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Gabby gets an early invite to the prom...very publicly

Gabby Douglas is enjoying the whirlwind of publicity she's received since winning the all-around gold in London. She's been on TV, featured in several magazines and attended the Democratic National Convention even though at nearly 17, she's not even old enough to vote yet.

She also has seen the downside of fame, receiving criticism about her hair and receiving backlash in the press from her old gym in Virginia.

Today, Gabby got a very public invitation to the prom from a Glassboro, New Jersey senior, Leon Purvis.
 Leon said he got the idea to ask Gabby to his senior prom from watching her interview with Barbara Walters for her 10 Most Fascinating People feature.

In the interview, Barbara asks Gabby if she wanted to go to the prom and she responded:

"It would be nice."

This is what prompted Leon to ask Gabby.

"It's my senior year and it would mean a lot to me if you were my date to my senior prom," he explains to Gabby in his YouTube declaration to her.

He went on to explain he had asked a girl last year and she turned him down and he went to prom with a friend instead. Leon said that Gabby is his first choice.

"It would be an honor if you went to my senior prom with me as my date," he proposes. Leon continues  "Not only is your story incredible and you are an amazing person,  but you're work ethic really inspires me."

He enthusiastically congratulates Gabby on her two Olympic Gold medals and tells her to tell him what her favorite song is so he can request that it be played for them at the prom.

Leon enthusiastically concludes "So hopefully, Gabby Douglas you will be my date to my 2013 senior prom on May 31."

 This isn't the first time Leon has propositioned a celebrity. Last year, Leon asked Justin Bieber to attend his prom with him last year as his wingman. As a result, he got to meet the Biebs, making thousands of pre-pubescent tween girls very, very jealous.

Below is Leon's YouTube video to Gabby and the Barbara Walter's Interview

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