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P&G Championships Day 2 - Seniors Live Blog

Ok, it's time for the final session of the P&G Championships. The senior women.

After night one, Ragan Smith was leading by 1.3 points over Riley McCusker. She's got a comfortable lead, so she really just has to stay the course and keep hitting and she'll probably win.

Night one was a bit of a splat-fest for the seniors, so it will be most interesting to see if they've gotten it together for night two.

So come on in and keep refreshing the page every 10 minutes or so for all the good stuff.

Watching this Randy Parrish guy dance on the international feed is pretty entertaining.

Not much going on, just John MacReady doing John MacReady things. The usual.

March outs and introductions are beginning.

Ragan Smith is dominating. That's all.

Al, Morgan Hurd is not a little girl, she's 16.

Morgan Hurd VT -  DTY, hop on the landing, but lots of distance, good height. 14.45

Frida Esparza UB -  stalder,  maloney + ricna, falls,  toe one 1/2 + pike jaeger,  DLO, small hop.

Ragan Smith, FX -  DLO,  she does the twist, why isn't she performing to Austin Powers theme?   That would be more entertaining. 1 1/2 + triple ful, sw ring, tour jete,  double arabian + stag jump,  sw 1/2,  wolf turn 2/1. double pike 14.350

Riley McCusker UB -   stalder full,  maloney + tkathcev  ricna + downie, + pak,  maloney 1/2,  giant 1/2, double front 1/2.  14.450

Kalyany Steele BB - BHS + LOSO+ LOSO, falls! Dammit! Sw + sw 1/2 under 180, back tuck,  fro aerial, sp + sissone,  side aerial, fro tuck, balance check,  round off + 2 1/2 dismount. 11.20

Marz Frazier FX -  double arabian, ,full in, spl jump full, sw + tour jete,  wolf turn 3/1,  double pike.  sw 1/2, double back. 13.6

Luisa Blanco UB -  toe full + maloney + pak, nice handstand before her shap 1/2,   giant 1/2, single laid out fly away. 12.6

Sydney Johnson Scharf BB -  sw + sw 1/2 + back tuck, big improvement from night 1, fro tuck,  BHS + LOSO,  fro aerial,  split ring jump,  spl 3/4, a bit under 180. side aerial, balance check, spl + straddle jump, side somi,  BHS + BHS + LOSO 12.75

Jordan Chiles FX -  DLO + split jump into space,  pike double arabiran,  sw + tour jete full,  1 1/2 + double back, OOB,  sw 1/2,  wolf turn,  double pike. She should get a billion and one bonus points for her floor music since it's an instrumental version of The Used's song. 13.7

Ashton Locklear BB -  squat through mount, wolf turn 3/1, balance check, may have grabbed the beam,  BHS + LOSO, leans back a bit, but is ok, sw 1/2, under rotated,  fro tuck,  side somi,  side aerial + sw + sw 1/2,  double back dismount 13.9

Deanne Soza FX -  full in, chest a bit down, bounces fwd, fhs + fro 1/1 + fro tuck, a bit low,  sw ring,  tour jete full,  double L + illusion turn,  double back, clean,  sw 1/2,  double pike, chest a bit down. 12.8

Alyona Shchennikova BB -  wolf turn 3/1 + 2/1, hits tonight, whew,  fro aerial  + spl + sissone, small connection break,  BHS + LOSO+ LOSO, small step but solid, sw,  onodi, beautiful,  side aerial, small balance check, BHS+ BHS + double back, hit. YEAH! 13.7

Rotation 2

Marz Frazier VT -  DTY, big height, distance. small hop.

Leah Clapper UB - full in dismount, some issues with handstands.

Riley McCusker BB -  wolf turn  3/1 + wolf 2/1, fro aerial + spl jump,  BHS + LOSO,  sw + sw 1/2, some of those leaps are not hitting 180, side aerial. sw ring,  BHS + BHS + doubel back dismount, step back. 14.5

Kalyany Steele FX -  DLO, hop back, barely misses the OOB,  FHS + fro full, bit under-rotated, sw  + sw 1/2, nicely split,  double back, big bounce out,  wolf turn 2/1, i think she fell out of it, but she just disguised it as choreography,  sw leap,  2 1/2 dismount. 12.75

Trinity Thomas UB -  weilder  1/2 + maloney + uprise full nice form on that shap 1/2, legs glued together. She's all, I'm fabulous bitches!

