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P&G Championships Seniors Day 1 - Live Blog

It's the first day of women's competition at the P&G Championships.

Follow along as I live blog the senior session. Refresh the page every 5-10 minutes for updates!

Join the party!

Here are the start lists - because it will make life easier.

And because I'm so nice, here's the link to live scoring -

Pre rotation 1 -

Not a lot going on right now, mostly just John Macready doing emcee stuff and the jumbo screen feed. This is on the international feed on YouTube.

You should be following the #BeerWithBetty contest on Twitter and Instagram right now. It's pretty hilarious. Man wipes and hilarious wolf turns are abundant.

Seriously, you'll get gems like this:

On the Olympic Channel it's talking heads time with Al, Tim and Nastia. And when I say talking heads, I'm unfortunately not talking about the band.

Rotation 1 -

Alyona Shchennikova VT - DTY, hop back, good distance. 14.350

Deanne Soza is on bars- she pulled out a nice Yzhova (Sp?) Step back on her dismount

Syndey Johnson Scharpf - beautiful FTY, much more powerful than at Classics.  Glad she went to the freaking hospital after classics! UGH finally! THANK GOODNESS!

Jordan CHiles UB -  maloney 1/2 giant 1/1 + pike jaeger, tkatchev + bail,  toe on full + gienger,  full in dismount, small baby hop. But solid routine 13.95

Emily Gaskins FX_ DLO,  full in,  popa, sw ring + tour jete,  double arabian, out of bounds,  she brought back her Lily-Pod turns! :) Double pike dismount.

Elena Arenas VT DTY - slightly off to the side, but looked like she got pretty good height.

Abi Walker UB -  toe shoot to HB,  toe on full, giant 1/2, full in dismount.

Trinity Thomas BB - side somi,  full turn,  1 arm BHS + loso, spl, turning jump, i missed it. sw + sw 1/2, nice, side aerial, sw side, straddle 3/4, dbl back dismount

Marz Fraizier UB -  stalder full maloney 1/2 stalder full + pike jaeger  church + pak slight leg seps, maloney + tkatchev, DLO dismount. Walks off the mat like a boss. BOOM. 14.100

Riley McCusker FX -  full in, good landing, small hop,  tour jete 1/1,  punch rudi front tuck + stag leap,  on and it's the wolf turn, yippee.  double pike, clean, stuck landing, sw ring + sw 1/2, double back, another solid landing. Good start to her meet, so she'll be pleased. 13.9

Ragan Smith UB -   in bar + in bar 1/1 + in bar 1/2 + jaeger, downie, pak, stalder shoot to HB,  full in, small hop. 14.3

Morgan Hurd BB -  side straddle mt,  tucked full,  side aerial, sw + spl jump,  BHS + LOSO,  fro aerial + spl + wolf, front tuck,  ful turn,  sw ring,  double pike dismount, tiny bit short, step forward. 14.000

Jade Carey FX -  full in, a bit short,  full twisting DLO, deep landing, L turn jump l turn, sw 1/2,  FHS + fro 2/1 + stag leap,  I really like her floor music.  full in tucked. solid landing.

Time to switch and rotate! On to rotation two.

Scores after the first rotation. Jade Carey's floor score still hasn't been posted.

HA! NBC missed the ball by not showing Elena on vault and she's in the lead. BOOM.

Jade got a 14 even on floor.

Ashton Locklear UB -  toe full + maloney + pak + maloney + shoot to HB, toe full + jaeger,  full in, stuck.  A bit watered down, but it's a hit routine. 14.350

Jordan Chiles UB - wolf turn 3/1,  BHS + LOSO,  fro aerial + straddle cross + spl jump side aerial, bit of a balance check. Grabs the beam on a leap pass. Side somi,  front tuck. double pike dismount

Riley McCusker VT - FTY, solid form,  nice height. She flared that out a bit. That makes me heart sing. 13.25

Trinity Thomas FX -  double back, FHS + fro lay + fro 2/1,

Jade Carey VT - Kaz full, big air, lots of distance. oh she's doing the Amanar!  She sit's down the amanar. 

Kalyany Steele UB -  toe full maloney ricna + pak, i think she lost her rhythm, maloney 1/2 + piked jaeger, giant full, beautiful double layout. Great landing.  She recovered well after her error.

Frida Esparza VT - DTY, a bit short, lands to the side, really deep landing too.

Marz Fraizer BB wolf turn, side aerial, small balance check,  BHS + LOSO, some soft knees, side somi,  fro aerial + straddle + split, sw 1/2, under rotated.   double pike dismount.

