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Comebacks on the Horizon: Sandra Izbasa and Diana Chelaru

Recently, Romanian gymnast, Diana Chelaru announced she would be retiring from elite gymnastics. 

In October, she'd left the national team's Bucharest training facility to return home to Onesti. The 19-year-old had been struggling with life on the national team and was reportedly homesick. Nothing is written in stone yet and after a long break, Diana still has yet to return to training. Just yesterday, Romanian head coach, Octavian Belu said that with the European Championships around the corner, it wouldn't be enough time for her to get in shape for the Euros.

I heard that Diana Chelaru would have the intention to return to training, even though [s]he announced [her] retirement. Nevertheless, even if back in February, I say, would not have time to take as needed European participation. Catalina Ponor retired, is clear, and we now plot two girls 16 years eligible for participation in the European Stănilă and Ocolişan, but they could go to Moscow to gain more experience.'m not ready yet to fight for medals ."  via
Also plotting a return is two-time Olympic champion, Sandra Izbasa. Belu, said it's possible for her to conitune through 2013. After the Olympics, she wasn't sure on whether or not she would continue with the sport saying she'd love to go to Rio.

"Sandra is a demonstration contests these days, in France. A waiting at home to talk about what he wants to do in the future. I understand that it would like to continue this year. Probably just that, then [s]he would end his career. If this happens and you manage to get in shape as quickly, could go to the European Championships, if not perhaps the World.Everything will depend on how quickly you get into shape, because we must not forget that the Olympic champion and can not present anyway, " Belu said.
The potential return of these two gymansts would be excellent news for the depleted Romanian team. After the London Olympics, two-time Olympian Catalina Ponor announced her retirement from competitive gymnastics and recently, Euros team member, Raluca Haidu reported  that after her failed attempt to make the London team, she would be retiring as well. The high school senior was a member of the team who took home the team gold at the 2012 European Championships in Brussels, Belgium. She said she would be taking her final exams this summer and now going to focus on her studies.

The European Championships will be held April 17-21 in Moscow Russia.

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