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Svetlana Khorkina Is Not Impressed

McKayla Maroney will be forever known as the face that launched 1000 Memes. Her now famous scowl on the podium after her fall during the event finals has spawned an entire website devoted to McKayla not being impressed with...anything and everything.

 She's been not impressed with Jared Leto, President Barack Obama and her Olympic teammates. However, yours truly recently discovered that Svetlana Khorkina, always the innovator, made the "not impressed" face at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

This was the days before internet memes and Facebook was still in it's infancy.This picture was discovered in the archives of the San Francisco Chornicle's online portal,, featured with an article about Carly Patterson's all-around win in Athens.
Wonder if McKayla is impressed with this?

Probably not.

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