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US National Championships: Juniors Live Blog Day 2

The final day of US Nationals is upon us.  The competition was fierce.

Day 1 ended with GAGE's Leanne Wong leading the pack with Sunisa Lee and Kayla DiCello following close behind. Wong was the junior winner at the US Classic qualifying event a couple weeks ago, and it looks like she's on her way to becoming the junior national champ as well.

Will Wong be the next junior national champ? Follow along with all the action to find out, refresh the page for the latest!

Start lists are your best friend -

Update - Jordan Bowers is scratching day 2 -

March-outs and introductions going on now.

Rotation 1-

Konnor McClain is warming up on vault and i see her leo is LSU colors. Is that a hint to the LSU coaches? LOL RECRUIT ME! RECRUIT ME!

Claire Dean VT -  clean FTY, stuck cold.

Kayla DiCello UB - clear hip 1/2 - pike tkatchev, full in dismount solid. 14.1

Katelyn Rosen FX -  tour jete 1/2,  sw 1/2,  fro tuck +   2/1 twist, little piked, L turn 1/1, dbl pike, chest down a bit, but good landing otherwise,  nice popa,  dbl tuck to end.

Alexis Jeffrey BB - wolf turn 1/1, BHS + LOSO, solid,  front tuck + spl + back tuck, solid,  sw side, nice amplitude and splits, straddle jump, chest a bit down on ladning,  round off 12.7

Karis German FX - 1 1/2 + front full,  tour jete 1/1,  big dbl tuck, just up to the line. 12.7

Kailin Cho UB -  jump KCHS,  giant 1/2, + pike jaeger, nice,  stadler + bail,  toe on + toe shoot to HB, clear hip giant 1/1,  DLO, stuck landing. 13.2

Sunisa Lee BB -  sw + sw 1/2 + back tuck, nice,  side aerial + BHS + LOSO Solid, sw ring, balance check, spl ring, another smalll balance check,  round off + bhs + 2/1 tiwst,

Sydney Morris UB -  short on 1st hs,  stadler 1/2 + pike jaeger, nice, pak,  looses form a bit on 1/2 pirouette,  full in dismount, solid.

Tori Tatum FX -  full in, OOB with 1 foot,  2  1/2 + front pike,  spl 1/1,  spl leap 1/1, nice amplitude and split positions on leaps,  fro hs + fro 1/1 + front tuck, tour jete 1/1,  dbl back solid.

Selena Harris UB - big tkatchev,  bail,  toe on + toe shoot to HB,  good hs position, giant 1/2 + markelov,  DLO, stuck. 13.2

Ciena Alipio FX -  spl jump 1/1,  clean dbl pike to open,  dbl L turn + 1/1 turn,  tour jete 1/2,   1 1/2 + front full,  wolf turn 3/1,  sw ring  + sw 1/2,  2 1/2 to end. 12/55

Leanne Wong BB -  round off + 2/1 dismount, step on landing. 13.450

Breanna Nault UB toe 1/1+ jaeger, giant 1/1 + dbl back.

Rotation 1 done.

Results -

Rotation 2 -

German VT -  FTY, lots of power and height, hop back 13.45

Lilly Lippeat FX  -   pike full in, solid,  1 1/2 step out + dbl tuck, stuck, sw ring, L hop full,  1 1/2 + front tuck,  sw 1/2,  3/1 turn,  dbl pike, small hop, chest forward a bit. She gets  to million in my book, because no wolf turns!

Tatum VT -  DTY  chest a bit down on landing, step back, but good height and distance. 13.85

Jeffrey FX -  clean dbl arabian,  2/1 wolf turn,  clean dbl pike,  l hop full + sw side,  popa + spl jump 1/2,  dbl back, pretty clean, small hop back,  2/1 twist + spl ring jump.  Very lovely. 12.8

Alipio VT - FTY pretty clean. 13.65

Lee FX -  big DLO, stuck landing, maybe some leg seps in air,  nice full in, chest down a bit but stuck,  sw ring + sw 1 1/2,  2/1 L turn + 1/1 turn,  1 1/2 + front full,  wolf turn 3/1 + 2/1,  dbl back, lots of power big bounce out. 13.85

Morris BB - side aieral,  sw + sw 1/2, + spl jump,  back pike, small balance check,  round off + dbl pike, a bit close the beam. 13.3

Stuck bars dismount from Zoe Gravier or Olivia Greaves. It was Greaves - 13.2

Levi Jung Ruivivar -   toe 1/1 + pak, nice,  stadler + toe on shap 1/2,  stuck her full in dismount. 13.7

Aleah Finnegan with some lovely leaps to start on floor -  2 1/2 + front lay,  tour jete 1/2, back 1/2 + fro full,  2/1 twist to finish - beautiful 12.95

Harris with a solid beam routine, stuck her dismount.

Wong FX -  dbl arabia + stag leap + popa,  3/1 twist, lovely, sw ring + tour jete 1/2,  dbl pike, little low landing but ok,  DBL L turn,  1 1/2 to finish. That also deserves a bonus, NO WOLF TURNS! :) 13.4

Nault BB - bhs + loso + loso, front tuck, spl + wolf jump,  full turn,  fro aerual + spl ring jump,  sw ring, small balance check,  round off + dbl back, takes a few steps back.

