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The Gymnastics Gossip Round-Up

Wanna know what your favorite gymnasts have been up to post London? Don't visit TMZ, E! or God forbid, Perez Hilton. Stay right here and I'll bring you all the juice.

So what are the lovely ladies doing these days? The USA girls are busy on the Kelloggs Tour of Champions. They're throwing on costumes and prancing around the beam and trying to stay in one piece. This is not exactly the case for McKayla Maroney as you may have heard.

The word from People magazine is she fell on the bars. The only other thing I know is that it was during a "simple" dismount, I'm not sure what People's definition of a "simple" dismount is, but whateves.
She fractured her tibia. Oh, McKayla... please stop injuring yourself my dear. As I recall, you landed a triple twist on your back and had to be taken to the hospital and then, in London, you were dealing with a fractured toe. Please start watching where your feet are, and stop stubbing your toes.

Aly Raisman injured herself too. She fell on the uneven bars after she belly flopped on her Shaposhnikova. Word on the street is she came out relatively unscathed, she managed to get up and walk out of the arena. Probably knocked the wind out of her. Eeesh! I'd probably get out of there ASAP, this was only the second night of the tour, too soon for shit to go south.

Gabby Douglas is on the tour for 40 stops before she heads back to the gym to get back to training in Iowa. Seems kind of lame after touring the states and making an appearance on the Vampire Diaries. E! Online says she is currently in Atlanta filming her episode, which is supposed to air in November. E! says it's a non speaking role, and she's not playing herself... Ok. Sounds a little un-fulfilling to me, but I guess after winning the gold medal, she's getting a chance at something she never even dreamed of before. I still think she should go on Dancing With The Stars ala Shawn Johnson, who's doing her second stint on the "all-star" edition. Here is a picture of Gabby with Ian Somerholder eating her gold medal. Yummy.

Going east to Romania, Catalina Ponor had said that she would be retiring after London, however, now it seems like she's not so sure.
From Catalina Ponor Official Facebook Page

Catalina Ponor, the triple Olympic champion and vice Athens Olympic in London has yet to answer regarding her future in gymnastics. Constănţeanca, who turned 25 years old last month, is on vacation. "There is a time limit in which to communicate what decision I made, now I know is that by the middle of October, I'll be back in the room to move because I will have some demonstration shows abroad and ready to go there, "said Catalina us. - Prosport

Very interesting indeed Miss Ponor... I'd understand if she retired, but I hope she doesn't. It's nice to see someone who is at least legally old enough to drink. It is called "women's" gymnastics after all... I think Sandra Izbasa is still sticking with gymnastics. Or at least that's what I get from the Romanian Gymnastics Fans' Facebook page.

Another gymnast retiring is He Kexin. After two Olympics, multiple world championships, the Chinese bar officianado is annocing she's retiring next year, after the Chinese Nationals. The Couch Gymnast reported from a You-Tube interview she's going to go to university. " She wants to gain more cultural knowledge." Not surprising for a twenty-year-old. She's spent a giant portion of her life devoted to gymnastics, so she seems like she wants to see the world outside gymnastics.

Making a splash in the US beauty and fashion world is our dear Aliya Mustafina, or "Musty". Her face is gracing the pages of Glamour magazine. 

Anyone want to break into a round of "I Feel Pretty"?

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