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Alexander Alexandrov Gets A Brazilian....Women's Artistic Gymnastics Team

A Brazilian TEAM! That's right, it's official, famed Russian coach and Aliya Mustafina whisperer, Alexander Alexandrov is headed to Brazil to coach the national team. broke the news this evening after it was officially posted on the Brazilian Olympic Committee's website. The Brazilian team is up and coming team with a lot of strong individual gymnasts including Floor World Champion, Daiane Dos Santos and Jade Barbosa who finished third in the 2007 World Championships.

However strong their individuals are, they are still a little rough around the edges. They did not advance to the team finals in London after they only placed twelfth in qualifications. No doubt the Brazilian gymnastics federation are placing a lot of their hopes on Alexandrov's shoulders. Alexandrov brought the Russian team back from a big fat fourth place finish and zero medals in Beijing to a team silver, two all-around medals and three individual event medals. But apparently, the Russian Federation are assholes and decided that still wasn't good enough and after much rumors and speculation about whether or not Alexandrov payed too much attention to Aliya Mustafina, his personal athlete and whether it affected the performance of some of the other girls. Then there was the Make It Or Break It style coup that brought tears to the MIOBI writers eyes. Allegedly, most of this is speculation, but no matter what happened, the facts still lend themselves easily to a fill in the blank story line for that show, or better yet, a reality TV show on E!.

Regardless, this is great news for Brazil and an excellent career move for Alexandrov who's resume already includes a slew of world and Olympic Champions that includes Dominique Moceanu, Tatiana Gustu, Svetlana Boguinskaya, Mohini Bhardwarj, and Dmitri Bilozerchev. Needless to say, Brazil is happy to have him on board as well.

This the Google translation of a press release on the Brazilian Olympic Committee's website. This specific quote is from Georgette Vidor who is the coordinator of the women's gymnastics program:

"It is a great pride to have the Alexandrov working for Brazil's artistic gymnastics. Only five coaches in the world with the ability he has to Olympic medalists. He is an elite level. Now, will adapt, evaluate the athletes, coaches talk to Brazilians. What we want is to join forces to conquer Olympic medals in 2016, "

Alexandrov, in turn had this to say:

" I appreciate the opportunity. It is a great honor to participate in this project in Brazil. I hope that with the joint effort of the COB, the CBG and my experience, we can achieve the goal and win medals at the 2016 Olympic Games, "said the new coach of the Brazilian women's artistic gymnastics, which conditioned the success of their work to creation of a training center exclusively for the elite of the sport. "It's very important to have a gym in Rio de Janeiro. The great powers of the sport have their own training centers."
Next week, according to this article, Alexandrov will meet with the athletes to begin training and assessments and to select the girls for the national team. And Russia has officially been given the big fat middle finger, figuratively speaking of course.

Here is the original press release on the Brazilian Olympic Committee's Website. It's in Potuguese, so if you don't speak that language, you'll have to translate it. I have run the article through Google translate and I can post a copy on here if it is requested. Here is a fun video clip.

Source: Full CONFIRMED Alexander Alexandrov - Brazil WAG Head Coach

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