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Gymnastics News of The Week: Alexandrov Gets the Pink Slip

Not exactly the first person to report this. The head coach and Aliya Mustafina's personal coach, Alexander Alexandrov got the pink slip from the Russian gymnastics federation.

Basically, what has happened is the board of the Russian Gymnastics Federations pulled a coup, and fired him because of some gymnasts' performances in the team final were sub-par. They voted, and fired him behind his back.

Uneven bars coach, Evgeny Greboykin took over Alexandrov's position.

Kind of a crappy way to treat a coach who brought Russia their first major title in almost twenty years when they won the World Championship in 2010. At the Olympics, he had Aliya Mustafina score the gold on bars, and four other medals. They allegedly thought that London was not a success. Really, really, okay, I guess a team silver and two all-around medals and three event finals medals isn't successful enough after getting fucked in Beijing and going home with jack shit. No, no that's not a success (note the sarcasm here.)

He told Soviet Sport he had an inkling that his firing was a personal thing.  Alexandrov himself explained the situation in all it's over dramatic glory:

"This question is better to ask Rodionenko (head coach of men's and women's national Andrew Rodionenko gostreneru and the women's team, his wife Valentina). All told we were in London well, especially when compared with the previous Olympics, Beijing. And I was told I was not working properly."

His latest protege, Aliya agreed and said she thought it was sickening people put personal issues ahead of the sport and the firers suck (okay, that last part was a little embellishment on my part).He went on to say this:

"If you want my opinion, there is something personal. It was suggested also that I very unhappy personal trainers gymnasts. In particular, Sergey Zelikson, coach Anastasia Grishina, in fact, a failure of the Olympics. Grishina, which in London has helped us in quotes, was gone from the coach, but that it is something I have, it appears, and criticized."

Wow, this sounds like it could have come from the writer's room at Make It Or Break It. Fans and critics of the campy gymnastics ABC Family drama will remember the many overly dramatic story lines that played out much like this.

Sasha does not approve

As for what his next move will be, it is confirmed that he will take on a coaching position in Brazil. He was touring their facilities in January and Rewriting Russian Gymnastics broke the news officially yesterday. It's time to move on. His coaching contract with Mustafina ended at the end of 2012 and he didn't accompany her to the 2013 Euros. I don't think there is any hard feelings there.

Per All

With Ali[y]a we have talked, but not as long and detailed as I would like - just as long as there was no time. And I'm too old to be offended by something. In the process between the coach and gymnast quite often there are any misunderstandings. And nothing dangerous here. Since it happened - then back hurts, then something else - well, God bless her, I see from the outside, how it will look. But I'm not 30 years to run on the platform, show off. I've already gone through all of this.

Alexandrov has coached Aliya since 2008 and she's not going to be offended if he needs to move on to better his career. (In my opinion) She's been molded into a champion because of him and he'll always be credited with that. Plus, in this sport, it's not uncommon for gymnasts and athletes to part ways at some point or another.

Aside from Musty, he's coached many champions, past and present. His resume includes Svetlana Boguinskaya, Oksana Chusovinita (who, at 37 was still competing at an elite level), Tatiana Gustu. He also coached Dominique Moceanu before Bela Karolyi decided he wanted to make her his personal project, Mohini Bhardwaj, Kim Zmeskal among others.

Alexander Alexandrov, if all goes well with health, Mustafina add - I do not even doubt

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics

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Updated June 7, 2013, 21:50, MDT

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