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Keeping Up With the Round Lake Gymnasts: Viktoria Komova & University Games

It's been awhile since we checked in with the Russian gymnasts, so it's about time we take a scroll through the 24-hour gymternet news cycle and see what we find!

University Games

The Russian Federation has announced the names of the team they'll send to the Summer University Games in Taipei later this month.

They are -

Maria Paseka
Daria Spiridonova
Evgenia Shelgunova
Daria Elizarova
Lilia Akhaimova

The games will take place August 19-30. Per Gymnovosti, they'll miss the Russian Cup, since it will fall during this time. But, no need to worry, this won't impact their chances to make the worlds team since there will be a training camp to name the team in September.

Viktoria Komova

Viktoria Komova is going to miss the Russian Cup and will subsequently miss Worlds. Russian Women's Team Head Coach, Valentina Rodionenko officially announced this today and said she'd compete at the Voronin Cup in December.

Rodionenko, said Vika is not ready and she can't show a "weak performance."

She added this little bit:

“The [Voronin Cup] competition is not a very high level, but she just needs it to get back into the competition mode. Right now she’s feeling good on beam and floor but she can’t yet restore her bars routine”.

Wow, way to be blunt V-Rod.

Researching the back story of Vika's road to her comeback revealed to me that she came back to training at Russian national training center, Round Lake, in May.

V-Rod seemed to be in denial, claiming that Vika was definitely on track to make the worlds team, at least on bars.

She and her coach, Gennady Elfimov, however, have been insistent that she's not coming back until December. Elfimov has expressly said he didn't want to push her too hard. She's actually on vacation in Turkey right now. This was the moment V-Rod finally realized she was in denial.

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