Luisa Blanco BB - spl jump,  BHS + LOSO,  sw ring,  sw  + sw 1/2, nice, side aerial,  L turn full.
RO + 2 1/2 dismount, step on landing.

Ragan Smith VT - DTY,  big hop 14.350

SJS FX -  1 1 2/ + front tuck,  double pike,sw ring + tour jete 1/1,  double back.

Jordan Chiles VT  - Amanar - sits it down. 14.1

Abby Paulson UB -  toe full + chow +pak + stalder + chow 1/2 toe 1/2 + pike jaeger,  eagle grip giant to double front, beautiful routine. 13.6

Emily Gaskins BB - Candlestick MT, missed half her routine because the NBC app sucks because my local NBC SUCKS for not showing this till 6. GRRRRR.   y turn.  side aerial + sw + spl double back. 13.7

Alyona Shchennikova FX -  pike full in, very nice,  1 1 /2 + fro full + fro lay,  sw ring sw 1/2, nice split positions,  double pike, clean,  wolf turn 3/1, another wolf turn, a double,  clean double back, maybe a bit of chest down. 13.3

Shania Adams UB -  chow 1/2 toe 1/2 + jaeger, nice height,  pak, very clean,  toe full,  short hs + maloney,  full-in, very close to the bar. 13.2

Jade Carey BB = fro roll mt,  spl 3/4,  side aerial, big balance check, straddle jump,  BHS + LOSO + LOSO,  sw + sw 1/2, fro aerial + spl + spl 1/2,  double pike dismount. 13.850

Elena Arenas FX -  DLO, deep landing,  double L turn, falls out of it,  1 1/2 + front tuck,  tour jete full,  double pike,  wolf turn 2/1, sw + sw 1/2,  double back. 12.8

Really awkward discussion with Simone about Aly's comments about the sexual abuse scandal.

Morgan Hurd UB =  in bar 1/1 + tkatchev,  ricna + pak,  stalder shoot to HB,  toe on + in bar 1/2 stadler + full in.

End of rotation 2 - time for the 3rd rotation.

Standings after 2 rotations - Ragan is ahead by 1.050. 86.100 to Riley's 85.050, Chiles is in 3rd with an 83.65

Tanya Chaplin (Oregon State head coach) was on the kiss cam, LOL.

Marissa Oakley VT, DTY, big hop back, looked clean as far as I can see.

Abi Walker UB -   toe on,  toe full + tkatchev,  pak, leg seps,  toe shoot to HB,  giatn 1/2  full in, stuck. she hit those handstands like a BOSS. 12.9

Trinity Thomas BB - front roll mount,  side somi,  1/1 turn,  1 arm BHS + LOSO, fro aerial + spl + sissone, straddle jump, nice split positions. side aerial,  sw side + straddle 3/4.  double back dismount, stuck. BOOM. 14.2

Elena Arenas VT - nice lift on her DTY, small hop on the landing.

Luisa Blanco FX -  double L turn. triple full,  double pike,  sw 1/2 + spl 1/1,  FHS + fro full. sw ring,  tour jete 1/2,  2/1 twist.

Jordan Chiles UB -  nice hs, maloney,  giant 1/2 + pike jaeger, almost laid out, tkatchev _b ail, toe full + gienger,  full in, solid. 14.00

Abby Paulson BB -  side straddle mount,  2/1 wolf turn,  front tuck,  side aerial + LOSO + LOSO, leap series, front aerial, sw ring,  round off + 2 1/2. 14.1

Emily Gaskins FX -  memmel turn,  DLO, hop back, just misses the OOB,  full in,  spl + popa, sw ring + tour jete 1/1,  double arabian,  double pike, very clean.  beautiful solid. love it.

Deanne Soza UB - toe full + tkatcehv,  toe 1/2 + yezhova,  toe shoot to hB,  full twisting DLO.

Shania Adams BB -  wolf turn,  3/1,  + 2/1,  BHS + LOSO+LOSO, falls. spl full,  2 1/2 dismount, a bit close to the beam.

