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Pro Gymnastics Challenge - Night Two

Night Two Pro Gymnastics Challenge started off on the vault.

I was honestly shocked I did not see more Amanars, since in the past year, it's become the most ubiquitous vault in history. We did get to see Chuso in action.
She started things off with a handspring stretched full and landing pretty impressively. While that may be a difficult vault for the ladies, for the boys, it's cake.

The only Amanars were from Nathan Gafuik and Paul Ruggeri. Paul threw a pretty impressive Amanar (however, I still don't think McKayla would be impressed since that's her signature vault) and won that round.

The promos were right when they kept saying we'd see some crazy tricks. Jake Dalton threw a triple twisting Tsukahara vault and landed it. Wow. Paul Ruggeri won the round for team USA with a clean Cheng 1 1/2. Child's play for him, really.

Nest rotation, beam and rings. For rings, it was a pretty evenly matched competition. Brandon Wynn, Mr. USA Rings man lead off by doing push ups mid air on the rings. Damn. Tommy Ramos finished the boys on the rings by holding an inverted cross for 15 seconds. I could feel blood rushing to my head just watching him.

Team World turned out to be the stronger beam workers. But really, was it going to be a fair competition with Catalina Ponor? The woman is only an Olympic gold medalist on the balance beam. She started the beam rotation with a free walkover on the beam to a full twisting back handspring, then back handspring to land in handstand. Anna Pavolva completes the series with a stag leap to Korbut. Team USA put Shayla Worely up who fell off to the side and gave the point to team World. Team World won this round when Marissa King who performed a switch leap to Shushunova. Brie Olson of team USA tried to match the skill and landed on her tummy. Ouch! That's enough to knock the wind out of you!

At this point, Team USA and Team World have each won two of seven rounds a piece.

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