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US National Championships: Seniors Day 2

The US National Championships will end with the final session for the seniors.

The first night ended with Simone Biles sitting at the top of the leaderboard with a huge 60.1, 3.1 points ahead of Morgan Hurd, sitting in second with a 57.100. Simone was also the top finisher on every event. If she wins every event after night two, she will be the first woman since Dominique Dawes in 1994 to do so.

Will she be the next Dominique Dawes? Will Morgan and Simone be the ones to beat this quad? Find out, follow along. Refresh the page for all the good stuff!

Start list:

They're showing a montage of all the past national champions on the international feed.

They have the 2008 Olympic team on the floor while warm ups are happening.

Rotation 1 -

Riley McCusker FX - DLO, pretty good, maybe a bit short,  tour jete 1/2,  front 2/1 + front tuck,  wolf turn 3/1, botched it a bit,  dbl pike, big hop out, sw ring + sw 1/2, very pretty, dbl tuck, very good routine! Better than day 1 13/45

Kara Eaker UB - pak + shap 1/2,  good hS clear hip 1/2, pike jaeger, giatn 1/2,  dlo, some leg seps, small hop. Lovely otherwise.

Morgan Hurd VT - DTY,  lots of power, big hop back. 14.4

Audrey Davis BB -  sw ring,  round off + dbl pike, small hop 13.1

Simone Biles UB -    weilder 1/2 + shap + tkatchev, solid,  toe 1/1 bit late + pike tkacthev, pak + shap 1/2,  dbl dbl tuck, small hop 14/55

Jaylene GIlstrap BB -  BHS + LOSO, nice,  good extension,  front aerial + sw  SPl ring jump, sw ring, bhs + bhs + 21 twist 13.0

Olivia Dunne UB -  toe full, chow + pak, nice, good hs, chow 1/2, some leg seps,  fro giant + pike jaeger + tkatchev,  looks like she got a little lost in the air, just dismounts with dbl tuck.

Maddie Johnston FX -  clean dbl pike, stuck,  looked solid from the 2 minutes I saw of her routine 12.65

Grace McCallum is 3rd behind Morgan with 14/6 on vault

Jade Carey UB -  ray some feet flexing giant  1/2 + yezhova + shap + pak,  toe shoot to HB,  clear hip, giant 1/1, full in, stuck. 12.95

Ragan Smith FX -  big DLO, stuck! BAM! Go Ragan!!!! 1 1/2 + 3/1 twist short hands donw, sw ring + sw 1 1 /2,  dbl arabian, small stumble,  tour jete 1/1,  wolf turn 3/1,  dbl pike, little low on landing, but ok. Better than night one. 12/6

More of Ragan injury shot. Please stop NBC.

Alyona Shchennikova BB -  3/1 wolf + 2/1 wolf,  BHS +  LOSO+ LOSO, solid,  fro aerial + spl + sissone, very lovely,  onodi, small balance check,  sdie aerial, another balance check,  side somi,  bhs + bhs + dbl tuck, gets it around, Solid routine for her.  13.05

Deanne Soza FX -  full in, stumbles back,  fhs + front full + front tuck,  sw ring + sw 1/1, lovely,  2/1 L turn + illusion,  stuck her dbl tuck, tour jete 1/1,  dbl pike, chest a bit donw==wn 12.2

Jordan Chiles BB -  wolf turn 3/1, falls,  bhs + loso,  fro aerial  + spl + wolf jup,  side aerial sw + sw 1/2, bit under 180, some pauses between the leap series,  side somi, solid,  front tuck,  round off + dbl pike, stuck. 12.1

Luisa Blanco BB -  side split mount, sw ring, nice,  BHS + LOSO, absolutely perfect, extenteded, lovely, fro aerial, side aerial side somi, nice,  L turn 1/1,  spl jump, beautiful split position,  round off + 2/1 twist, stuck. perfection 13.0

BARF - NBC is showing Kerry Perry - I guess Andrea Joyce interviewed her. We'll see what she says

Jesus Christ, it took her like, 5 million years to answer Andrea's question.

"for the past 8 months, I've spent a lot of time, listening and hearing." Sure.

Went back to the live feed on YouTube and this is happening:

Da fuck?

