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Fun With Photo Capitioning

In light of all the seriousness that is going on today with the presidential debates (here in the states). I thought I would lighten the day up a bit with some hilarious gymnastics photos complete with fun captions!

Aliya Mustafina, Rebecca Bross and Jiang Yuyuan

Rebecca: Ewwww, girl, did you remember to put deodorant on today?
Musty: Don't even go there bronze medalist, I know where you sleep!

Danell Leyva

This is what I'm going to do to the judges if they give me a lousy score!

Ksenia Afanseyeva

Today, gymnastics, tomorrow, the WORLD!

Anastasia Grishina

OMG! This couldn't be a worse time to need to pee!

Aliya Mustafina

Back off or I will cut you!

What did I just tell you about cutting you? You think I'm joking? Try me!

Alicia Sacramone channels Mean Girls

I'm sorry people are so jealous of me, but I can't help it that I'm so popular

Stephen Colbert 

How he see's gymnastics

Nastia Liukin

Go ahead, give me that perfect score, you know you want to, judges.

This next series is of the US Olympic Team as the cast of Mean Girls, anyone wanna take bets on which one is Regina George?

I guess McKayla is the Regina George of the group and the others alternate:

That's all for now. Tune in later for more gymnastics awesomeness. If you have any funny photos to add to my roster, please click the contact me tab and send me your pics!

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