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A Super Brief Preview of the Juniors at P&G Championships

Here’s a brief, last minute preview of the junior competition of the P&G Championships. There’s still quite a large field of juniors (see the roster), but it’s still less than the what felt like hundreds of them at Classics.

Here’s a few names to follow –

  • Emma Malabuyo – Emma won the junior all-around title at Classics, and she also had the highest all-around total of anyone at the competition, juniors and seniors. So basically, she just owns everybody and she’s the queen no questions asked. She’s super clean, has beautiful toe point.

  • Maile O’Keefe – as the reigning junior national champ, she’s going to be looking to keep that title. On beam, she has an impressive side aerial to two layout step-outs on beam.

  • Gabby Perea – bars ninja from Legacy Elite. Is so fabulous on bars that she won the junior bars title at Classics with only a layout dismount. Because she’s awesome and since the content of her routine is so packed, she didn’t need to do a ridiculously hard dismount, since she is coming back from injury.

  • Jay Jay Marshall – little Jay Jay came out on the day of the US Classic and was like "here I am!" She showed up with Aliya Mustafina’s floor music from 2013 and had huge tumbling: a double double and notably, a Dos Santos that has been compared to Kennedy Baker’s. Oh yeah and at one point, she was training an Amanar at 11 (or 12, I can’t remember).

  • Annie Beard – another fabulous floor worker, whom like Sydney Johnson Scharpf and Laurie Hernandez, actually performs and puts on a show.

  • Leanne Wong – part of the second coming of GAGE and Al Fong, but no black gloves. She’s a really pretty gymnast, having those long GAGE lines, extension and toe point.

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