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Event Finals: Musty Gets Another Gold on Uneven Bars, Miss Afan Gets a Gold on Floor and Vault

The event finals marked  the last day of gymnastics at the Universiade in Kazan. It also meant more medals for the Russian team and a few upstarts who snuck onto the podium.

Miss Ksenia Afanasyeva was Miss Bad Ass vaulter.
She tied for gold with Korea's Hak Seon Yang with an awesome Amanar for her first vault and a beautiful round off back handspring 1/2 on 1/2 off her second vault. She once again showed she is the queen of the floor by bringing home another gold medal. Go Miss Afan, keep the winning streak up!

Maria Paseka went home with the bronze and acted as a cheerleader for the team, standing on the sidelines grinning from ear to ear.

Princess Aliya Mustafina once again scored a gold on the uneven bars with her awesome routine she did at Euros. Tatiana Nabieva took home the silver, which had to be a huge plus for her after not making the Olympic team. After she'd saluted to the judges, she walked to the edge of the podium and took a little bow. It was pretty cute.

Aliya took home a silver on the balance beam, but had a kerfluffle on the floor exercise when she put her hands down on the floor after her double tuck dismount. I'm not really sure what went wrong, looks like she may have over rotated her dismount. She was doing beautifully up until that point and she looked like she was feeling better finally after the flu. Needless to say, Aliya did not look very happy with herself when she finished and when the score flashed on screen, she looked like she might break out in tears.

Ellie Black of Canada scored a bronze medal on the balance beam behind Aliya and tied for silver with Mexico's Elsa Garcia.

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