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Happy National Gymnastics Day!

Happy National Gymnastics Day, everyone! Today, we gymnastics lovers join in our love of the sport. What are you doing to celebrate? If you are a gymnast, hopefully, you're spending some time with your feet above your head or in flight.

While searching for National Gymnastics Day, I found this on USA Gymnastics Website. They're teaming up with Michelle Obama's Let's Move Initiative to help the Children's Miracle network.


"USA Gymnastics is preparing to "Turn the World Upside Down" all the way to National Gymnastics Day on Saturday, Sept. 22. Along with our National Gymnastics Day efforts, the USA Gymnastics Fitness Program is partnering with First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative to help get more than a million young people involved in sports.
Once again, USA Gymnastics is teaming up with the Children's Miracle network to raise funds in conjunction with National Gymnastics Day.
So, plan your National Gymnastics Day event on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012, at 1 p.m. ET, and join USA Gymnastics as we 'Turn the World Upside Down."
Last year, it was the handstand, and this year, it's anything goes.
Get coaches, friends, classmates and parents involved. Flip, roll, or cartwheel; back hip circle, handstand or flip into the pit. The possibilities are endless. Just take a picture and share it, along with how many participated, on the USA Gymnastics Facebook page.
Invite your local TV newscaster to your gym on National Gymnastics Day and show the world what it is like to do gymnastics at your gym.
In 2012, let's turn piggy banks 'upside down' for the Children's Miracle Network and National Gymnastics Day!"

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