Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Simone Biles Goes Professional

The inevitable has happened.

Two time world all-around champion, Simone Biles has forfeited her NCAA eligibility and has gone professional.

Simone herself broke the news on her Twitter account earlier today.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

MyKayla Skinner's Re-Imagined Floor Routine

Last night at the Secret Classic, US gymnast , team world champion and vault  bronze medalist MyKayla Skinner debuted a new floor routine with an interesting an music choice.

Secret Classic - A Gym Hangover Recap

The US Secret Classic concluded last night. There was returning favorites and new challengers and old familiar faces who rose to the occasion.

It's a year out from the Olympics, and really, this is the time where it counts. Team USA is deeper, which makes the field more competitive. The USA could have several Olympic teams. This meet is the start of the "season" for Team USA. From here, the girls will compete at the P&G Championships in Indianapolis in a couple of weeks, from there, a selection committee will chose from a pool of girls at the Worlds selection camp, which they will be invited to depending on their finish at Championships.

Here are some highlights from the meet.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Secret Classic Play By Play Live Blog Test - Junior session

Starting at rotation 2. - joined the party a little late .

So far. Laurie Hernandez is in first with a 15 even on bars.

maillie O'Keefe- beam- flip flop flip flop layout two feet switch to switch half. Long pause before series of aerial cartwheel to LOSo- falls off the beam. Sw. Ring.  2 bhs to double tuck dismount 

Abigail Walker UB- TX Dreams- full in dismount steps back.

Alyssa Al Shari FX - 2 and a half twist front walk over 

Syndey Scharpf- bars - little pinks low jump jaeger tkatchev to pak  stalder shoot to high bar. 

Jordan Chiles on bars - she's ok. After the scary vault. Tkatchev not pak Ray toe on 1/1 to giengr full out dismount.

Gabby Perea - beam switch half wobble switch ring- balance check  2 and a half dismount

Grace Quinn- endos oh HB. Looks unsure. Fell on her jaeger. 

Stream keeps jumping in between routines which drives me nuts. 

Cue the jeapordy theme song for Poor Colbi Flory by the bars. 

colbi - Jaeger bail toe on 1/2 off the bar DLO finish 

On to the second part of the rotation 

Deanne Soza's lines on beam are to die for. L turn to full switch half, back tuck  Dbl back dismount - steps to the side.

Elena areas  bars tkatchev toe in half pak tau to high bars giant half . May Mohave under ravaged 

Jazmyn Fogerg (jazzy!) Beam - aerial catw Sw leap small analancd check. Double tuck dismount hop back but seems like a solid routine. 

Laurie on balance beam bhs Loso. Solid. Sheep jump front tuck. Aerial cartwheel  - hesitates and again on a  Sw half some balance checks dbl tuck dismount step back. Didn't finish nearly as solid as she began.

Regan - jaeger ricna pak legs separated stalder full full out dismount. Solid routine 

Aria Brusch of Cincinnati on beam shaky Sw half nice full turn long pause 2 bhs to dbl pike- chest down 

Caitlin Smith- Paramount elite bars - chow to HB pak stalder half to shoot to HB jaeger falls on her dismount.

chae Campbell- beam squat thru to wolf turn bhs to 2 losos back tuck front tuck- leg comes up dbl tuck dismount 

On to rotation 3

Thoughts So far- 
Chiles, Laurie, Jazzy and Ragan Smith- all rock all solid. Not the greatest beam set for Laurie - she seemed a little nervous as the routine went on. 

Want to see more of Emily Gaskins. 
Caitlin Smith- loved her bars. Sucks for the fall. Deanne Soza -'looks lovely. Glad she's healthy again after that scary eye infection. 

Rot 3

Syd beam- bhs to 2 Loso nice.  Switch leap- height and amplitude wobble aerial carj ful turn switch ring 2 1/2 dismount 

Alonya Shchnnekova- home girl Komovw to HB long line step forward on dismount 

Chiles  on beam side somi on nem. Switch half wobble poke jump aerial cartwheel front tuck to wolf jump double tuck sticks tha landing!

