Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Peyton Ernst Transfers to Alabama

 Peyton Ernst announced that she's transferred to the University of Alabama to complete her education and to continue her college gymnastics career.

Monday, November 14, 2016

NCAA Gymnastics National Letter of Intent Signings 2017-2018 School Year

The future NCAA gymnastics stars are here.

Over the course of the past week, the NCAA gymnastics programs have been making their recruits official, as future NCAA gymnastics stars solidified their commitments when they signed their official National Letters of Intent.

I have been compiling a list of the signees by school. I have linked the announcements from press releases, social media and good ol' Google News Alerts delivered directly to my inbox. 

Here is the list (below the cut). If you have additions, please contact me -

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election 2016 - Aly Raisman For America

It's Election Day in the US.

The citizens are waiting with great anticipation or anxiety of what the future of the country is going to be.  Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump.  Political polarization threatens to tear the nation apart at it's delicate seams.

Well, the gymnasts of Team USA are not choosing either choice, nor are they going with a third party, like Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, no, they're nominating one of their own.  Sort of...

In honor of election day, the athletes were interviewed to find out, who among them would be a good candidate for the President of the United States of America.

Spoiler alert - it's Aly Raisman by a landslide.
Watch the video from USA Gymnastics-

Monday, October 31, 2016

Laurie & Simone Become Authors

After winning gold at the Olympics, Final Five members Laurie Hernandez and Olympic All-Around Champion, Simone Biles can now add the title of "author" to their resumes.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Maggie Nichols Training Bars and Beam at Oklahoma

After retiring from elite, World Medalist Maggie Nichols is preparing for the next phase of her gymnastics career: college gymnastics.

Maggie has made the trek to Oklahoma from her hometown of Little Canada, Minnesota. Today, she posted a video of herself training bars and beam with her new team on her Instagram account for National Gymnastics Day.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Valeri Liukin Officially Takes Over for Martha Karolyi as Women's National Team Coordinator

Several months after USA Gymnastics Women's National Team Coordinator, Martha Karolyi announced her impending retirement, Valeri Liukin was officially announced as Martha Karolyi's successor.

Valeri Liukin has a very big tracksuit to fill.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Simone Reveals She has ADHD After WADA Hack

Recently, a hacker group with Russian ties hacked the World Anti-Doping Agency, revealed test results from four time Olympic Champion, Simone Biles and tennis player sisters, Venus and Serena Williams, posted on their website.

Laurie's Dancing With the Stars Debut

Olympic Gold Medalist Laurie Hernandez made the transition from the floor exercise to the ballroom on Monday night's premiere of Dancing With the Stars.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Vera Caslavska Passes Away

The Gymnastics world lost a legend on Wednesday.

 Czech gymnast, Olympic medalist and political activist, Vera Caslavska passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 74.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Final Olympic Recap:Event Finals Day 3

It's all over.

Gymnastics at the Rio Olympic Games concluded on third and final day of event finals.

The last of the medals was handed out today, the last routine was performed. The Olympics are over for another four years.

The memory is still fresh, so let me recap the final day of artistic gymnastics at the Rio Olympic Games and we can relive all the gymnastics glory.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog - Balance Beam

I'm back for Day 2 of event finals.  Today, we have men's rings and pommel horse and women's balance beam sandwiched in between the two.

I'll mostly be live blogging beam and men's vault. I'll provide live updates for Rings.

Refresh the page every so often to follow along!

Yao Hau China - low landing on double double dismount. Good positions, lines in routine.  15.4 (7.0 D, 8.400)

Eleftherios Petrunias Greece - solid routine. Beautiful form, clean dismount. Effortless routine.16.00

Gossens Belgium 14.933

Denis Abliyazin of Russia is in 2nd right now, 15.7. He's a beast of a man and he's so strong. Liu Chin of China moves into 3rd with 15.6

So far, the podium is looking the same. But now we've got Arthur Zanetti, current Olympic champ. We'll see what he pulls out. 15.766 for Zanetti, great routine, but wasn't enough to beat Petrounias.

Final Standings:
1. Petrounias 16.00
2. Zanetti 15.766
3. Abiliyazin 15.7
Well, we're doing Men's vault not women's balance beam.

Nikita Nagornyy Russia - VT 1 - dragulescu, big hop, OOB. 15.233, VT 2 Tsuk 3/1, small step, better than the dragulescu. 15.4 15.316 AVG


Igor Radivilov - VT HS TRIPLE FRONT! OMG...sat it down 14.933 VT1
 tsuk double pike. 15.033 AVG

Kenzo Shirai  - yurchenko 3 1/2 15.833, VT 2 tsuk 2 1/2, very clean. 15.066 2nd 15.449

Marian Dragulescu - VT 1 dragulescu, big step back, but huge height and much distance. He's still bouncing from 2015 Worlds. 15.266, vt 2 yurchenko 1/2 on  2 1/2 off. Back to the airplane!
 15.633, 15.449 avg
Rie Sig Gwang - VT 1 pike dragulescu, legs bent on 2nd flip.
15.616, Tsuk full in. Nice landing 15.766 15.691 pushes him into 1st

Tomas Gonzales AKA "Porn-stache" - missed his first vault, 15.375. Shewfelt, big step

Somehow everything I just did got deleted. GRR.

The beam final is next. FINALLY.

