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Favorite Routines of the 2013 Euro

This edition of Favorite routines is featuring the best and the brightest routines of the 2013 European Championships.

I'm featuring routines from the all-around and event finals. I was able to get some suggestions and I am filling in the rest with my own favorites, some old and some new.

 First up is a suggestion from World of Gymnastike: Ksenia Afanasyeva's Floor Routine. Ksenia is already a world champion on this event and it's not hard to see why. Ksenia combines beautiful artistry and dance with powerful tumbling. Her routines almost always feature original choreography that makes it impossible to take your eyes off of her.  Now, Ksenia has a European Championship gold on this event, hopefully in 2016, she'll have a gold.

Uneven Bars:

I couldn't decide on this one. So for the uneven bars, I am putting a tie.

First up, I am featuring Swedish Gymnast, Jonna Adlerteg during the event finals. Jonna brought home the silver on this event. Jonna has such beautiful long lines on this event and meticulous execution. She floats on the bars with such ease on her release skills. Here is Jonna's bar routine:

I would normally feature Aliya Mustafina, but, in the interest of taking the road less traveled, I'm featuring Maria Paseka's Uneven Bars routine. Maria is normally known for her vaulting ability, she brought home the bronze for the vault in London, and she was expected to medal in Moscow. Even though she'd been training the Uneven Bars, no one expected her to do anything. She defied expectations and showed the world that she is just as talented on the bars as the vault. Here she is during the event finals:

Balance Beam

Since I already featured Larisa Iordache in a previous Favorite Routines installment for her gold medal balance beam routine, I am featuring her teammate, Diana Bulimar. I love Diana on this event because she is so spritely on the beam. She's so tiny and fearless, it makes one want to jump up and perform a tumbling pass on the beam Until one realizes that she is not as tiny as Bulimar and hasn't set foot on a beam in 15 years, but that's beside the point. Here is Diana Bulimar on the balance beam:


I normally don't feature vaults, because they are vaults not "routines" per say. I wanted to feature Giulia Steingruber, so for this Favorite Routines, I am featuring a vault. I'm featuring Giulia's gold medal winning vaults because I just love how unique she is. Most of the vault finalists and all-arounders are performing very tried and true vaults, in London, it was the Amanar that was ever so ubiquitous and in Moscow, it seems like every gymnast and her dog is doing that double twisting Yurchenko. So I love it when the girls decide to look in the code of points for vaults that are a little different. Giulia is a fireball on this event. She gets great height of the table and her form in the air is spectacular. Watch for yourself:

Want more? Visit the Favorite Routines page and relive the glory moments of your favorite gymnasts. If you want to see a routine featured that is not on here, please feel free to comment,or contact me!

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