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Day One At The University Games: Russia Gets Gold In Team Competition

Day One of the Gymnastics competition at the Universiade Games was yet another success for the Russian team. Coming out with a gold medal in the team competition and putting gymnasts in all four event finals for the women's gymnastics.

After a competition of clean routines and high difficulty, Russia took the gold with 175.5, ahead of Japan who scored a total of 165. Japan's girls had beautiful, clean routines but they were nowhere near enough to match the difficulty of Russia. Coming in third was Germany who finished with a 162.05 total. Impressive since they were not billed among the top four teams who competed in the final subdivision.

Princess of the Russian Gymnastics team, Aliya Mustafina came out qualifying in the top spot for the all-around final and the uneven bars final. Aliya had the highest score on the uneven bars with a 15 even. Not bad for a girl who's just gotten over the flu. additionally, she qualified for the beam final with 15.2 and floor finals  with a 13.75.

Ksenia Afanasyeva qualified in first for the floor final with 14.750. Additionally, she qualified to the vault final with the Maria Paseka. New old faces, Tatiana Nabieva and Anna Dementyeva were back and on their game. Tatiana qualified for the bars final behind Aliya Mustafina with a 14.4. Anna, who is sporting a new hair color, qualified in first for the beam final with a 15.3.

UCLA Bruin Danusia Francis of Great Britain qualified in third place for the floor final with a 13.750. Now, if she wins, will they play the UCLA fight song? Hmmm, I wonder.  Also representing Great Britain, Hannah Whelan and Charlotte Lindslay.

Coming off of Canada's historic Olympic team final, Ellie Black of Canada qualified for the all-around, balance beam and floor finals.

Next up, All-Around finals on July 9 and Event Finals on July 10.

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