Leah Clapper FX -  pike full in, OOB?, tourjete,  double arabian, popa,  sw 1/2, very nice, great split position,  double back, tiny bit short, double pike, chest down on landing, steps forward. 

Ragan Smith BB -  side straddle MT,  wolf turn 2/1, balance check,  BHS + 2 ft lay, tuck full,  front tuck + spl + straddle jump,  spl 3/4, chest down on landing, straddle 1/2, another balance check, fro aerial,  double pike dismount.  14.5

Morgan Hurd FX -  full in, stuck landing,  pike full in, over rotated and steps out of bounds with both feet,  Ferrari,  fro lay + fro 2/1, falls, sw ring + ring jump, popa,  double pike. 12.3

Alyona UB toe ful +  maloney rican + pak, in bar 1/2,  in bar 1/1 + full turn, double layout dismount, solid. 

Shania Adams FX -  memmel turn,  double arabian, tiny bit short, but hops back,  2 1/2 + front tuck, l jump full, spl jump full,  triple wolf tunr,  double pike, double back, solid landing.

On to rotation 3 

Trinity Thomas VT - yurchenko full, but that was basically perfect.It would be a ten if this were a UCLA meet.

Sydney Johnson Scharpf -  side straddle mount,  sw + sw 1/2, front tuck,  BHS + LOSO,  fro aerial,  spl leap full, not really split though, side aerial + spl jump,  side somi, chest down,  dbl back dismount. Girl, you are tough.

Morgan Hurd, VT - DTY, deep landing, not a lot of height. 

Riley McCusker UB -  stalder full, + maloney + tkatcehv, great maplitude, downie  ricna,  pak, van leeuwen,  dbl front half dismount.

Ragan Smith FX -  DLO,  1 1/2 + rudi, sw _ sw 1/2,  double arabian,  sw 1/2,  wolf tunr 3/1,  some hair-ography. double back, a bit short, chest is down.

Deanne Soza FX -  full in, chest down on landing,  FHS + fro full + fro tuck,  sw ring + tour jete,  double L turn to illusion,  double back, very clean,  sw 1/2,  double pike, chest a bit down,

Victoria Nguyen, in bar shap,  inb ar 1/2 + pike jaeger, looses her rhythm,  botched the dismount...

Alyona Shchennikova -BB - falls on that wolf turn, repeats the skill fro aeiral + spl jump, balance check,  BHS + LOSO + LOSO,  sw ring, under rotated,  onodi, balance check. She's shaken up, double back dismount, chest down


Jordan Chiles FX - DLO + beat jump to the stratosphere, dos santos, deep landing, sw ring,  1 1/2 + doubel back, bit short,  tour jete, wolf turn full, double pike.

On beam. Ashton botches her wolf turn too and then she falls on her series.

Time for rotation 4

Ragan Smith VT -  DTY, pretty good distance, not as high, but still, a solid VT.

Kalyany Steele FX - DLD, 2 1/2,  sw + sw 1/2,  double back, perfect lanidng.  wolf turn 2/1,  tour jete, 3 1/2 dismount. She's committed to UCLA and her leo is very UCLA-esque.

Riley McCusker BB -  sied aerial,  sw ring,  round off + double back dismount. SCORE  4 for 4 baby! 14.4

Jordan Chiles busted out the Amanar on vault

Morgan Hurd UB -  in bar 1/1 + tkatchev,  ricna + pak, stalder shoot to HB,  inbar 1/2 , stadler + full in dismount. 13.9

Marz Frazier VT - huge DTY, Ashleigh Gnat, quick twitch twisting, lots of power. 14.3

Shania Adams UB -  chow 1/2, toe on 12 + jaeger,  pak,  toe on full,  maloney 1/2,

Alyona Shchennikova = pike full in, a bit short,  1 1/2 + front full,  sw ring,  sw 1/2,  double pike, 3/1 wolf turn, to a double freaking wolf turn,  double back 12.95

SJS FX -  1 1/2 step out + dbl arabian,  full in,  tour jete 1/1,  sw 1/2,  2 1/2,  double back, solid landing. Shushunova to finish. LOVE IT.

Trinity Thomas UB -  wieler kip, maloney tkatchev, pak, close on bar,  toe shap 1/2 DLO 13.7

Luisa Blanco BB -  roll mount, love it.  fro aerial + jump ring,  BHS + LOSO, slides right off. :( who put butter on the beam? sw ring,  sw + sw 1/2,  side aerial,  l turn,  2/1 dismount.

That's all for tonight. I'll be back Sunday for the junior women at 12 p.m.

Here are the night one standings -


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