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Musical NCAA Coach Gate 2017 - Kristen Smyth Resigns as Stanford Head Coach

Just when we thought that this game of musical NCAA gymnastics coaches, we were delivered another bombshell.

Kristen Smyth, Stanford Women's Gymnastics head coach has resigned her position after 16 years . This comes per a press release on Stanford's website.

Keeping Up With the Round Lake Gymnasts: Viktoria Komova & University Games

It's been awhile since we checked in with the Russian gymnasts, so it's about time we take a scroll through the 24-hour gymternet news cycle and see what we find!

University Games

2017 P&G Championships Full Women's Roster

Full women's roster for both Juniors and Seniors competing at the 2017 P&G Gymnastics Championships in Anaheim California, Aug. 17-20.

US Classic Power Rankings Part 1

US Classic has wrapped up for now. Scores are in and the winners have been crowned. Next stop, Anaheim, California for P&G Championships.

So who came out on top and what were some of the biggest surprises and standouts? What else was worth talking about?

Find out in this elite edition of my Power Rankings.

This isn't any "official" rankings. Mostly just people and things that are newsworthy or interesting.

P&G Championships Qualifiers

These athletes qualified to the P&G Championships, Aug. 17-20 in Anaheim California from the US Classic last weekend.

These are not a comprehensive list of all competitors, but these athlete had not previously qualified to P&G Championships as of the US Classic last weekend, but were able to advance based on their scores.