Jade Carey FX -  double double,  full twisting DLO, perfect, 2/1 L turn,  jump L 1/1 + tour jete,  1 1/2 + stag leap, tour jete 1/2,  full in, solid landing.  I like her floor music. 14.4

Ragan Smith UB -  in bar + in bar 1/1 + in bar- tkatchev + ricna + downie (flip flop that), pak, toe shoot to HB,  full in. 14.1

Morgan Hurd  BB -  tuck full, bit of a hesitation, side aerial,  sw + spl leap,  BHS + LOSO,  fro aerial, spl jump+ sissone,  front tuck, 1/1 turn, sw ring,  round off + double pike, chest a bit down. 13.650

Riley McCusker FX -  full in, stuck,  sw 1/1,  1 1/2 + front tuck + stag leap,  wolf turn,  double pike, sw ring,sw 1/2,  double back, short and lands OOB. 13.2

Marz Frazier UB -  stalder 1/1  maloney 1/2,  stalder 1/2 + jaeger,  church + pak, maloney + tkatchev,  giant /2, DLO,

Leah Clapper BB - back roll MT,  BHS + LOSO+ LOSO, small balance check, l turn full,sw side + spl 3/4,  side aerial, falls off,  sw + sw 1/2 back tuck, balance check.  front tuck. round off + double pike.

3rd rotation is over, time for the 4th and final rotation.

Since Riley made that error - Ragan is now ahead by 1.95.

Standings -

Can we move on from the fact that Valeri is Nastia's dad?

Ashton UB -  toe full + maloney + pak + bail, shoot to hb,  jaeger,  full in. 14.4

Jordan Chiles BB -  headstand roll, whoa... ok.... she  uh... I don't know. She botched her wolf turn and just got up to like a double turn. She should get credit for that. BHS + LOSO,  fro aieral, s straddle jump,  side aerial sw, front tuck,  side somi,  double pike. stuck. 14.200. wow. Ok. That's interesting.

Jade Carey VT - kaz 2/1, piked on the 2nd flip, good height.  VT 2 Amanar, avoids sitting it down, but a deep knee bend.

Abby Paulson FX - wolf turn 2/1,  2 1/2 + front roll.

Alyona UB -  inb ar 1/1 + maloney + tkatchev,  ricna, misses a skill, pak, shap 1/2,  DLO 12.8

Deanne Soza,BB - front tuck, wolf jump,  BHS + LOSO, balance check,  fro aerial + spl + wolf 3/4, big balance check. L turn 1/1 + illusion. sw, + sissone,

Riley McCusker VT, FTY, good position in the air, small hop on the landing. 13.4

Shania Adams FX -  memmel turn, falls out of it,  dbl arabian  to stag leap, 2 1/2 to front tuck,  wolf turn 3/1 + 2/1,  OOB on her double pike.  double back, clean. Tuck jump full.

Ragan Smith BB -  wolf turn,  3/1,  BHS + 2 ft lay,  tuck full, foot slid off the beam  but she kept going, front tuck to jump,  spl 3/4, front aerial,  BHS + BHS + double pike.  15.05

Ragan Smith is national champion, everyone else can go home.

Morgan Hurd FX - double double, big bounce out, don't think she went OOB.  pike full in,  sw ring,  fro lay + fro 2/1 + stag leap, ring leap, popa,  double pike, clean. Well, her championships sucked overall, but she ended with an exclamation point.

Kalyany Steele UB - toe on full + maloney + ricna,  pak,  maloney 1/2,  toe 1/2 + pike jaeger, nice,  DLO, great landing. Great way to end her championships! I'M ROOTING FOR YOU KALYANY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marz Frazier BB -  wolf turn 3/1, funky, saves it,  side aerial,  BHS + LOSO,  side somi, balance check,  fro aerial + straddle + spl 1/4,  sw + sw 1/2, under 180, that wasn't even anything. that was a half of a leap. Double pike.13.25

Abi Walker BB -  press HS mount, love it,  wolf turn 3/1, didn't finish the turn,  BHS + LOSO, sw sw 1/2 and a hilarious fall, and another fall on a back pike. side aerial,  fro aerial, big balance check, spl + straddle. She got a 10.95

Trinity Thomas FX -  sw 1/2, gorgeous.  DLO, perfectly landed. 1 1/2 + double back, goes oob,  3/1 wolf turn, cleap double pike... my eyes are blurring. I'm tired

Ragan's all "That's right, I'm national champ!"

Final Standings -

In the end, Ragan Smith basically slaughtered everyone. She beat Jordan Chiles by 3.400 and Riley McCusker ended up in 3rd.

Everyone else will have to go home and pick up the pieces of their lives.

Next step in the worlds team selection is the selection camp which will be Sept 18-22 at the Ranch. The team will be officially selected after that camp.

That's all for me tonight. Good night and good luck,


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