Here's Emily gaskins talking to Nunno
Back to Jaylene  hillstralon floor beautiful slots from her  divulge pike lively L turn dbl back squats down 

Grace q front tuck to wolf jump bhs Loso off the beam fed aerial wolf jump side somi cheat down split jump tonsisson e double pike dismount big step forward 
 Deanne Sosa FX full twist through to dvl back dbl l turn dbl pike stuck 

colbi bb - wolf turn - tx dreams specialist I guess switch leap bhs to Loso wobble aerial carw front tuck side somi fed aerial wo sheep jump. 

Jazzy Fx- out of voids full in and out of bounds again. Dvbl tuck? Like her fx music . Stands out dbl pike to finish. 
Olivia Dinn- beam Sw to Sw half fed aerial to split leap nicely done funthr  aerial cartwheel bhs Loso front tuck switch tuck wobbles a bit. On switch ring 

Warming up on podium outside touch warms up is a no no little girl. Elena

Elena Dvl turn bhs bhs Lo to 2 ft.falls front tuck switch ring aerial cartwheel 2 1/3 dismount 
 Second half of rotation 3-

Laurie leads after 2 rotations per Mr. announcer man. 
 Christina Deisdero in first after her third rotation with 42.65
Jazzy is in second with 42. 6 and chiles is in 3rd 42.3 still more to come
Laurie fx-  DLO arbajna to drag jump  love her dance front Lo to front full switch ring dlbmturkc tour here foals to film dbl pike- takes several steps back and goes out of bounds . Lame sauce. 

Ragan smith beam- wolf turn mount switch to straddle jp bhs to two foot layout pike full front tuck switch ring small blanc  check pike jump bhs bhs dbl pike. Awesome routine 

Time to pause for moi.
Back feel my break  Morgan Hurd beam- bhs to two Loso s wiggles slightly  dissing to aerial cartwheel 2 1/2 dismount . Small hoo forward

Abigail walker fx dreams beam- she looks like a tiny bailie  handstand to reverse planche mount shades of Kim z- her coach. Love live  aerial cartwheel sheep jump bhs Loso film turn split to straddle jump  switch to back tuck dbl tuck dismount 
 Poor Kaitkyn sits down down her dismount on fx

Onto rotation 4
Laurie leads with a. 43.550
Ragan smith second 42.7

Emily Gaskins!! On beam- finally! Hello Steve Nunno- long time no see. 
Sw through most bhs Loso belief elb fed aerial to split jump switch to back tuck front tuck aerial cTwhel dbl pike dismount 

Deanne Souzsa d t y

Deissero UB Maloney to bbl looses it and humor off tkatchev vial Ray to HB full out dismount
 Jazzy Vt- DTY 

Laurie vt- DTY pikes down a but. Hoops but solid 

Dunno fx- pike full in front full to stag  do pike sticks it cold. BOOM, beeyotch! That's what I am talkin about.

Adeline Kienkjb beam - aerial cartwheel to Loso bhs bhs to 2 foot layout Sisslns 

Madeline something from TV dreams - balletic style switch full sbl pike gorgeous leaps dbl back 

Ragan smith and her west side story music. Is she a shark or a jet? Ends with a clean double pike 

Time for the second part of rotation four- in the home stretch now.

Abby Paiukson beam- Arabian bhs Loso falls off on sheep jump

Chiles floor- front dbl full rolls out and out of bounds 

Final Results 
1. Laurie Hernandez- 58.450
2. Ragan Smith - 57.700
3. Jazm Foberg - 57.400

Monday, July 20, 2015

Secret Classic Preview

Saturday will be the premier of the USA gymnastics will kick off championship season season starting with the Secret Classic,  final qualifier to the P&G Championships, for the women.

It's the year before the Olympics, so it's very likely we will see contenders for the Olympic team performing at the meet. There are a plethora of newbies as well as some returning heavy hitters, all of whom have the ultimate goal, to be named to the world championships team for the USA.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Emily Gaskins Hires Steve Nunno as Her Coach

US junior national team member Emily Gaskins has gone from being coached by one legendary coach to another. 