Standings FYI

Rotation 2 -

Shilese Jones VT - Big DTY , lots of power, hop on landing 14.350

Simone BB -  wolf turn 3/1 - bit of a wobble on it, wolf + pike jump,  barani, good chest position, maybe a bit weird on the feet,  BHS + LOSO+ LOSO perf, sw + sw 1/2, + back pike, leg up front pike,  front aerial + spl jump, nice split positions and extension,  BHS + BHS + full in, good landing, it was stuck or almost stuck. She's smiling, so I guess it was good in Simone World. 14.9

Ragan VT -  clean DTY, small step to the side, but she landed it, looked good in the air, and her ankles weren't crushed. It was a win. 14.05

Hurd UB - shap + giatn 11/1 + tkatchev, clean ricena + pka, bit archy on pak, toe shoot to hb,  in bar 1/2 Igant 1/2 + giant 1/1, late on HS, full in. Really close to hb, but lands ok. 14/5

Soza VT  - nice FTY, just a step back on landing

Dunne BB - 1/1 turn,  BHS + BHS + lay out flyaway dismount 12.35

McCusker VT -  DTY,  arms bent on block good position in air, small hop on landing,  maybe not as high as others, but very clean. 14.1

Skye Blakely FX - sw ring,  dbl pike, big hop back,  fhs + fro 2/1,  2 1/2 twist, solid. 12.8

Carey BB -  front roll mount,  wolf turn 2/1, solid,  spl leap + side aerial, bit under 180 on leap, spl jump 1/4,  BHS + LOSO + 2 ft lay, solid,  sw + sw 1/2, back tuck, solid so far,  fro aerial + spl + wolf jump,  bhs + bhs + dbl pike, step back, but solid overall. 12.95

Alyona FX -  front lay + front dbl tuck, small hop forward,  dbl pike, clean,  sw ring  + sw 1/2, nice leap position an amplitude,  1 1/2 + front full,  wolf turn 3/1, wolf turn 2/1 dbl back, chest a bit down on landing. '12.95

Adeline Kenlin BB -  side aerial,  solid,  fro aerial + spl leap + spl jump,  spl 3/4, sw + sw 1/2 + back tuck, bhs bhs dbl pike, legs way separated, but under rotated 12.7

Trinity Thomas UB Maloney + clear hip + tkatchev, _ pak, nice toe on + van leeuwen,  DLO, p=bit piked 13.5

Chiles FX - she;s got her Wonder Woman leo for her Wonder Woman floor routine :).  1 1/2 + dbl arabian, stuck,  front dbl pike, sweet, OOB with that toe,  tour jete 1/1,  under rotated DLO again,  sw 1/1,  wolf turn 3/1, falls on her booty out of it,  clean dbl pike. 12.5

Kara Eaker BB -  sw leap mount,  lovely, sw ring,  memmel 1/1,  fro aerial + spl ring + bhs, side aerial + Loso + loso, small lean, sw ring + BHS, lovely, sw 1/2,  korbut flip, sw + sw side, beautiful,  round of + bhs + bhs + 2 1/2 twist, beautiful. 14.45

Johnston VT y 1 1/2, some soft knees

Grace McCallum UB -  weiler 1/2 + maloney + tkatcehv,  pak, some leg seps, shap 1/2, toe on = toe 1/2, full in,  solid. 13.65

Audrey DAvis FX = pike full in,  dbl pike,  sw ring, tour jete 1/2,  wolf turn 2/1,  fro hs + fro 2/1, solid,  2/1 L turn sw 1/2, nice,  clean dbl tuck, small hop,

End of rotation 2


Rotation 3

Andrea Joyce with Aly Raisman. Of course she looks like a freaking QUEEN! Because she is.

NBC is showing an advertisement for the NFL. God, I hate the NFL.

Sloane Blakely VT -  FTY,  clean, small step 13.5

Hurd BB - tuck full, small balance check, sdie aerial,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  fro aerial + spl + straddle, good amplitude and split position, sw leap, spl jump, small balance check,  full turn, sw ring, solid,  round off + dbl pike, solid. 13.55

ALyona VT - DTY, chest a bit down, but pretty good otherwise, 14.05

Smith UB -  in bar + in bar 1/1 , falls on her jaeger, downie + ricna,  full in, small stuck 13.15

Chiles DTY on vault good height and distance, that's an NCAA Alex McMurtry 10.

