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Oklahoma @ Arkansas Live Blog

For my first NCAA Gymnastics live blog of 2019, I'm following the Oklahoma at Arkansas meet.

To follow along, refresh the page every 10-15 minutes or so...

Rotation 1 -
Arkansas starts on vault, Oklahoma is on bars.

Jessica Yamzon leads off Arkansas with at yurchenko full, perfect score 9.95 or was it 9.725> it was the latter

Bre Showers UB OK - shushunova, bail, full in dismount, small step

Missed the first rotation, taking care of my new baby.

Second rotation , Oklahoma on vault,Arkansas on bars.

Bre Showers on vault. y-full, good height, hop on landing.

Yamzon UB Ark - Baby duties called- missed a bunch of that routine

Sophia Carter Ark UB - ub pike jaeger, bail, over arches HS on HB, 9.6

Sydney Laird UB ARk -  Jump to HB, ray,  toe on + bail,  solid hS positions,  DLO dismount, bit close to hB, small step on dismount.

Jade Degouvea VT OK - Y 1 1/2, great landing small hop, nice form in air,  small leg seps on pre flight

Hailey Garner UB Ark - giant 1.1 + gienger + bail,  giant full + dbl back small step 9.775

Maggie Nichols OK VT -  y 1 1/2, sticks landing in typical Swags fashion. She get's a 10.0

Sarah Shaffer UB Ark - maloney, beautiful, bail,  good HS positions, DLO, solid 9.775

BRENNA! Y 1 1/2 great amplitude, small hop on landing. 9.9

Michaela Burton of Arkansas with two falls, fell on her 1st handstand and her Maloney,  bail,  DLO, some piking in air, small hop

Olivia Trautman for Oklahoma with a yurchenko 1 & 1/2, step on landing, but solid over all, 9.85

Kailey Gillings UB Ark, nice jaeger, good HS positions, bail, slight leg seps, blind full to dbl back

Scores after 2 rotations -
Oklahoma 99.100 leads by 1.675 - leave something for the post season Oklahoma, vault 49.635
Arkansas 97.425, bars 48.6

Third Rotation Arkansas is on beam and Oklahoma is on floor

Yamzon leads off beam for Arkansas -  cat leap + sw 1/2, good,  BHS + BHS + LOSO, bit of a pause before her series,  front toss, solid,  beat + gainer full, stuck. Great lead off for Arkansas on beam. 9.875

Showers OK FX -  beautiful opening dbl pike, great height and form,  whip + fro 1/2 + front full, solid,  sw 1/1 + pops,  fro hs + fro 1/1, hands down 9.175

Gillings BB ARk -  BHS + LOSO + LOSO, slight balance check, but solid, small bobble on leap connection,  beat + straddle 1/2,  Missed the dismount 9.575

Degouveia OK FX -  FHS + front 2/1, big step out but lots of amplitude, lovely,  front lay + front tuck,  tour jets + popa, split position a bit under 180 on first leap, 1 1/2 + front full solid. Way to come back for Oklahoma. 9.825

Garner BB Ark - Beat + straddle 3/4, small wobble,  side aerial + loso, leg up on balance check, side aerial + back full

BRENNA!!! FX -  fro HS + dbl front, stuck solid, BOOM, dive roll,  1 1/2 + front lay,  tour jete + popa, front lay + front 1/1 + stag leap. YAYAYAYAY BRENNA! 9;875

Carter BB - BHS + LOSO, solid,  front aerial, bend at the waist, 1/1 turn,  side aerial + back full, stuck.9.725

The commentator keeps saying "it was just a slight balance check "even if it was a pretty big error.

Anastasia Webb FX OK - front 2/1, dbl stag, 1 1/2 + front full,  tour jete + spa full, short on the split position, FRO HS + rudi to end 9.85

Shaffer BB ARK - sw + straddle 1/4,  BHS + LOSO, slight balance check,  split 3/4, side aerial, bus + tuck 1 1/2, step back, maybe a teeny bit short. 9.725

Nichols FX OK - dbl tuck to open, not a fan of the choreography, 1 1/2 + front LOSO, sw ring, nice,  clean dbl pike to end.  Flashed an "OK" at the end of the routine, HA. 9.875

Burton BB ARK -  BHS + LOSO, solid,  1/1 turn, solid,  sw + sheep jump, solid, gainer 1/1 stuck.

TRautman anchors floor for Oklahoma -  huge DLO,  great split positions, great anchoring routine and great freshman debut .9.95

Kennedy Hambrick exhibition BB Ark -  BHS + LOSO, beautiful,  stag leap + sw 1/2, maybe a bit under 180 on the sw 1/2, side aerial,  1/1 turn, straddle 3/4, great split position, cartwheel + gainer 1/1

Allie Stern FX Exhibition for Oklahoma -  great dbl pike to open,  fro lay + fro tuck 1/2, bit short,, wolf jump full, sits down her last pass.

Scores after 3 rotations -
Oklahoma 148.475, floor 49.375
Arkansas 146.400, beam 48.975

Final rotation switcheroo - Oklahoma ends on beam, Arkansas ends on floor

Trautman leads off beam for Oklahoma -  full turn,  BHS + LOSO, solid, sissone + split leap beat leap + front toss,  round off + 1 1/2 to end, stuck. BOOM! Really good freshman debut for her so far. 9.75? That's a bit low, IMO, i'm thinking they took off for that pause before her acro series

Yamzon leads off floor for Arkansas -  huge dbl back to end, dbl pike, solid, great amplitude,  front toss for funnies,  front lay = fro 1/1 9.775f 39.15 AA

Nicole Lehrmann BB OK -  full turn, bus + loso = korbut flip,  front hs,

Hambrick FX Ark -  big dbl back, bit of a bounce out of the landing, fro lay + fro 1/1, dbl pike to end 9.8

Carly Woodard BB OK -  1/1 turn,  side aerial + BHS, beautiful,  front toss, beautiful split position on her leaps,  side aerial + back full, leaned back a bit on her landing 9.875

Burton FX ARK -  big dbl pike, great landing, sw 1/2 + popa,  dbl back, chest a bit down, fro hs + fr 1/1 + fr lay 9.875

BRENNA!!! BB -  fro aerial + BHS,  sw + split solid,  full turn,  BHS 1/1,  front full dismount, small hop, solid. BRENNA! YAY BRENNA! BRENNA FOR EVERYTHING!!! 9.875 - 39.550 AA

Sidney McGlone FX ARK - dbl pike, OOB, front full + front lay,  tour jete + cat leap 1/1,  dbl tuck solid landing 9.675

Webb BB OK -  full turn,  BHS + LOSO, small balance check,  cat leap + front aerial,  sw + split, great split positions on her leaps, side aerial + back full, stuck. Solid. 9.925

Shaffer  FX -  big dbl pike to open,  dbl back,  tour jete + popa,  1 1/2 + front lay, solid 9.9 - 39.15 AA

Nichols anchors beam for Oklahoma -  fro aerial + split jump,  BHS + LOSO, beautiful,  full turn,  lovely scale, sw + split leap, beautiful, BHS + 1 1/2, stuck. 9.975f 39.750 AA

Carter anchors floor for Arkansas - dbl back,  1 1/2 + front full,  tour jete + split jump 1/2, dbl pike to end. 9.95

Evy Schoepfer EXH OK - BHS + LOSO + BHS, round off + 1 1/2 dismount, small step.

Final Scores -
Oklahoma 198.050, beam 49.575
Arkansas 195.575, floor 49.175

That's all for me tonight! Come back next weekend for more!


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