/2 to fro full,  tour jete full,  nice, ended with dbl tuck

Zoe Gravier is doing beam to "Rockefellar Skank" by Fatboy Slim. How '90's of the meet organizers.

Jordan Bowers with a fall on beam, recovers on a fhs + front tuck series spl + straddle jump

KARIS GERMAN UB -  stadler to stalder full,  nice toe shap 1/2,  good hs positions and good form, nice height on the pike jaeger,  dismounts with DLO, must have locked her knees on landing because she had a stiff legged bounce on her landing. Solid routine overall.

Kayla DiCello FX - nice DLO,  FHS = front full,  sw ring, ferrari,  wolf turn 3/1  + 2/1,  1 1/2 step out + 2 1/2 twist,  sw 1/2,  dbl tuck, chest a bit down on landing.


Rotation 2 -

Bowers FX - crunchy landing on DLO, dbl pike, sw ring nice, ferrari that's tolerable, front 2/1, nice.  3/1 wolf turn, meh to wolf turns,  clean double pike to end.

Lilly Lippeatt UB - falls on tkatchev,  toe on  + pak, flexed feet and small leg seps, toe on + toe shoot to hb, full in, small step.

German BB - straddle jump,  front aerial, small wobble,  side aerial round off + dbl tuck, clean routine.

Konner McClain FX - 1 1/2 to front full, bit under 180 on sw 1/2, wolf turn full,  1 1/2 + front tuck, sw ring,   sw 1/2, nice, rudi to end.

Katelyn Rosen BB - front roll mount,   BHS + LOSO + LOSO, some soft knees and flexed feet,  side aerial,  sw + sw 1/2, leaps a bit under 180,  front aerial, small balance check, sw + sissone, lovely, nice amplitude,  onodi with a side of balance check,  2 BHS to dbl pike, chest on her knees when she landed, step back.

Sydney Barros UB -  maloney + pka, nice,  stadler 1/2,  toe shap 1/2, legs came apart, same with pike jaeger, full twisting dbl lay

Ciena Alipio BB -  full turn,  front aerual + spl + straddle jump,  BHS + BHS + solid 2ft lay, sw + sw 1/2, nice amplitude and split positions,  confident on side aerial + LOSO, small bobble, but keeps going,  beautiful spl 1/4, jump,  bhs + bhs + 2  1/2

I think Levi Jung-Ruivivar is on floor but i'm not sure and I'm too lazy to check the start list. Very lovely balletic style.

End of rotation 2

Scores -

Rotation 3

Zoe Gravier VT -  clean full, small step back.

Sydney Morris  UB _  stadler 1/2 + jaeger,  pak, nice,  stadler + toe shoot oto hb, giatn 1/1, little late, full in, small hop but solid otherwise.

Bowers VT - DTY, chest down on landing and took a step fwd.

Kailin Cho UB -  giant 12 + pike jaeger,  stadler + bail, toe on + toe shoot to HB,  clear hip giant 1/1, DLO, stuck.

German FX - big DLO, slight leg seps in air, spl full, maybe a bit under 180 in the split position, good position in leap series 1 1/2 + front full. tour jete 1/2, dbl tuck, bounce out, but very powerful. Good extension and lines.

Olivia Greaves with an FTY, pretty clean.

DiCello UB -  toe full + maloney + pak, nice,  van leeuwen. giant 1/2 + nice high beautiful pike jaeger, giant 1/2 + full in, stuck cold.

Barros BB - front roll mount, wolf turn 3/1, pretty nice,  sw + sissone,  BHS + LOSO, had a big wobble but saves it, front aerial, sw 1/2, a bit under 180 in split position,   spl 3/4, another balance check,  side aerial, sits down dbl pike dismount.

Leanne Wong BB - side somi, round off + 2/1 twist dismount.

Finnegan BB -  sw ring, lovely,  BHS + LOSO+LOSO, perfection,  side aerial to back handspring, perf, front aerial, so lovely, 1/1 turn,  spl + straddle jump,  bhs + BHS + 2/1 twist. Beautiful

Sunisa Lee leads going into 4th rotation with a 43.1

Rotation 4

Barros FX - front dbl tuck,  dbl pike, big hop out of it,  sw ring + tour jete full, dbl back,  sw 1/1,  wolf turn 2/1 and I don't hate it,  2/1 twist to end

Di Cello BB - sw ring,  BHS + LOSO + LOSO, small balance check, front aerial + spl jump, broke connection a bit, spl 3/4,  bhs + bhs + 2/1 twist, small step.

Jung UB - stalder + shap 1/2, falls, she may be hurt, or not, looked like her coach was checking out her shoulder

Wong FX -  clean dbl arabian to stag leap,  3/1 twist, stuck cold, sw ring + tour jete 1/2,  clean dbl pike, small hop,  2/1 L turn + 1/1 turn,  2 1/2 to end, stuck. Beautiful, bravo.

Greaves UB - dismounts with full in, low landing steps forward.

Finnegan FX -  spl 1/1, beautiful,  sits down her dbl arabian, that's it, gymnastics is cancelled, everyone go home.  2 1/2 + 1/1 front, landed with her pinky toe OOB I think.  front full + rudi,  dbl twist to end.

Sunisa Lee FX -  big DLO, practically stuck, maybe smallish hop,  beautiful full in, stuck cold.  sw ring + sw 1/1,  DBL L turn + 1/1 turn,  1 1/2 + front full, beautiful,  wolf turn 3/1 + 2/1, stuck dbl back last pass. Fantastic, beautiful, that's going to be a good score.

Results after Day 1

Come back today at 5:30 MT for the seniors!

See you then!


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