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A New Contender for 2016 - Chicago Bears' Spice Adams

Gymnastics is gaining in popularity. The 2016 Rio Olympics seem so far away, and I'm sitting in the middle of football season biding my time until gymnastics returns.

Former Chicago Bears Lineman, Spice Adams is getting in the spirit for Rio already. In fact, he is so excited for Rio that he is going to train for the Gymnastics team. Shawn Johnson, Gabby Douglas and Nastia Liukin aught to watch their backs! (Haha!)

 He posted the following video on YouTube of him trying out the events. It's very funny.
 He's sporting his handmade Rio 2016 t-shirt for training, and he is even wearing a Tshirt saying "If Gymnastics were easy, they'd call it football." Ha! Loving it. Time to follow in line, Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow et all... He actually manages to master the vault and he does a pretty decent switch leap and does an okay iron cross on the still rings.

Nice job, Spice, but you might wanna keep your day job. ;)

Gymnastics has captured the heart of us all, and I guess football players aren't immune. This is to lovers of gymnastics and football. Enjoy Spice and his gymnastics glory. Till next time kids!

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