Start list -
Fan Yilin 14.5
Isabela Onyshko
Simone Biles
Sanne Wevers
Catalina Ponor
Laurie Hernandez
Marine Boyer
Flavia Saraiva

Fan Yilin -  jump to split mount,  round off + 2ft lay + spl + sissone,  sw ring, sheep jump,  sissone + fro aerial, 1/1 turn,  spl + side aerial,  sw + side aerial,  round off + 3/1 twist. 14.50 (6.3 D, 8.2)

Isabela Onyshko -  BHS + BHS + 2 ft lay, sw, BHS + tucked 1/1, falls. wolf jump,  fro aerial + sw 1/2,  1/1 memmel turn,  sw ring,  bhs+ bhs+ double back. 13.40 (6.1 D, 7.3)

Simone Biles -  sq thru mt,  2 1/2 wolf turn, wolf + pike jump,  barani, nails it,  BHS + LOSO + LOSO, fro tuck, lost balance, put hands on beam.  sw + sw 1/2,  fro aerial + wolf jump,  bhs + BHS + full in dismount. 14.733 (6.5D, 8.233)

Sanne Wevers - bhs 1/1 mt, 2/1 l turn,  aerial + aerial,  fro aerial + spl jump,  3/1 turn, 1/1 L + 2/1 + 1/1 turn, sw + 1/1 bhs, gainer 1/1 dismount. Beautiful! OMG, I will cry if she medals.
 15.466!!! (6.6 D, 8.866)

Catalina Ponor -  sw ring, onodi, wobble, fro aerial + bhs spl jump,  sw 1/2, balance check,   sw + omelianchik,  round off + double pike.

Laurie - sheep jump, front tick, wsw + sw 1/2, double pike, solid. 15.333 (6.4, 8.933)

Marine Boyer -  ro + 2 ft lay + sw + sw 1/2, fr aerial + wolf + spli, l turn 1/1 + 1/1 turn,  double pike dismount.

Flavia Saraiva -  jump to spl mt,  BHS + LOSO+LOSO, BHS + 2 ft lay, big balance check, 1/1 turn,  sw + spl, , sw ring + sheep jump, fro tuck, hop, fro aerial _ fro aerial + side somi, round off + double pike. 14.533 (6.3, 8.233)


Final Standings:
1. Sanne Wevers 15.466
2. Laurie Hernandez 15.333
3. Simone Biles 14.733

Sunday, August 14, 2016

In Defense of Gabby Douglas

The internet isn't happy unless it has someone to hate on. For this Olympic Games, that person's been Gabby Douglas. 2012 Olympic team and all-around champion and 2016 Team Olympic Champ.

Gabby has had the internet shit-storm thrown at her over the course of about a week. If it wasn't for her hair, it was for the way she stood during the medal ceremony during the US National anthem, or getting shit for allegedly not supporting her teammates enough.

My eyes are rolling so hard I can see the back of my eyelids. Seriously, internet? The unfortunate part about all of this is the internet will move on to something even more stupid in two days and then Gabby is left to deal with the hate.

Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

The event specialists get their chance to shine with the start of event finals.

Today, men and women get their chance to show off their specialty events in four event finals:
Men's Floor
Women's Vault
Men's Pommel Horse
Women's Uneven Bars

 Be prepared for some awesome gymnastics.

Refresh the page every so often for all the updates!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Women's All-Around FInal Live Blog

The all-around final is upon us. The field is set for the competition. Aly Raisman is returning to the all-around after missing out in Glasgow at the World Championships and placing fourth in London in 2012.

Also returning is bronze medalist, Aliya Mustafina. Then there is Simone Biles, three time world champion. Can she become the first world champion to win an Olympic title since Lilia Podkepaeva in 1996.

Follow along with all the action in Rio, just refresh the page every 10 minutes or so for updates!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Men's All-Around Final Recap

Long live the King.

Kohei Uchimura cemented his status as the king of men's gymnastics, winning his second Olympic all-around title, narrowly beating out Oleg Vernaiev of the Ukraine.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Women's Team Final Live Blog

Today, the ladies take to the floor to compete for team Olympic glory.

So many questions float through our heads. Will Team USA dominate as per usual? Will Russia show up and pull of a medal, or will it be a repeat of Glasgow? Will Brazil, equipped with Alexander Alexandrov pull off a medal coup? What about China?

SOOOO many questions and no answers. Well, you're in luck. I'll be live blogging this event (best I can) and I will bring you the answers to your questions you so desire.

To make all your wildest dreams come true, click below the cut and refresh the page every 15 minutes or so for all the gymnastics action!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Men's Team Final Recap

The men got their chance to duke it out for their chance at the coveted team gold.

Team Japan with Kohei Uchimura was shooting for their first Olympic gold in twelve years. Team Great Britain wanted another shot at the podium. Team USA was hoping for a medal.

How did the boys do?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Women's Artistic Gymnastics Qualifying Final Results

Here are the team, all around and event qualifiers after five subdivisions of competition.

Note - the highlighted names indicate the athletes qualified.  Per FIG rules, only two per country can advance to all-around and event finals.  In the event more than two athletes per country placed in the top 24/top 8, the next highest qualifying gymnast qualifies (so long as it's still in compliance with the two per country rule.


WAG Qualifications; Subdivison 5 Live Blog

It's the home stretch! It's the fifth and final subdivision in the women's qualifications for artistic gymnastics.

This subdivision we will see the Canadian team, lead by Ellie Black and former Georgia gymnast,  Brittany Rogers. We are also going to see team Japan, featuring Sae Miyakawa, and Mai Murakami.
We will also see France and a mixed group featuring competitors from Cuba, Mexico, Portugal and Poland.

Refresh the page every ten minutes or so to get all the action.

WAG Results after 4 Subdivisions

Reminder, these are not final standings. Final standings will be posted after the conclusion of subdivision 5.



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