Full Twist broke the news that Emily is now being coached by none other than Steve Nunno, who coached Olympic Gold medalist and two time world all-around champion, Shannon Miller. Emily was previously being coached by famed coach Mary Lee Tracy at Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy (CGA) Mary Lee coached Shannon's teammates, Jaycee Phelps and Amanda Borden. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Backhandspring + Onodi + Forward Aerial Combination on Beam

The Chinese are known for their talent on bars and beam. 

US Names Pan Ams Team

After enduring a grueling training camp in the middle of a hot Texas summer, USA Gymnastics has named the athletes headed to Toronto to compete in the Pan American Games.
Image per USA Gymnastics

Aly Raisman in ESPN Magazine's Body Issue

Aly Raisman is following in the footsteps of fellow team USA gymnasts and is baring it all for ESPN Magazine's Body Issue.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

European Games and the Return of Viktoria Komova

The first European Games are commencing this week in Baku, Azerbaijan and the biggest story heading into the Games is the return of 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist, Viktoria Komova.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Lexie Priessman to Attend LSU in the Fall

Former junior national champion and US national team member, Lexie Priessman has decided to forgo the elite world for her education.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Nastia Liukin Is Engaged

She may not have won the mirror ball trophy on Dancing With the Stars, but Nastia's longtime boyfriend, Matt Lombardi has given her a much more meaningful gift.

The 2008 Olympic All-Around champion shared this photo on her Twitter account with a special announcement:

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Victoria Moors Announces Her Retirement

After much speculation as to the state of her gymnastics career, Canadian gymnast, Victoria Moors has announced her retirement.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Clarification on the Four Person Olympic Team Structure from the FIG

Recently, as discussed at length, the FIG approved a new ruling at an annual meeting in Melbourne, Australia, that would reduce the number of gymnasts in the team final from five gymnasts per team to four for the 2020 Olympic Cycle.

 In response to much of the backlash they've received after the news of this ruling, the FIG has released a detailed Q & A to clarify some burning questions.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

FIG Reduces Olympic Team Size From Five to Four

The International Gymnastics Federation or FIG has revamped the Olympics qualification process and has officially reduced the team sizes from five to four going into the 2020 Olympics Cycle.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Peng Peng Training New Skills on Beam

Peng Peng is ready to get "on the road again."

After two years of dealing with an ACL tear that required two surgeries and two years away from competition, the glory that is Christine "Peng Peng" Lee, was finally able to grace us with her presence during this past NCAA season, wowing on bars and beam with beautiful, rarely seen skills for both elite and NCAA.
Photo by Owen Emerson via

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Jenny Rowland to Become the new Gators' Head Coach

In the span of about two weeks, the Florida Gators have lost a coach and gained a new head coach. Auburn associate head coach, Jenny Rowland has accepted the title of head Gator wrangler, or head coach of the Florida Gators gymnastics team.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Polina Shchennikova Commits to Michigan

Fellow Colorado and Mile High City girl, Polina Shchennikova has decided to forgo the beautiful Rocky Mountains and has chosen to attend the University of Michigan for her college gymnastics career.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tabitha Yim to Become Head Coach at Arizona

Former USA National team member Tabitha Yim has accepted a head coaching position at the University of Arizona Gymnastics team.

She is replacing current head coach, Bill Ryden who is retiring after 17 years at the helm of Arizona Gymnastics. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hollie Vise and Norah Flatley: A Comparison

Hollie Vise was a talented athlete on the US National team in the 2001-2004 quadrennium. She trained at the legendary World Olympic Gymnastics Academy or "WOGA" in Dallas, Texas alongside 2004 Olympic Champion, Carly Patterson under the tutelage of Evgeny Marchenko.

She was a world champion with the US team and on the uneven bars in 2003. She was known for her classic, WOGA style, long lines, elegant fluidity and her glorious toe point.

Hollie has been compared with junior, Norah Flatley, a beam savant who trains with legendary coach, Liang Chow, who coached 2012 Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas and 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist and beam gold medalist, Shawn Johnson.


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