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Final COP for 2013-2016 Released

The Federation International de Gymnastique (FIG) released the final code of points for the 2013 quad today after a final approval.

Since the code has been out and floating around for a while, there isn't much that is new per say. But there are a few notable insertions that are noteworthy:

On Vault, didn't notice anything that hasn't been discussed already. They've changed the calculation of the scoring for the event final and a few vaults have been downgraded or upgraded some tenths in the D score.

On Uneven Bars: an element can be performed two times in the same direct connection to receive a connection value, but the athlete is only awarded twice for the difficulty value of the element. If more than two of the same elements directly connect to the dismount, it's a .10 deduction.

For the balance beam, they have added verbiage that defines very specifically what they want to see in terms of artistry for beam:

This is a direct quote:

"An artistic performance is one in which the gymnast demonstrates her ability to transform her balance beam exercise from a well structured composition into a performance. In so doing[,] the gymnast must demonstrate creativity, confidence of performance, personal style and perfect technique."

This is pretty self explanatory. To me it means #1, they want gymnasts to perform on the beam almost as they do on the floor exercise. Varying the rhythm and tempo of their movements, fluid transitions and strong connections. All artistry deductions are a .10 deduction. The deduction itself is not huge, but it does add up.One thing that definitely sticks out is a sentence under "design, structure and composition of the exercise includes:  A rich and varied selection of elements from different structure groups in the table of elements."

The Series Bonus from previous versions stuck around. This bonus is .10 bonus for three or more acro elements. The bonus is scored on top of connection values for the series. Here is the formula:

Connections of ** 3 or more acro elements
(rebounding and non-rebounding)
including mount & dismount (min. C) will be rewarded with a
“Series Bonus” of 0.10
 Starting from B + B + C (any order)
 In addition to CVs for the formulas above
 May repeat the same (flight or non-flight) element
in the same connection to receive SB
Example 1: B + B + C = +0.10 series bonus
D + B + C = +0.10 series bonus
Example 2: C+C+C (CV .10, CV.10)
+ 0.10 series bonus Total CV + SB = 0.30

The floor exercise now has similar artistry stipulations and the verbiage is very similar to the balance beam artistry definition, again, straight from the code itself:  "An artistic performance is one in which the gymnast demonstrates her ability to transform her floor exercise routine from a well-structured composition into an artistic performance. In so doing the gymnast must demonstrate a strong choreographic flow, artistry, expressiveness, musicality and perfect technique.
The main objective is to create and present a unique and well balanced artistic gymnastic composition by combining the body movements and expression of the gymnast harmoniously with the theme and character of
the music."

They stress creative choreography and they stipulate the choreography should be fluid in the movements.

"The choreography should be developed such that one movement flows smoothly into the next with contrasts in the speed and intensity.
Creative choreography, that is the originality of the composition of elements and movements, means that the exercise has been constructed and is performed using new ideas, forms, interpretations and originality, thereby avoiding copying and monotony."

Like on the balance beam, there are several artistry deductions that are all .10. They range from lack of  expressiveness and personal style to very specific, for example, having the wrong dance movement for the music they selected: i.e dancing the polka when your music dictates a tango. Time to get to the barre, ladies! It's time to dance!

If you're curious, you can download your very own copy from the FIG's website.

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