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Chalk It Up- the Next Gymnastics Movie

Former University of North Carolina teammates, Maddy Curley and Brooke Buffington are gymnastics answer to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

The two former gymnasts are working on creating the next gymnastics movie, Chalk It Up. Chalk It Up is the story of Hannah, a former elite gymnast who gets back into the sport in the college athletics sphere and forms a team of rag tag gymnasts.
Among these misfits is Shawn Johnson, who is going to be playing a former elite artistic gymnast who wants to make a change to rhythmic gymnastics. Shawn posted the link on her Facebook page asking for donations for the project as well. Shawn guest starred on ABC Family's The Secret Life of the American Teenager, twice, actually.

The first time:
Well, gee, Ricky, maybe you haven't seen her around because: A. She was at the Olympics. B. She was busy preparing and training for the Olympics and C. She doesn't actually go to your school because, well, your school is, well, fictional!

The Second Time

 On the GymCastic podcast, Maddy said she had been talking with other big names in the sport, including Nastia Liukin. Nastia appeared in Stick It along with Maddy. She said she's also gotten fellow co-star and former gymnast, Tarah Paige, who played Tricia interested in the project also.

Let me get this straight, I'm not Coach Vickerman, I'm the Dude , man
Maddy starred as Mina in Stick it alongside the Dude himself, Jeff Bridges, Vanessa Lengeis aka Sugar from Glee, and Missy Perygrem. Maddy herself had a life as an elite gymnast and even having  a career in the NCAA at the University of North Carolina. Her adult career is that of an actress, starring in Stick It, Cold Case, and CSI: NY. Brooke was also a college athlete along with Maddy at UNC.
Chalk it Up is a grassroots project. Maddy herself is promoting the idea and trying to raise money to help fund the project. Brooke and Maddy hope to have the project wrapped by September 2014, which would be just in time for the Nationals and World Championships that year.

This is a grassroots effort, so the creation of the production depends on if they can raise enough funds to produce the movie. Maddy has set up a donation page on Kickstarter. Please visit and donate.

The Chalk It Up Trailer

To donate, visit Kickstarter: The Next Great Gymnastics Movie Chalk It Up

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