Di Cello BB -  wolf turn 3 /1 + 2/1, some waving of the arms,  sdie aerial + spl + sissone,  sw ring, nice,  BHS + LOSO + LOSO, solid,  fro aerial + spl ring jump,  spl 1/4 nice,  bhs + bhs + 2/1 dismount.  13.8

Rotation 2 of 4 DONE Time for rotation 3-

Standings -

Rotation 3 -

Jeffrey VT - nice FTY, bit off to the side 13.25

Skye Blakely UB -  in bar + in bar 1/1 + tkatchev + pak,  Maloney, giant 1/2,  I think she lost her rhythm a bit stadler + full in 13/7

 Lee  VT - DTY, chest down and big step to the side. 13.5

Zoe Gravier BB -  round off + 2/1 dismount.

Finnegan VT -  FTY, big hop back. 14.1

Morris FX - full in ,  1 1/2 + front tuck + stag leap,  sw ring,  tour jete 1/2, dbl back,  wolf turn 2/1,  popa,  dbl pike. solid.

Wong VT  - DTY, solid landing, good height and distance 14.75

Lippeatt VT -  FTY, some slight knee bend, step back on landing.  12/85

Harris FX - memmel turn + illusion turn,  full in, small step on landing,  1 1/2 + front full, deep knee bend, wolf turn 2/1, sw ring + tour jete 1/1, dbl pike, big bounce back,  dbl back, bit short, on landing. 12.15

LJR BB - DBL pike dismount, step back on landing.

Rosen UB -  toe on  + giatn 1/1 + jaeger, nice,  pka,  toe shoot to HB,  giant 1/1 + dlb pike, small step.

Dean BB -  full turn,  BHS + LOSO + LOSO,  fro aerial, small balance check,  straddle + spl + back tuck,  side aerial - big balance check but saves it, sw + sw 1/2, foot flexed on sw 1/2 back leg, round off + 1 1/2,

Nault FX - 2/1 twist to finish.

German UB - shap 1/2  pike jeager,  bail,  toe shoot to HB,  DLO, may have pinged off bar, but had a solid landing. 13.15

McClain BB -  BHS + BHS + 2 ft lay out, full turn,  tuck full, solid, spl + wolf jump side aerial,  sw + sw 1/2,  back tuck fro aerial, ring jump, prolly broke a connection,  bhs + bhs _ dbl pikr,

DICello FX -  1 1/2 step out + 2/1 12, sw 1/2,  dbl tuck, a bit short.

Sophia Butler FX -  pike full in, solid landing,  1 1/2 + front tuck,  sw ring, tour jete 1/2, missed her 3 rd pas, turn sequence that DIDN"T involve a wolf turn, thank heavens, dbl tuck, dive roll to finish. Get's a 50 billion from gym fans because no wolf turns

Rotation 3 of 4 done. Time for rotation 4, but first, the standings:

Rotation 4

Morris VT - FTY, hop on the landing'

Lee UB -  gi 1/2 + pike jaeger nabieve = pak, + in bar gienger, shap toe on 1/2 + full in

Tatum BB -  spl 3/4, small bal check, sw + spl,  side aerial + BHS, solid fro tuck, low landing,  beat jump 1/1, full turn,  round off + 2/1 twist

Harris VT - Y 1 1/2, some knees, depp landing.

Nault VT = FTY, pretty celan, small hop back.  Good height and distance.

Greaves FX -  full in, step back,  but good height and power,  fr tucK - 2 1/2 + stag leap sw ring + sw 1/1, dbl pike,  solid,  sw 1/2,  clean dbl back to end.

Alipio BB -  fr aerial + spl + straddle,  BHS + BHS + 2 ft lay, perf, sw ring + sw 1/2, back leg could be a bit higher, but stil solid, bhs + loso, small balance ch. sw side,  spl 3/4,  round off + 2 1/2 dismount.

Di Cello VT - ends her day with a stuck DTY.

Butler FTy on VT -

LJR on FX -  1 1/2 + front full, sw 1/2,  dbl back, chest down a bit,

Chio VT - stuck FTY.

Missed Wong on bars, she got 14.25 giving her a 112.250 total,

Dean FX - 2 1/2 to fro full,  L hop full, straddle jump + popa,   frot 1/1 = fro 1/1,  short on dbl pike, hands down.

German BB -  sw 1/2, bit under 180, back tuck,  BHS + LOSO,  sw + sissone, solid,  spl 1/4, solid, off the beam, I missed why. full turn

Blakely BB -  Silivas Mount,  wolf turn 2/1, small wobble,  BHS + LOSO,  front aerial + spl + spl 1/2,  front tuck,  sw + sw 12 + back tuck,  spl + sissone, side aerial, bit low in chest on landing, small balacn check,  dbl tuck dismount. solid.

End of rotation 4 and end of competition

 I'll be back for the seniors session at 6 p.m. tonight - hopefully,  it won't come on till 7 p.m. my time tonight which is crap. But, if I can watch it via the NBC Sports app, I'll be ok. Fingers crossed.


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