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Aly Raisman "I Used to Feel Left Out A lot."

This week on Dancing With The Stars, Aly Raisman performed a contemporary dance representing the best year of her life, 2012 and the summer games.

While 18 was a very good year for Aly Raisman, the years leading up to it, where she sacrificed a lot of things that other kids were enjoying. The life of an elite athlete is a lot of hard work and Aly knows that life and the sacrifices and the anxiety that comes with the job description.

"The process for making that Olympic team is so stressful because there are so many girls that want to compete and only five make that spot," she said.

Making the team for Aly, solidified that all the hardwork and effort she made over more than a decade paid off when making the Olympic team.

"Everything you sacrifice, all those hard days were worth it," Aly said.

Aly said she frequently felt isolated from her peers.

"I used to feel left out a lot," she said. "Because when everyone's hanging out, I didn't get invited because I was always at the gym."

For Aly, being in the Olympic Village was a chance for her to feel like a normal teenager.

"In the cafeteria was a glimpse of a normal life because there were boys there," Aly said with a small giggle and a coy smile on her lips.

"You can't have a boyfriend," said her DWTS partner, Mark Ballas, during their rehearsal.

Aly responded with an incredulous "Are you serious?"

"I'm very protective," he retorted.

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