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Euro Results: The Event Finals

The 2013 European Championships were a success, however it was not without it's surprises. There were favorites expected to medal who didn't medal at all, a withdraw by Princess Musty and others stole the scene.

Yes, Green Day, the Euros were certainly unpredictable and I'm pretty sure Larisa Iordache is definitely having the time of her life.

Here are the results of the event finals.

Aliya Mustafina added some new bling to her medal collection with her all-around title and a shiny new gold medal for the uneven bars. Even though she qualified for the floor event final, she withdrew the day before the final and Anastasia Grishina took her place.

Musty's teammate Maria Paseka took home the bronze medal in the uneven bars final after a disastrous vault final that left her in tears and with only a seventh place finish. It's the gymnastics Twilight Zone again, seriously.

Larisa Iordache is going home the most decorated gymnast of the Euro's this year. In addition to her silver in the all-around, she is bringing home a silver medal on the vault, a gold on the balance beam and another silver on the floor exercise. Larisa's teammate, Diana Bulimar took home a silver on the beam and a bronze on the floor exercise.

Russian Olympic team member, Ksenia Afanaseyva scored a gold medal on the floor exercise.

Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland finished first on the vault final ahead of Netherlands Noel van Klaveren and Larisa Iordache.

Sweden's Jonna Adlerteg took home the silver medal behind Princess Musty.

Below are the complete results of the event finals. Expect a full recap to follow later this week.

Vault Final WomenVTDEPenVaultFinal
1STEINGRUBER GiuliaSUI16.2009.10015.30014.750
2van KLAVEREN NoelNED15.8009.10014.90014.466
2IORDACHE Larisa AndreeaROU15.8009.10014.90014.466
4NEZER OfirISR15.3008.90014.20014.166
4BELAK TejaSLO15.3008.90014.20014.166
6NETTEB ChantyshaNED15.3007.7660.112.96613.533
7PASEKA MariaRUS16.3007.7660.113.96613.499
8TKALCEC TijanaCRO15.3007.56612.86613.183
 Official Results 

 Uneven Bars Final WomenDEPenScore
1MUSTAFINA AliyaRUS6.3009.00015.300
2ADLERTEG JonnaSWE6.0008.63314.633
3PASEKA MariaRUS5.8008.60014.400
4SCHEDER SophieGER6.0008.36614.366
5CAMPANA GiorgiaITA5.6008.46614.066
6GUSTAFSSON IdaSWE5.8007.36613.166
7DOWNIE RebeccaGBR5.9007.10013.000
8HARROLD RubyGBR5.8007.10012.900

Beam Final WomenDEPenScore
1IORDACHE Larisa AndreeaROU6.4008.86615.266
2BULIMAR Diana LauraROU6.0008.83314.833
3GRISHINA AnastasiaRUS5.6008.76614.366
4FERLITO CarlottaITA5.8008.26614.066
5JURKOWSKA KatarzynaPOL5.5008.36613.866
6HARROLD RubyGBR5.1008.53313.633
7MENEGHINI ElisaITA5.7007.43313.133
8VASYLIEVA OlenaUKR4.1005.8339.933
Floor Exercise Final WomenDEPenScore
1AFANASEVA KseniiaRUS6.3008.86615.166
2IORDACHE Larisa AndreeaROU6.1008.63314.733
3BULIMAR Diana LauraROU5.8008.73314.533
4GRISHINA Anastasia RUS5.8008.43314.233
5FERLITO CarlottaITA5.6008.61614.216
6STEINGRUBER GiuliaSUI6.0008.3000.214.100
7POPA NEDELCU RoxanaESP5.7008.20013.900
8SANKOVA Krystyna UKR5.7007.16612.866

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