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Favorite Routines Fourth of July Edition

Happy Fourth of July, loyal readers!

To celebrate the birth of the United States of America, today, I'm going all red white and blue and I'm dedicating this article to the favorite routines of USA Gymnastics athletes.

Jordyn Wieber, Floor Exercise

I've featured this routine before, but it's definitely one of my favorites. I love the spunk and personality of this routine and dynamic tumbling. This goes beyond just a routine, this is a performance.

Kim Zmeskal, Balance Beam

Kim Zmeskal will always have the phrase "First American All-Around World Champion" attached to her name. She now owns a gym with her husband Chris Burdette called "Texas Dreams" and coaches young gymnastics proteges in their quest for a dream. But in 1991, at the age of 15, Kim won the all-around title at the world championships in Indianapolis. I'm featuring her balance beam routine with her signature move, a reverse plank with one bent leg.

Gabby Douglas, Uneven Bars

You gotta love Gabby. She's so cute and small, it makes you want to put her in your pocket and take her home. What she's best known for is her uneven bars. Her high flying release moves earned her the nickname "Flying Squirrel" from Marta Karolyi. Her bars earned her a place on the worlds team at the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo, where the team won gold. She later went on to win the all-around title at the London Olympics and helped team USA win their second ever gold medal at the Olympics as well.

Dominique Dawes, Floor Exercise

Dominique Dawes holds a special place in the rhetoric of USA Gymnastics. She was a three time Olympian, Barcelona, 1992, Atlanta 1996 and Sydney in 2000. She was amazing on floor exercise. This routine features Dominique doing back to back tumbling runs, literally.


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