McCallum BB - candlestick mount,  wolf turn 3/1 + 2/1, very nice,  straddel 1/4, nice,  sdie aerial + LOSO + LOSO beautiful,  front tuck, sw + fron aerial + spl jump,  sissone to 1/1 turn,  round off + dbl back, couple of small steps back, 13/7

Jade Carey FX -  Moors, stuck, great,  DLO 1/1, some leg seps, moors was cleaner, L hop 1/1,  tour jete 1/1,  dbl dbl, chest a bit down on landing, L turn 1/1,  tour jete 1/2,  fro tuck + dbl back, very good ending. 14.2

Marz Frazier BB -  wolf turn 2/1, wobble, chest a bit down when standing up,  fro aerial , bal check + straddl e+ spl jump side somi 12.15

McCusker UB -  toe 1/1 + shap + tkatchev,  ricna + [ak + chow 1/2, nice,  stalder  giant 1/2, stuck her fan dismount. 14.8

Eaker FX -  2 1/2 + front full, right to the line,  fro lay + fro 1/1, , memmel turn + full turn, lovely, 3/1 twist sw ring, + sw 1/2,  tour jete 1/1,  chest down on dbl pike 14/45

Shania Adams BB -  wolf turn  3/1 nice, wolf 2/1, BHS + LOSO + LOSO, fro aerial + spl + sissone, nice,  wobble on side somi,  spl 1/4, back leg could be a bit higher,  BHS + BHS + 2/1 twist, nice. 13.3

Biles FX -  moors, in bounds tonight, small step,  fro 1 /1 + full in, solid,  huge amplitude,  sw + sw 1/1, huge amplitude,  OOB on the biles again,  wolf 3/1,  sw 1/2,  dbl dbl tuck, in bound tonight. 14.7

Rotation 3 over - time for the final rotation -

Rotation 4 -

Smith BB -  3/1 wolf turn,  BHS + 2 ft lay, solid,  tuck full, good,  fro pike + spl + straddle,  straddle 1/4,  spl 1/4,  fro aerial,  bhs + BHS = dbl pike, stuck, she's smiling, good routine, and I'm sure she's relieved to end her competition well. 13/65

McCallum -  full in, stuck cold,  fro lay + fro 1/1 + fro tuck, 3/1 wolf,  sw irng + sw 1/2,  3 /1 twist, great sw 1/1, dbl back, solid. 13/8

McCusker BB -  3/1 wolf + 2/1,  fro aerial + spl, BHS + LOSO+ LOSO, great,  sw + sw 1/2, bit under 180 on the sw 1/2,  korbut flip,  side aerial,  round off + dbl tuck, solid, step back, but not too close to the beam and not crashing on her neck. 14.35

Biles VT - VT 1 - cheng,  beautiful, so high and far, small hop. Great body position, amazing. 15.6  VT 2 - Amanar  huge height and distance, just small hop on the landing.

Trin FX - DLO,  1 1/2 step out, back dbl tuck, wolf turn 3/1,  fro lay + fro 11, sw + sw 1/1 nice amplitude and spit position  dbl pike , OOB 13.45

Blakely UB -  bail, falls, didn't get her hand all the way around, I don't think  toe full, paused,  stadler + toe 1/2 endo Dbl fro 1/2 dismount.

Johnston BB -  bhs + LOSO, solid, fro aerial,  side aerial + S w + spl, bhs+ bhs + dbl back. 13.05

Adams FX -  memmel turn, solid,  2 1/2 + front tuck, solid , L hop 1/1 + sw 1/1.  wolf turn 3/1 + 2/1, OOB and on her butt on a dbl pike, she bounced oob,  dbl back.  11.65

14.15 for Jade Carey on vault - I missed it

Hurd FX -  dbl dbl tuck, small hop, lots of power and amplitude,  clean DLO,  tour jete 1/1,  fro lay + fro 2/1, small hop, knees a bit crunched,  spl 1/1 nice. dbl pike, solid. Excellent. Good way to end her competition. She's secured her second place finish.

It's 1. Simone, 2. Morgan, waiting for the live scores to update so I can put the scores down and go eat dinner.

God Damn live scores still won't update. I got the final AA standings from Twitter:






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