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Gymnast Profiles Victoria Moors

 This week, I'm getting my Canadian on with this gymnast profile is featuring Canadian gymnast Victoria Moors. Eh Hosers?

Victoria Moors
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth: November 5, 1996 
Age: 16
Height: 5'0" (153 cm)
Place of Birth: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Current Residence: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Gym: Dynamo Gymnastics
Coach: Elvira Saadi
Eponymous Skills: On the uneven bars, dismount,
under-swing to laid out forward salto with a half turn.

 Victoria Moors is the epitome of adorable with her tiny gymnast stature, long dark hair and dark eyes and a pixie-ish upturned nose. The small stature contains a little fireball of a girl who prances around the floor like a beauty queen in a swimsuit competition.

Over the summer, Victoria, then fifteen competed with the Canadian Olympic team in London. The young upstart placed second in the Final Selection meet in June. She helped the team qualify for the team finals with her floor and bars routines. In the team final, Victoria contributed a 13.7 on the uneven bars and a 14.1 on the floor exercise, helping the team finish fifth in the final. The first time ever for the Canadian gymnastics team.

“Our goal was to just finish top eight. But coming to the Olympics and finishing fifth, we weren't expecting that. It’s unreal right now. We upset a lot of big countries. We definitely raised the bar for Canada, we’re leaving a trail for the next people, and for Rio." Via The Star

Although she didn't come home with any Olympic bling, Victoria had her name immortalized in ink with her own original  uneven bars dismount entered the 2013 Code of Points after the Olympics. It's an unusual dismount, an under-swing to a salto forward in a laid out position with a half turn.

Earlier that year, Victoria helped the Canadian team qualify for the Olympics by helping team place second at the London Test event in January 2012. Victoria herself took home a second place finish on the floor exercise with a score of 14.2.

In her first year as a senior elite, Victoria competed at the American Cup finishing fourth in the all-around. She went with the Canadian team to Everett Washington and picked up a bronze medal for the team. At the Canadian championships, she picked up a shiny new gold medal for the floor exercise and two silvers for the all-around and uneven bars.

At this year's American Cup, Victoria grabbed the world's attention by scoring a bronze medal in the all-around behind American's Katelyn Ohashi and Simone Biles respectively. She had the highest score on the floor exercise with a 14.6. She scored higher than the likes of Italian gymnast and former world champion, Vanessa Ferrari. Tim Daggett, the most vocal third of NBC's Gymnastics commentary trio kept calling Victoria's floor exercise prowess "dynamic." She certainly lived up to that standard.

In addition to being a dynamic presence on the competition podium, Victoria is in Grade 10 in an independent study program at her high school Bishop Mac Donnell Catholic High School in Guelph. The program allows her to keep up with her studies while managing her full-time training schedule.

Check out Victoria's performances from the American Cup and the Olympics:

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This one is for the Queen:

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