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US National Championships: Seniors Day 1 Live Blog

Just got off of work and I'm ready for gymnastics, it's my reward for a busy Friday.

We had the juniors session earlier today with GAGE's Leanne Wong leading the way after the first round of competition.

Tonight will feature current reigning world champion Morgan Hurd, current reigning Olympic and 3x world champ Simone Biles, and the current US National Champion Ragan Smith. There's also the NCAA faction, represented by Margzetta Frazier, repping UCLA and Florida Gator Trinity Thomas.

It's going to be an intense competition, so refresh the page every few minutes for all the good stuff.

Start lists are below - use them, love them, they are here to make your life easier.

Ok here we go

Marz Frazier BB -  wolf turn 2/1, solid front aerial + spl + straddle,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  spl 3/4 , maybe a bit under 180, side somi, solid,  sde aerial, big bal check,  sw 1/2, small balance check again,  sw + sissone, lovely,  round off + dbl pike, solid. 13.1

Jade Carey FX -  moors OOB,  DLO 1/1, some leg bends,  l hop 1/1 + sw 1/1, dbl dbl tuck, solid,  dlb L spin,  tour jete 1/2, fr tuck + dbl back, stuck cold. 14.1

Ragan Smith UB -  inb ar + in bar 1/1, flubs on connection to  in bar,  downie + ricna _ pak, ok there, solid on last  hs, full in dismount, small hop. 13.350

Grace McCallum BB - dismounts with solid round off + dbl tuck, rest of the routine looked good, watched it out of the corner of my eye, no major errors that I saw. 13.8

Sloane Blakely VT - FTY

Olivia Dunne FX -  dlo, chest a bit down on landing, steps foward,  rudi, some leg seps good landing, sw ring +  tour jete 1/1,  fr tuck + dbl tuck, good,  sw 1/2, wolf turn 2/1 - maybe was going for 3/1, but foot got caught in carpet, dbl pike, solid.

Morgan Hurd BB - tuck full solid , side aerial,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  fro aerial + spl + straddle,  sw, back tuck,  spl 1/4,  sw ring, small balance check,  round off + dbl pike, hop on landing but good solid routine to start. 14.1

Simone FX -  moors to open, solid  fro 1/1 step out + tuck full, in good leap sw  + sw 1/1, good leap positions and amplitude, the biles, OOB<  sw 1/2, OOB with both feet on dbl dbl tuck. 14.45

Riley McCusker UB  toe full + shap + tkatchev,  close  rice nice, pak + shap 1/2, stadler giant 1/2, fan dismount, small step. 145.

Kara Eaker with a beautiful triple full on floor, lovely leaps and extesnion, tour jete 1/1,  dbl pike, solid.

Trinity Thomas BB -  the feed is stopped, grr... sw side + straddle, full turn,   side aerial, nice extension,  round off + 2/1, small hop in place

Adeline Kenlin FX -  FHS + randi, small step out,  memmel turn,  1 1/2 + front tuck + stag leap. DBL L turn,  nice, sw ring,  tour jete 1/2,  beautiful,  stuck her dbl back cold,  popa,  low landing on DBL pike, looked under rotated.

Shilese Jones UB -  stadler 1/1 + maloney + pak,  solid,  show 1/2,  good hs position, toe on 1/2 + pike jaeger,  full in, small step, very lovely routine.

Jordan CHiles VT - Amanar, small hop, so powerful, vt 2, great tsuk 2/1 2nd vault, better than the amanar 15.0, puts her in the lead

Here are the standings after rotation 1

Rotation 2

Ragan Smith BB -  shots of her injured ankle while she's waiting to mount the beam.  wolf turn 2/1,  BHS + 2ft lay, solid,  tuck full, chest a bit down,  front pike, small bala check, spl + straddle,  straddle 3/4, + straddle 3/4, front aerial,  hands down on dbl pike dismount. 13.1

Simone VT - VT 1 cheng, stuck it or almost stuck it, ok a small hop, i see it on the replay. That was amazing. 15.6 VT 2 amanar, so powerful, just as good as it was in 2016.

Alyona Shchennikova  UB -in bar full toe shap + tkatchev, nice, good hs rice + pak + stadler + chaow 1/2,  ginat 1/2, crashes her fan dismount. :( 13.45

Maddie Johnston Hills BB - sw, bhs + bhs + dbl tuck solid.

Jade Carey VT - VT 1 DTY, solid, 14.55 VT 2 - Mustafina, small hop.

Hurd FX -  dbl dbl tuck solid,   dlo, solid, good landing,  tour jete 1/2, great amplitude and split position,  front lay + front 1/1 + stag, sw ring + spl ring,  spl 1/1,  dbl pike, solid. She's looking so good. 13.85

Audrey Davis ub -  pak,  she fell,  maloney + ricna, falls again,  toe 1/2 + e turn, pike jaeger,  dbl front, small step

McCusker BB -  side split mount,  wolf turn 3/1, solid,  wolf turn 2/1,  even Nastia hates wolf turns, spl + back tuck,  BHS + BHS + LOSO,  solid so far,  sw +sw 1/2 + korbut, bit under 180 on sw 1/2, sw = side aerial, small wobble, bhs bhs to dbl tuck, really close to the end of the beam. The ponytail brushed the end of the beam. eek

Thomas FX -  sw 1/1, nice,  beautiful DLO,  1 1/2 step out + back dbl tuck oob,  3 /1 wolf turn,  fhs + front lay + front 2/1,  tour jete 1/1, nice, chest down on dbl pike, 13.350

Marz FX -  sw 1/1,  dlo, some piking on 2nd flip, leg seps, but good landing,  dbl arabian + stag leap,  sw  + sw 1/2,  full in, chest a bit down on landing, sweet butterfly,  wolf turn 2/1,  dbl back, smal hop.  Love her Gloria Estefan music, gives me flashbacks to my childhood. Riding in the car with my dad.

