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The Return of Jordyn Wieber

This Christmas, Wieber fans got the greatest gift of all.

 The Return of Jordyn Wieber.

A Long Time Ago In A Gym Far Far Away...

Wieber fanatics can rejoice,
as John Geddert announced via Facebook Jordyn's mission to fight the evil empire, I mean, compete at the 2013 Worlds and defeat Darth Vader, I mean Viktoria Komova. Okay, not Komova, but perhaps the entire FIG .Okay, so at this point, she's gunning for a return to the National Championships in August, beyond that, it's assumed she'll probably want to make the World Championship team again.

"Its my birthday and the world was supposed to end, now that would have been a unique birthday present. Instead I got one that is much better, actually one of my favorite gifts ever. Jordyn informed me that she wants to start training again seriously and intends to compete at Championships in August. One step at a time of course, but what a great birthday present. Have to say I am a bit geeked about this…."

The world did not end December 21, 2012. Sorry doomsday preppers! That's fanatics 0 and NASA 1. Unless the Mayans were predicting Jordyn Wieber's post-Olympic gymnastics "return". Yes John, you are geeking out. So are all the Wieber fans out there. I'm celebrating by pasting various Star Wars clips in pictures of Jordyn and John.

Ahh, resume your training you must, young Wieber.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Thanks for reading my blog and all my silly thoughts!


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