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Retirement Round-Up

It's about that time. The Olympics have passed, some gymnasts are continuing and some are bidding their beloved sport of Gymnastics farewell.

So who is retiring? Let's find out.

Catalina Ponor

Dear Catalina has not said for a couple of months whether or not she'd retire. She said after the Olympics she was going on a much needed vacation and recently, she performed at the Mexico Gym Gala. Per WOGymnastike, 24-year-old Catalina expressed interest in coaching. She coached in the USA for a while and loved the experience. She has expressed interest in coaching fellow Romanian gymnasts if needed.

Sandra Izbasa

Sandy is ready to hop into Greased Lightning and drive off into the clouds with Danny. Ha, Grease references, you can blame Glee for that. Moving on... Sandra had said she would love to go to Rio, but she seems is unsure about whether or not to retire (Thanks to Anna for the correction). One couldn't blame her. In addition to her booming gymnastics career, she's expressed interest in joining the military, even learning how to handle firearms and getting her picture taken in military garb.

Diana Chelaru

In October, the 19-year-old left training in Bucharest and went home to Onesti. Per WOGymnastike, Diana had been struggling to adapt to training in Bucharest. She was the only member of the London team to compete in the Romanian National's. Per WOGymnastike, she had been torn about retiring or continuing, but it seems she's made her decision.

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