Andrea's interviewing Tom Forster.

Results after 2 rotations

Think I'm going to share Marz's routine with my family, see if it jogs their memories, LOL.

Rotation 3

Hurd VT -  DTY, good height and distance, big hop on the landing. 14.4

Biles UB -  weiler 1/2 + shap + tkatchev, some flexed feet, toe full + pike tkatchev + pak, shap 1/2,  dbl dbl tuck dismount, nailed it. 14.85

Johnston FX -  beautiful DLO, stuck cold,  whip + whip + dbl back,  sw ring  + sw 1/2,  fhs + front 2/1, tour jete 1/1,  clean dbl pike to end.

Trinity VT  - clean y 1 1/2, small step, almost stuck. 14.00

Sloane Blakely BB -  wolf 2/1,  sw + sw 1/2 + back tuck, maybe a bit under 180 on sw 1/2,  fhs + front tuck, solid,  frot aerial, small bal chec, spl + spl 1/2, under 180, back leg needs to come up more, is doubting herself a bit, had a couple of wobbles,  small steps on her dlb back

DTY from Marz. 13.9

Jade Carey UB -  ray, good,  giant 1/2 + yezhova,  maloney + pak, nice,  toe shoot to HB,  clear hip,  giant 1/1, short on hs, close to bar on dismount. 12.55

Jaylene GIlstrap - front tuck + spl + wolf, nice,  BHS + LOSO, beautiful and floaty,  fro aerial + spl ring jump, solid,  sw good leap position in splits,  sw ring, nice,  bhs + bhs

McCusker FX -  DLO, lands OOB,  tour jete 1/2,  front full _ front tuck, really low on landing,  wolf turn 3/1,  dbl pike, solid,  sw ring Sw 1/1,  clean dbl tuck to finish. 13.3

Davis BB - wolf 3/1, bhs + loso, solid,  sw +sw 1/2 + spl 1/2,  side aerial,  lovely onodi, spl + wolf, was prolly to connect the onodi to the leaps, sw ring,  dbl pike dismount, stuck. 12.95

Deanne Soza FX -  full in,  fhs + front full + front tuck,  sw ring + tour jete 1/1, dbl L turn,  dbl tuck,  sw 1/1, nice,  beautiful leaps,  clean dbl pike, chest a bit down tho... 12.55

Smith FX -  dlo, lands short, and OOB,  1 1/2 + rudi,  sw 1/1,  dbl arabian, again, lands really low, deep knee bend, her ankle must be screaming,  dbl pike, good - even Simone thought that hurt. Her face was my face. 13.1

Chiles BB - wolf 3/1, no wolf kino,  bhs + LOSO,   fro aerial + spl + wolf jump,  side aerial,  sw + sw 1/2, small wobble,  sdie somi, solid,  front tuck solid,  round off + dbl pike stuck it cold. BAM!

End of rotation 3  - waiting for Chiles' score to come up... cue the Jeopardy theme song...


They're doing a tribute to Yelena Shushonova, may she rest in peace.

Rotation 4 -

Jones VT - beautiful high DTY, small hop 14.7

Eaker BB - Y turn 1/1 lovely,  fro aerial, spl ring + bhs, lovely,  s deir aerial + bhs + LOSO, sw + side somi,  sw 1/2 + korbut, beautiful, it's poetry,  sw  + sw side, balance check,  round Off + 2 1/2, lock knees on landing

McCusker VT  - dty, bit of a low landing.

Blakely FX - dbl arabian, sw ring,  tour jete 1/1,  dbl pike, bounce out,  wolf turn 2/1,  2 1/2, low landing, sits it down

Marz UB -  van leeuwen, giant 1/1 pike jaeger,  falls on church, went too far out - pak maloney + tkatchev, solid,  giant 1/2, little short on hs, clean DLO, stuck. 12.55

Smith VT - DTY, good landing, not too painful looking, small hop.

Carey BB -  front roll mount,  wolf turn full,  sw + side aerial, bit under 180 on spli jump spl 3/4, again, but uner 180,  BHS + LOSO + 2 ft lay,  sw solid + sw 1/2,  + back tuck, fro aerial + spl + straddle,  round off + dbl pike, small step back. Solid, good ending for day 1. 13.75

Grace McCallum  UB -  weiler 1/2 + shap + tkatchev,  pakm   toe shap 1/2,  toe on   toe full + full in, solid. 13.9

Hurd UB -  komova + stadler 1/1 + tkatcehv,  solid, ricna + pak, stadler shoot to HB, giant 1/2 +in bar 1/1,  full in, bit close to the bar, but stuck 14.650

Chiles FX -  1 1/2 step out _ dbl arabian, sw ring + tour jete 1/2,  short on DLO,  sw 1/2, under 180 in the split position,  wolf 3/1,  dlb pike, solid, 12.00

Biles BB -  wolf turn 3/1, wobble, straddle + pike jump, barani,  BHS + LOSO + LOSO,  sw + sw 1/2, + back tuck,  front pike,  frot aerial + spl jump,  bhs + BHS + full in, small hop, BOOM. 15.2

Alyona FX -  front lay _ front dbl tuck,  dbl pike, big bounce out ,s tays in bounse, sw 1/2, front full _front 1/2,  wolf turn 3/1,  dbl tuck.

Results for the seniors after Day 1 (spoiler alert, Simone wins all the things)

I'll be back Sunday at 11;30 for the Juniors final day. See you then!


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