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Team USA: Videos From May Training Camp

This week, USA Gymnastics posted videos from the Women's National Training camp a couple of weeks ago.

Per, new videos will be posted on their YouTube Channel over the next three weeks. The ladies are working on the next goal, making the worlds team.
Returning Fierce Five members, McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross were working up new floor routines they'll be debuting during at the upcoming US Classic on July 27, which is the first step to making the National Championships and having a shot at going to  Antwerp to represent team USA.

Kyla can be seen working on a double twisting Yurchenko on vault, working on a Komova uneven bar transfer and working on new tumbling pass. In the next video, she is working on a beam flight series. In the background, you can hear Marta Karolyi coaching Kyla.

McKayla is seen working on her vaulting which is fabulous as usual, working on the uneven bars. She throws a Gienger and does a double twisting double back dismount. On the floor, she can be seen doing a double layout.

American Cup runner up Simone Biles is seen training on the uneven bars. Bars isn't her best event, but she swings well and transitions easily between bars.  The bars is USA's weakest event and it's good to see these girls upgrading their skills on this event.

Ebee Price is back. It's great seeing her after she missed the American Cup. She's seen working on a piked Tkatchev on bars and working on her style on beam.

Representing the newbies are first year senior Maggie Nichols and Brenna Dowell of GAGE. Both are seen training Amanars on the Vault and floor and working on their beam and bars. Maggie and Brenna are fantastic on the vault and they both throw very impressive Amanar.    Again, it looks like Team USA is working on upgrading their skills on the bars. Maggie works on a Shaposhnikova 1/2 transition on the bars. Brenna works on a double laid out tumbling pass on the floor. On bars, Brenna does a Shaposhnikova 1/2 to a  piked, toe on Tkatchev on the uneven bars. On the beam, she is working on a high front salto mount to split leap on the beam.

I would like to pay my respects to a hometown girl, Polina Shchennikova. Polina lives in Arvada and she trains at TIGAR Gymnastics. She's only 15, she'll turn senior in 2014, which is actually pretty close. USA Gymnastics posted a video of her training on the beam and bars. Polina's gymnastics is just beautiful. She has the lines of Nastia Liukin and she has grace and artistry of what many people call classic gymnastics.

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