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Euros Preview - The Teams

Tentative teams have been named for the 2013 European Championships in Moscow. Many returning are favorites and a few are looking to make a senior debut.

Here is the lowdown, like the World Championships this year, the Euros will be an individual only competition- meaning there will be no team competition, only an individual all-around and event finals. Since this competition is being held in Moscow, let's look at the home team:

Russia is taking the tried and true team from the London Olympics, minus Viktoria Komova. At the last Euros, Princess Musty was just coming back from her ACL injury. While she helped Russia score a silver medal, she didn't go home with an individual medal. Since Aliya's now got three individual Olympic Medals in her collection. Since the Olympics, girlfriend has experienced what seems like a major confidence boost, she took home an all-around title at the Russian Championships earlier in March and picked up another gold. Viktoria Komova is still nursing an injury which should allow any of these girls to step up to the plate and show their worth as an all-around contender. Since Maria Paseka is not facing competition from McKayla Maroney, my bet is she's looking for a vault gold medal.

Sandra Izbasa was on the nominative list along with London teammates, Diana Bulimar and Larisa Iordache, but the latest news on the Romanian front is Sandra will not be at the Euros since she just resumed training again in February. Larisa was slated to compete at this year's American Cup, but withdrew for an unknown reason. Diana recently scored a floor gold medal in Doha at the World Cup. No doubt she's going to be wanting to continue her good fortune.

Among Great Britain's nominees, Gabby Jupp, who won the bronze medal on the floor as a junior will be looking for a medal as a senior. Fellow newbie, Charlie Fellows is replacing veteran Hannah Whelan. As a first year senior she scored a silver medal at the British Championships and finished sixth in the all-around at the Tokyo Cup earlier this year.

Other notable nominees include 2006 World Champion, Vanessa Ferrari, I'm betting is looking to kick the crap out of Aliya Mustafina on the floor exercise for that bronze medal Vanessa lost to her in London as a result of the FIG's ever so popular tie breaker. 2008 Olympian and 2012 Alternate, British Gymnast, Rebecca Downie.

Below is the nominative list. I have put a strike-through on the names of gymnasts not competing.

Lisa EckerElisa HammerleJasmin Mader

Anastasiya Miklashevich
Katsiaryna Fiadutsk
Ralitsa Mileva
Tijana Tkalcec
Czech Republic:
Jana Sikulova
Kristyna Palesova
Michelle Lauritsen
Mette Hulgaard
Mia Furu
Janneke Lanng
Maria Vargas
Roxana Popa
Maija Leinonen
Rosanna Ojala
Annika Urvikko
Ida Laissi
Hannah Whelan
Charlie Fellows
Gabby Jupp
Ruby Harrold
Becky Downie
Lisa Katharina Hill
Janine Berger
Sophie Scheder
Cagla Akyol
Vasiliki Millousi
Paschalina Mitrakou
Myropi Christofilaki
Evangelina Plyta
Luca Diveky
Dorina Boczogo
Noemi Makra
India McPeak
Emma Lunn
Nicole Mawhinney
Thelma Hermannsdottir
Dominiqua Belyani
Norma Robertsdottir
Tinna Odinsdottir
Ofir Nezer
Carlotta Ferlito
Vanessa Ferrari
Elisa Meneghini
Giorgia Campana
Valerija Grisane
Laura Svilpaite
Ana Koniuchovaite
Chantysha Netteb
Noel van Klaveren
Haldis Naerum
Kararzyna Jurkowska
Ana Filipa Martins
Ekaterina Kislinskaya
Sandra Izbasa
Larisa Iordache
Diana Bulimar
Aliya Mustafina
Ksenia Afanasyeva
Maria Paseka
Anastasia Grishina
Sasa Golob
Teja Belak

Giulia Steingruber
Jessica Diacci
Ilaria Kaslin
Laura Schulte

Barbora Mokosova
Ida Gustasson
Demet Mutlu
Ozlem Ozkan
Aslan Sema Fidel
Mariya Livchikova
Daria Matveieva
Angelina Kysla
Olena Vasylieva

The European Championships will be held April 17-21 in Moscow, Russia. For more information, please visit European Gymnastics Union.

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