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USA Names Men's Worlds Team

The dudes of team USA have their worlds team for Montreal.

USA Gymnastics announced the team after the conclusion of the men's competition of the P&G Championships.

They are as follows:

  • Marvin Kimble
  • Yul Moldauer
  • Sam Mikulak
  • Alex Naddour
  • Eddie Penev
  • Donnell Whittenberg
Plus three alternates-
  • Allen Bower
  • Akash Modi
  • Colin VanWicklen

Interesting choice of guys. Let me and my limited knowledge of men's gymnastics think about this selection. 

Why were two of the top all-arounders at the P&G Championships only relegated to alternate positions?


First off, just looking at the selection of guys they chose, it seems like they went with a team of mainly specialists. Yul Moldauer, the new men's P&G Champion with the best hair ever is the obvious all-around guy. He's really a very clean, steady gymnast and he's got great lines and toes (although never as beautiful as Jake Dalton's, sigh).

Sam Mikulak, aka Mr. USA Gymnastics, has been recovering from an achillies tear (that boy and his ankles, jeesh!) only competed pommel horse and high bar at P&Gs. Interestingly, despite the fact he received a .5 deduction on both nights for extra padding, he took 3rd on this event, even with a fall on night two.

Eddie Penev is a floor specialist with a skill named after him. He competed at worlds before for Bulgaria. It will be his first worlds competing for team USA, although he has competed internationally for Team USA, just not at worlds. He tied with Yul for the floor title and tied with Donnell Whittenberg for first on vault.

Marvin Kimble -2015 Pan American Games team gold medalist and pommel horse gold medalist. Tied for first on still rings at these P&G Champs. Tim Daggett said something about him having a disaster of a Winter Cup competition earlier this year and was allegedly kicked out of the USOTC training center in the Springs. 

Donnell Whittenberg has been around the scene for this last quad, he was an alternate for the Rio Olympics. He medaled on vault at the 2015 Worlds in Glasgow. He placed third all-around this weekend.

Alex Naddour, also known as Mr. Hollie Vise, pommel horse ninja, Olympic Bronze medalist on this event.

In the post-Olympic year, the world championships are an individual all-around and individual event competition only. There's no team competition at this year's worlds. The format is 6 guys per team, maximum 3 athletes up on each event.So, looking at the team selected, the selection committee selected the team based on whom they think is most likely to bring home some bling for the Team USA guys. They're maximizing their event specialists and not focussing so much on the all-around.   


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