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Elections Gymnastics Style

2012 is an Election year. Not just for the United States, but for the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique or FIG. The FIG is the governing board for international gymnastics. They determine the code of points and they run the show at international gymnastics competitions. 2012 is the year that USA won the gold medal in Women's Gymnastics for the second time and it's the year Bruno Grandi, the FIG president extraordinaire was elected to his fifth term as FIG pres.

I am the most powerful

Olympic Champion Nellie Kim, the women's technical committee president was also re-elected.  She was running unopposed. Nothing too exciting there. In my head, I'm dreaming up wild stories about how wanted to mess with Kim. Or no one else was dying to do the job? Who knows. Whatever. I'm mostly writing this entry as an outlet for the snark that I have boiling over. Cue the quippy election comments.

Red, White, Blue and Pink!

Speaking of elections, in Glamour magazine, Stephen Colbert said (with good humor) the Fierce Five should be president(s) of the United States. His logic: energy!

"Women ruled the Olympics this year, so ruling the world is a natural fit. Members of the gold-medal-winning gymnastics team have total focus and tons of energy, and they’ll need something to do when they retire at 16."

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That's pretty cute. I wonder how they would do that? All 5 of them president or they just all run as one candidate or have them switch off. Or would they just have Aly Raisman, the team captain be the figurehead? Who would their VP be? 

I can't do it. I can't compete with 16-year-olds with boundless enthusiasm!

Note: This is NOT endorsing any specific candidate. This is all just in the name of humor.

That's all for now, kids! Come back later for more gymnastics goodness!

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